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    Hello everyone!
    We've updated the Stylist to include all the extended classes, Hyper Novice and Spirit Handler 4th Job sprites as Alternate Outfit options.

    Much like the regular 4th Job sprites, whenever these classes make their way into NovaRO and the 4th Job outfit becomes the default, the previously unlocked 4th Job outfits purchased will allow you to change your outfit to the 3rd Job outfit instead.

    We strongly recommend everyone patch in order to avoid crashes.


    We're also taking this opportunity to announce Thanatos Tower [Hard] is now available in Nova Labs as its focus test, and we've updated the characters with live server versions, we've also disabled the ability to change to 4th job during the duration of the testing period for Thanatos Tower [Hard].

    You can enter the instance by talking to Lumin, at thana_step,154, 367.

    One thing to keep in mind for this test is that the final boss, Thanatos, is over-tuned to a high difficulty scale. Please try the new instance and provide us feedback on balancing at the #labs-feedback channel on our official Discord.


    Lastly, but not least, we thank you for the feedback in regard to some rewards on Nightmare Toy Factory. To go along with the previous alterations to the final boss of the instance, we've also adjusted reward generation and prices:

    • Increased the amount of Blood Cloth Pieces obtained from bosses by approximately 2.4x.
      • Kimi's Sorrow now drops 2 boxes of 5 Blood Cloth Pieces each. (up from one box)
      • Kimi's Hatred now drops 6 boxes of 5 Blood Cloth Pieces each. (up from four boxes)
      • Phantom Kimi now drops 8 boxes of 10 Blood Cloth Pieces each. (up from five boxes of five each)
    • Decreased the price of Celine's Dress from 1,000 to 750 Bloody Cloth Pieces.
    • Decreased the price of Celine's Brooch from 2,000 to 1,500 Bloody Cloth Pieces.
    • Decreased the price of Class Shadow Gears from 250 to 200 Shard of Nightmare.
    • Decreased the price of Pierce Shadow Gears from 1,250 to 800 Shard of Nightmare.
    • Decreased the price of Celine Shadow Orb from 90 to 75 Bloody Cloth Pieces. (Shard of Nightmare requirement remains unchanged)


    All described changes on this post are active effectively immediately.

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    So I redid the math for the dress and brooch.
    Soooooooooo much better now, personally I would say it is still alittle high on the days but it is tolerateble by all means.
    Nicely done, thank you.

    Have a great day.
    Sincerly Fen.

    I forgot to include that these calculations are 2 runs an hour

    Screenshot 2021-11-12 083506.jpg

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    I will NEVER EVER get why the heck you guys are doing this with the shadow gear. It makes absolute no sense. It's like you guys don't want us to have fun with them. At this point I'm just running that stupid place just to collect data and show how stupid this shit is.


    And based on what I did yesterday, you guys want us to grind, with some luck because freaking stupid rng rewards that make no sense at all, around 2h of a freaking instance for a single refine orb? A single refine attempt? For a SINGLE SHADOW GEAR?! And yes, luck because it's actually possible to do runs with 0 freaking bloody cloth pieces based on my group experience. What's the issue of letting us get 1 REFINE ORB PER RUN? It's still a lot of time compared to MH and that yes, feels rewarding.


    If you guys wanted to make the work of Tokei & Co. look worse than MH... congratulations, you actually got it *clap*


    And this is not to say that the changes from sphere+ to BSB on shadow gear refine also sucks a lot. Adding them as an alternative would be perfect but forcing them through our throat feels terrible since they still ask us to use the monster orbs and enriched if we want to maximize them. Like... wtf, is this real? How much more you guys want us to grind? The server feels worse by the day, even worse than a freaking official server with the changes. it's like I'm playing a 0.1x server instead for Shadow Gears.


    If part of the staff doesn't like shadow gears, simply remove it from the game, give us an official announcement and be the man to do it. Continue to force us to play with mvps and PKS rng and nothing else because, screw that, we shall never get build enablers (seriously, I can't imagine anymore how stupid hard will be to get costume stones after this). We shall never get gear that push bad builds to a better state.


    I personally don't mind to grind for gears even with bad rates as NTF has but for Elunium Substitutes that takes hours to get? Simply give party wide fixed rewards instead of this crap if anything.


    You guys are losing players with all those changes every single day. Let the devs that know how to work on this do their jobs, stop ruining the server with your stupid decisions.


    Someone told me to wait 2 days before doing this but screw that. This is simply too much. I can't even imagine how it will be with the new Thanatos Tower and future custom instances.

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    Honestly, I can't agree MORE with @TunaDeck. This is riduculous. It really feels like a 0.1x server. How do you expect new players to find motivation to play and farm in this server if even the experienced players are having trouble farming this? The drop rates are horrendous, and this new refine rate... well, let's say we have some ppl that already quit because of that. Are you all aware that most classes can't even function without some of those shadow gear? Locking it behind that type of content is really bad thought.

    I really love this server, and it's sad to say that, but if things doesn't change *QUICK* it will die soon. That's heartbreaking.

    Edited by ped ro
    accidentally sent before finishing typing
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    yaah.. after trying it again for the last time (cause i will not be touching NHTF ever again cause i still need my sanity for irl shits)


    but i have things to say about this whole NHTF issue:


    Is kimi really worth the grind?

    >I say no. you need absurd amounts of investment just to do a full run of kimi. If let's say you wanna farm for the celine set or one of the shadows. i'll just advice to ignore kimi as a whole. You will not miss anything important about kimi other than the 2.5% damage improvement for magic users which is ignorable for me. she has too many mechanics that needed to be learn and the amount of money needed to burn for it is just not worth the time. 


    Farming NHTF worth it?

    >Personally,no. drops are not that great. its worse than official server's drop rates ..i mean..considered the majority of the playerbase xD (we're not young, energetic and loads of free time to grind a lot. like you guys already know it why we complain about sf right?)  i do not know why you decided to put the basics of the basics, outdated shadow gears on a very high grinding requirement.


    Shadow gears controversy

    Many of the players who left the server complains about the difficulty of the acquiring  and refinement of the shadow gears. this becomes bigger when you guys decided to implement new shadow refine system. and to be honest, its a sad attempt to remove bsb from its stagnation in the market. Personally. this solution is better:


    1. Removal of the orbs on the new refine system is better. having orbs+refining ores+ bsb is just overly complicated.

    2. I guess its also the time to make shadow gears tradable so that we could properly flow bsb in the market. people will not make and refine shadows because not all of them requires to have that. in fact, you can run your class shadowless if you are just very casual. having it tradable make people create shadow gears and selling it to the players thus revitalizing the market

    3. Lastly, i do not think that shadow gears deserves to be put on high end game such as mh2 or NHTF. we should throw the bone to everyone. like idk if nova or your team notices but newbies are having the hard time gearing up especially on end game content. shadows are needed on end game content and locking it up on end game content is just...uh..not really good idea. i mean one of your famous players left a comment about your treatment of the shadow gears. i think its time to end the over glorification of shadow gears as this tool for minmaxin cause they are not. they are the backbone, the foundations of the build and not as a tool for  min maxing.


    Since you have new instance coming, i'm not giving high hopes after this whole NHTF issue. but i hope we get redemption arc over this fiasco



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    Not only do I agree with everything stated above, but to reinforce it as an end-game player who has tried the instance over and over again it is indeed not worth it. NovaRO is on a moment where people  are quitting in great numbers for the past months, modifying the shadow refinement system to make it harder and add a content that even a pt with gtb, thanatos cards find difficult to do is just completely unintelligent staff decision, do you guys even play the game? do you even build a character from start without donating to feel how hard and impossible things are atm for newcomers? even for us in the endgame the contents and decisions that you guys make continue to disappoint and instead of something of real value and entertainment you guys bring lame shadow gears attached to an instance that is extremely hard to be done and not even worth to do it til the end, I mean people are doing it up to second boss and restarting it and it's still too much trouble for the rewards... Wake up guys you are making one of the best private servers die, staying behind in content and gears that make more builds possible and accessible, not listening to the population of players begging for 4th, important class shadows, costume enchants and on top of all that it feels you already lost touch with what the new and the old ragnarok player really wants (innovation, diversity, accessibility for the newcomers and achiavable challenge on endgame that is worth the time and consumables invested.) I say this as someone who found a home at NovaRO and really wants to see positives and must needed changes in the game for it to recover its market, player population and content vitality.

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    On 11/12/2021 at 11:56 AM, TunaDeck said:

    around 2h of a freaking instance for a single refine orb? A single refine attempt? For a SINGLE SHADOW GEAR?!

    This sounds really discouraging. Seems that is better to just skip this  content too...


    At this point, the scenario looks so bad seems that it would be healthier if you just added all Costume stones and  Shadow gears to Cash shop, made them refinable with normal Elunium, and made them tradeable, JUST LIKE IN KRO, even if it's PW2... 


    Current disagreement is so big that you should honestly consider that option before the server population drops under 1k... or just add all of them to an easier instance. Some of the gear we miss is not even endgame, some of them are just THE BASIC OF THE BASIC for some not meta jobs to work... And the awful change you did to the refinement system doesn't help....

    Edited by Lunar Witch
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    6 minutes ago, Lunar Witch said:

    This sounds really discouraging. Seems that is better to just skip this  content too...

    Yep, at the moment the max one average party can do is to farm the first two MVPs with full demon reductions with players close to survive the EQ and hope that they can get a decent numbers of bloody cloth pieces to sell and get some zeny back from what was used to run it.


    You don't really need a lot to do that, it's mostly group effort, but still eats consumables and takes some effort, which would be perfectly fine with balanced rewards. It would be like a Raid from other MMORPGs like WoW or Vindictus which is actually super nice.


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    It's really sad, it's a server that I really like and I see people giving up every day. Next time try to do a poll with the crew, about refining, drop rate and quantity. So you have a novaRO audience base. Everyone I call to play here at novaRO always asks me they have already launched the 4th class, there's edda's hats, there's new torrer. When I say no to everything they don't even talk to me anymore. "sorry google translator"

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