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  • Item Info Patch Notes

    • Patch Notes


    • Town BGM has been reverted back to normal.
    • Snow has been disabled from towns and our website.
    • The Christmas Event will remain active until at least January the 14th.


    • Reworked the @ii and @ii2 commands:

      • The results will be much more accurate.

      • Only essential information will be displayed.

      • You can write 'next' in order to view the next page of results.

      • To know which mob drops the item, use @whodrops.

    • Implemented #map channel for Gramps maps.

    • Normalized Event Announcement colors.

    • Fixed an NPC dialogue making the Dicastes quest chain more easy to follow.

    • Re-implemented Practice 5v5 Arena.

    • Front page and Character Cards will no longer count Monster Hunter kills as MvP kills.

      • This number is still being tracked and might be displayed elsewhere later.

    • Fixed a bug where you could vend in an invalid cell in the vending map.

    • Fixed a bug which was making certain mobs not drop God Hammers in the Meteor Strike quest.

    • Made search commands work with partial in-game names. This means you'll be able to use @ws snake

    • Added a brand new @nosharedloot/@noshare/@noshared command!

      • This command prevents shared loot from getting into your inventory. (Very useful for Endless Tower/Cellar)

      • You can further customize this command by setting a minimum drop rate before rejecting the items.

        • For example: @noshared 5 will only allow items with a 5% or less rarity into your inventory.

      • Please note that if you pick up the item yourself, @noshared will be ignored.

    • "/ex player name" will now block messages from people in all channels as well.

    • Rotated Gramps maps and mobs.

    • Halter Lead will no longer accidentally disappear when consumed.

    • The advanced @noks feature will no longer display KS warnings. (Too many confused players)

    • Deu/Due from Episode 15.1 has been renamed to Dew.

    • Doram max stat is now 125.

    • Doram max ASPD is now 193.

    • Players are now able to sign out immediately after logging on. (Useful in case you picked the wrong character!)

    • @whodrops can now be called by @wd

    • @shopjump can now be called by @sj

    • @whereis can now be called by @wi


    • Fixed a bug where Faceworm Queen's HP would fill back up if Chaos killed her.


    • Intense Telekinesis' duration timer now persists through Teleport.

    • Fixed several incorrect skill descriptions.

    • Berserk no longer removes Two-Handed Quicken.

    • Rhydo Runestone (Crush Strike) buff duration has been reduced from 3 minutes to 30 seconds.

    • Pyroclastic Fire Element now supercedes Cannonball Element.

    • Gloomy Shyness no longer reduces flee by X%, but does so by a flat amount.

    • Laudas are no longer blocked by Holy Element Armor.

    • Feint Bomb now properly ignores item effects which block pushback.

    • Songs and Dances can no longer be dispelled by Dispell and Banishing Buster.


    • Monsters will now remember which players have spotted them
      • If all players that spotted the monster logged out, it will become inactive again
      • Inactive monsters neither walk nor use any skills (e.g. Metamorphosis)


    • Earth Bow description now matches its effect. (Can inflict Stone Curse)
    • Pendant of Harmony now casts Renovatio when attacking instead of when being attacked.
    • +9 Vellum Claymore and Glaive now properly proc Magic Mirror.
    • Armor of Gray now properly gives 10 MDEF.
    • Fixed a bug where all of Evil Gloves' effect was being disabled in PvP scenarios.
      • Only the Fiberlock effect is disabled.
      • Effect is disabled in PvP/BG/WoE.
    • The Ukulele Of Newoz and Hero Ring Of Newoz combo now gives +200% damage Arrow Vulcan, instead of 100%.


    Edited by Nova

    User Feedback

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    Wow, cool update... looking forward to utilizing some of the features here! So... to those on the NovaRO staff/team... Thank you!! 

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    I like the #map channel for gramps. It means players can actually look for a pt inside the map and not scream on #lfg "LFP" all day xD

    But this... @nosharedloot/@noshare/@noshared... FREAKING AWESOME! I usually find myself OW due to players using @autoloot (w/ party shared items config) most of the time so this new feature is very nice! =D

    Keep up the good work GMs! /no1

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    I see, so thats why, i like wtf "why my mvp kill hundreds?" i rarely doing mvp, so the MH counts, lol.

    the @nosharedloot is so cool


    "Monsters will now remember which players have spotted them"

    they are became more and more intelligent

    Edited by Inul

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