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    Hello everyone, and welcome to the Nova Labs announcement!

    Today we're going to be taking a look at what Nova Labs is, why are we doing it and how can you be part of it and help us design and test unreleased content.

    All details contained in this post are subject to change, and we're more than open to hear any feedback about this new system.


    What is Nova Labs?

    Nova Labs is a unique public test server, available for all current and future NovaRO players. This server will be used to test future content, changes and systems coming to our live server, in order to ensure they are stable, bug free and balanced.

    With the eventual release of 4th Jobs, custom instances and more on the horizon came the main idea behind Nova Labs: being able to give players a sneak peek and try new content hands-on, without the necessity of scheduling test sessions or have players/dedicated Testers show up at an arbitrary time.

    With the launch of Nova Labs, we'll be retiring the current Testers program and further applications. We appreciate every application we've got and thank every Tester for their efforts and participation.


    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    I'm interested! Can I participate? How?

    We intend to make the Nova Labs server available for all players on release. You'll be able to log in with the same credentials used by your live server account, and will have access to a copy of your characters.

    For more information, check the Accessing Nova Labs section of this dev blog at the end.


    Will I be able to transfer my progress from Nova Labs to the live server?

    No. Your progress, levels gained or items obtained will not, in any way, be reflected into the live server. There will be no way of copying Nova Labs progress to the live servers.


    Will the progress on Nova Labs be wiped (deleted)?

    Yes. Any type of progress made in Nova Labs may be wiped or reverted at any time without notice. We'll be making regular backups from the live server to the test server.


    Is it possible to request support for Nova Labs?

    Due to the nature of a testing server, the Staff team will not assist in game-related issues. This includes but is not limited to accidental purchases, deletions or refining/enchant attempts or quest progression issues.

    If you're finding troubles to log in, reach out to the #technical-support channel in our official Discord. Please note that Nova Labs may be less stable and more prone to crashes, restarts, hotfixes, emergency maintenances and outages compared to the main server.


    Can I buy Nova Points for Nova Labs?

    No. Any type of purchase of Nova Points is disabled. Potential future item additions to the Nova Shop, which require testing, will be obtained through an alternative method in the test server.


    What Rules apply to Nova Labs?

    By having a NovaRO account and participating in Nova Labs, you're agreeing to NovaRO's Privacy Policy and Terms of Service, as well as all Server Rules. Punishment derived from actions on Nova Labs will carry over to live server accounts.


    What content will be available in Nova Labs?

    Contents on the test server may vary heavily from the live servers, and can be disabled or enabled at any moment with no prior notice.

    Keep in mind that anything that makes its way into Nova Labs is not in any way an indication of the release schedule for the live servers.

    The focus of our testing on launch will be 4th Jobs, but the configuration of the server will most definitely be adjusted as we move forward to better fit the active projects that are being tested.


    What are the main differences from the Live server?

    The main differences are as follows:

    • A leveler NPC for EXP and levels.
    • Job Changer will have 4th Jobs enabled.
    • A special Nurse will be able to recover AP.
    • War of Emperium is disabled.
    • Battlegrounds are disabled.
    • Vending is disabled.
    • Monster Hunter is disabled.


    Can I use the test server for other purposes, such as gear testing?

    No. Nova Labs was designed with the intention of providing grounds for testing of specific content and not personal tests. While you'll be free to explore any content as you see fit, we'll not be providing external gears, equipment or free services which are unrelated to what's currently being focus tested.


    How can I provide feedback?

    You can provide feedback through any general means, be it by sending a message to one of our Staff members or on the #labs-feedback channel in our official Discord server.


    How can I report a bug?

    Due to the nature of a test server, bugs are expected to happen. You're extremely encouraged to report any bugs you find immediately. You can do so through our Forums Bug Tracker, under the Nova Labs section.


    Accessing Nova Labs

    To access Nova Labs, you must have a NovaRO account. Please note that your live account must be in a good standing in order to access the test server, and your access may be restricted or disabled at any moment with no prior notice.


    Access is provided directly through the regular NovaRO Patcher, and is as simple as launching the main game. Patch your game fully before trying to access Nova Labs and remove any custom .grf files you have active.




    Once the game opens, select Nova Labs. You can then log in with the same credentials used on the live server.

    You'll be greeted by a backup copy of your character and items from the live servers. Regular backups will be made in order to keep characters up-to-date with their live state.

    And you're set! Please report any bugs you find immediately and/or provide feedback through the means explicated on the FAQ section above.


    We thank you immensely for your time and effort and appreciate any feedback that comes our way. Happy testing!


    This test sever is available to all players effective immediately.

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    8 hours ago, Fu Windsword said:


    Thanks you for the initiative, pretty useful.


    Until now i found some issues on my testings:

    - Cannot equip cards.

    - Turbo not working.

    - Red herb activator is not working


    Make a bug report for the first and third one. Turbo is not working because with 4th jobs comes a new client that players are also testing on Nova Labs which means novaext will not be working.

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    Whenever I try and load the NovaLabs test server, I get a blank white screen. I've moved the .asi file from the NovaEXT, and I don't have any custom .GRF files. How can I access the test server?

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    I logged into nova labs and now I can't log into the official NovaRO, what do I to fix this?!



    -- att, solved, i just forgt my pass.

    Edited by CyBR0di
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