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  • Live Discord AMA on December 20th

    Live Discord AMA

    Hello everyone! Time goes much too fast, and it has been a year and a half since our last AMA. If you are curious about that one from 2019 and want to read more about it, you are welcome to peek over here. In short, what you can expect is a collective get-together consisting of us and players, where you can ask the Nova team some questions and come and chill with us.

    We plan to hold our second AMA session over the server's Discord #main channel on the 20th of December 2020 at around 12 PM PST (noon server time)! Egg2.png


    Like last time, there will be many of us attending, so we ask once more to submit your questions via this Google Form. We may not be able to make disclosures about future releases, but this is the time and place to ask about our favorite mobs, what we have for breakfast, which mob is the cutest, and much more.


    Filling the Form

    We'd appreciate it if you could keep it to one question per submitted form.

    There is no limit as to how many questions you can ask though so if you have several questions, please simply re-submit the form .

    After the actual question, there are two optional fields. If you don't fill the first optional field in with a particular name, we'll assume that your question is directed towards the team. If you want to, you can specify the recipient of your question by checking our Staff Page, but as the page sadly does not yet list our lovely Trial GMs (Chise, Nyx, Mikaboshi, Baek, Alcor and Scope), please write out their names if you have a question directed to them. In the second optional field you can give us your nickname so we can say who the question was from, or choose to keep your questions anonymous if you prefer.


    What happens after
    This form will remain open until 18th of December. After its closing, we'll start going through the questions and will remove duplicates and those we will not be able to answer. We'll also be organizing them into sections as a way to semi-structure the AMA. It's unlikely all of us will be able to make the time and date, but we'll do our best to be present. Some GMs may for personal reasons choose not to speak over voice though, and if we'll have those cases, we'll resort to responses over text or have someone speak out for them.


    That's it for now! We're all very excited about having another AMA with you and are warmly looking forward to seeing you there!

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