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  • MH Hate Patch Notes #156





    Monster Hunting

    • Developer's Note: Please see the Dev Blog for an explanation of these changes:
    • Hate generation rates inherent to Roles have changed to the following:
      • Tank: was 300% -> now 350%.
      • DPS: was 50% -> now 50% (unchanged).
      • Healer: was 200% -> now 125%.
      • Utility: was 100% -> now 150%.
      • Please note, these are relative. Therefore, 1 point of damage from a Tank is now equivalent to 3.5 points of Hate. In the same way, 1 point of damage from a DPS is equivalent to 7 points of damage from a Tank (0.5:3.5).
    • Climactic Fury (CF) has had its Hate generation simplified to -50%.
      • Previously, CF was subjected to different modifiers in different places in the code. These were stopgaps from when CF did insane amounts of damage. Now, we have simplified it to -50% Hate generation, which should offset the increase in Hate generation Tanks were given in this hotfix. Generally, it will generate similar amounts of Hate as it does now.
    • Hate generated by healing has been reduced from x15 to x5.
      • This applies to any healing ability, not just to healing from the Healer Role, e.g. a DPS Sura using Heal.
      • This modifier was balanced around previous numbers and is too high currently, meaning Tanks need to generate a large amount of DPS to out-generate their Healer. Though, we still want Healers to risk taking the attention of the Great Monster, current numbers meant that was happening too frequently.
    • Hate generated by all Bombrings from the Utility Role are affected by a -90% modifier.
      • We will be revisiting the Bombrings in Part 2 of the Utility patch, but for now this modifier has been enacted.
    • All auto-attacks and skills, which did not have specific modifiers (i.e. Climactic Fury) were given a +10% modifier. This has been removed.
    • Sentinel causing the affected mob to "ping-pong" between players has been fixed.
    • Fixed Detoxify having no cooldown.
    • Fixed Mind Breaker not working in MH.
    • Fixed Steel Body movement speed.
    • Fixed interruptible cast not working in MH.
      • Keep in mind that item casts will still be interrupted, regardless if you have, e.g. Phen card equipped.
    • Fixed Red/Blue Herb Activators not working correctly in MH.
    • Fixed Comet not applying Magical Intoxication.
    • Enabled Crescent Elbow inside MH.
      • The formula is changed to be based on your HP and not the targets.
      • Added a 20-second cooldown.
      • Developer's Note: This is just a change we missed from the last patch.
    • Mobs affected by Sentinel will now  /omg when the Sentinel status ends.


    War of Emperium and Battlegrounds

    •  Siege Commissioners Reduced Cross Impact's damage by 40%.
    •  Siege Commissioners Increased Self Destruction's damage by 100%.
    •  Siege Commissioners MVP Tier list changes:
      • Cards below are now considered Tier 3 (Not limited on any Siege game mode)
        • Meow Card
        • Grand Papillia Card
        • Silva Papillia Card
        • Sweetie Card
      • Cards below are now considered Tier 1 (Limited to 3 per Guild on WoE and disabled elsewhere)
        • Red Pepper Card
        • Greater Red Pepper Card
    •  Siege Commissioners Reduced the heal amount from Concentrated Golden Syrup Potion by 25% on Battlegrounds only.
    •  Community Suggestion Added Seed of Life to Telma, under Siege Supplies > Genetic Supplies.



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