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    Monster Hunting Development Blog #3

    Hello everyone and welcome to another NovaRO Development Blog! Today we're going to talk much more in depth about the monster changes coming with the new Monster Hunting update. Please note, before we start talking about these changes, all the information here is still liable to change. Also note that we will not be retrospectively applying this behavior to the Monster Hunting mobs already on the server, and the systems explained here only apply to our new Great Monsters.



    Great Monster Target AI: Aggro

    First, let’s talk about the biggest change to how monsters currently work: their targeting AI. At the moment, mobs in RO tend to be quite sticky, meaning they don’t really change from whoever their first target is. Of course, certain mobs have a slightly more intelligent AI which might allow them to swap targets in certain circumstances, but outside of that, mobs in RO are happy to stay on the same single target. This is the largest, most fundamental mechanic we were unhappy with going into the development of this new Monster Hunting content. From our point of view, the existing AI can be quite limiting in how we plan and balance new custom mobs, since the current RO system is not inherently flexible. While Gravity has been making changes to help with this issue, these are few and far in-between, unfortunately. 


    Therefore, we've implemented an improved aggro system. For those of you who have played other PvM-focused games, this is the same concept as any enmity aggro or hate system. When engaging a Great Monster, all players in range will be “seen” by the monster and build a small amount of aggro, thus applying the Disengaged status on the player. Each action taken by the player against that Great Monster will then generate aggro. This can be something as simple as dealing damage, or healing a player who has generated any amount of aggro. Hitting a mob’s weak element will produce a larger increase in aggro than normal. Furthermore, a few new and existing skills can increase or decrease the amount of aggro generated by your actions, so essential timing of these skills can quickly result in grabbing or losing the attention of that monster.


    Great Monsters will use this aggro in order to calculate who should be its main focus; the player with the highest amount of aggro will bear the brunt of the monster’s attacks! If the mob cannot reach that player, or if that player dies, the monster will then target the player with the next highest aggro. This introduces what we hope to be more interesting gameplay when tanking mobs, where tanks won't be able to just grab the monster's attention once and then AFK in front of it. Our intention is that tanks will now need to use all the skills at their disposal to keep the monster’s attention solely on them, rather than on their squishy damage dealers – or worse – their healer!


    line.png MONITORING AGGRO line.png


    In order to let players be able to check their aggro status at a glance, we've added status icons that will display your aggro status relative to every other member of your party currently engaged with that monster.


    New Status Effects:


    mh_hate_none.png  mh_hate_low.png  mh_hate_high.png  mh_hate_tank.png  


    Disengaged: Presence has been noted, but not regarded as a threat.

    Perceived: Presence has been gaining more and more attention.

    Recognized: Presence has been recognized as a potential threat.

    Aggro'd: Presence has been recognized as a severe threat.


    line.png TECHNICAL DETAILS line.png


    • Players will lose aggro slowly over time.
    • Aggro will be removed entirely on death.
    • In order to take aggro away from the Tank, you must exceed their aggro by 20%. This buffer will allow the tank time to react to encroaching party members. But this can be a double-edged sword: If the tank gets aggro taken away from them, they must work harder to get it back.
    • Not all mobs will have the aggro mechanic – only Great Monsters will (Great Monsters are the primary boss monsters in this content).



    Monster Rage, Enraged State, and Temperaments

    In addition to expanding the AI, we wanted to add further dynamics to these fights. Our goal was to be able to offer visual feedback that would help a player be able to judge how the fight was going. Our solution came in the forum of the following systems: Monster Rage, Enraged State, and Temperaments. 


    Rage is a mostly-invisible status of the monster you have engaged with. As the fight progresses, the Rage Gauge of the monster will increase. Once the gauge is full the monster will enter an Enraged state. When Enraged, a monster will let out a deafening Roar, stunning everybody who is in range.

    While in this Enraged State, the monster will become much more dangerous; some of its abilities will change and become more difficult to handle. After a while, the monster will calm down and return to normal, resetting its Rage gauge.


    line.png RAGE CRITERIA line.png


    There are certain criteria that will increase Rage for all Great Monsters:


    • Passive generation while the Great Monster is in combat.
    • Hitting a weak element of the monster will increase Rage.
    • Stunning the monster using one of the new status effects will increase Rage.
    • Waking up a monster from its Natural Sleep will also increase Rage (see below for Natural Sleep).


    line.png TEMPERAMENTS line.png


    Each monster will also have two Temperaments which will heavily influence how Rage will increase. In order to best explain this, we'll list a few examples:


    • Bloodthirsty: The smell and taste of blood riles up the monster, sending it into a frenzy. As more blood is spilled throughout the fight, and the weaker you are, the more Rage this monster will gain.
    • Broody: This monster has a motherly instinct and cares deeply for its offspring. As more of its offspring are culled, the Great Monster will generate more Rage.


    In total there are nine Temperaments, with each monster having two. We will drop hints throughout as to what Temperament each monster has – though no doubt the more astute of you will be able to work this out for yourselves!



    Mob Dynamics

    With this new update to Monster Hunting, we really wanted to bring the world alive and make it feel like these monsters have a life outside of just being punching bags for loot! To that end, we have introduced a couple of new mechanics that aim to improve the Dynamism of mobs that will make it seem these mobs have a schedule and purpose.


    line.png NEW TIME ZONE AND NATURAL SLEEP line.png


    New Monster Hunting areas will now have a day and night cycle that runs outside of the standard RO cycle. This cycle will be much quicker; in fact, a full Monster Hunting day will last only about an hour in real life time.


    With this new Monster Hunting Time Zone comes the idea of Natural Sleep. Monsters within the new Monster Hunting zones will have a sleep schedule, where they will tend to go where it’s safe and quiet and go to sleep. Monsters who are asleep will regenerate HP incredibly quickly, but the first hit to wake them up will receive bonus damage (but beware of that increased Rage gain)!


    line.png ZONES AND BIOMES line.png




    The Savage Coast is broadly split up into three Biomes: Beach, Woods and Highlands. Each of these biomes is further split up into different Zones. These Zones differ from one another in myriad of ways (we won’t spoil it for those who like to explore!), and you will only find certain monsters in certain Biomes and even Zones.



    Monster Teaser

    There is one final thing left for this development blog, and that is a teaser on a few of the monsters we’ve been creating for a while now…


    line.png GREAT MONSTER: Garronath line.png


    Be watchful of the skies on the Savage Coast. The Garronath is an apex predator, using virulent poison and aerial maneuvers to take down its prey. Prospects are grim for those it has set its sight on.


    Let’s talk a little bit about one of the interesting, new mechanics that the Garronath will utilize during your struggle with him.


    Festering Winds: With a great flap of his wings, the Garronath will draw all hunters to himself and begin spewing out poison. The strong winds will disperse his poison across the battlefield. These pockets of poisonous air will then erupt after a short time, unleashing a cloud of festering poison that will affect anyone who breaths it in. The Garronath will repeat this attack, steadily increasing the area covered by his festering winds.



    New Status Effect: Fester


    mh_fester_1.png  mh_fester_2.png  mh_fester_3.png  mh_fester_4.png  mh_fester_5.png  mh_fester_6.png  mh_fester_7.png


    Fester is a stacking status effect, and will stack up until 7. The effect starts off manageable, but becomes exponentially more dangerous. Fester cannot be fully removed, except by waiting out its duration; however, Cure, Detoxify and Slow Poison can mitigate the effects.



    line.png GREAT MONSTER: Nysori line.png


    Woe to the hunter who is unaware of the siren of the Savage Coast. Nysori lures the unsuspecting to their doom with her charm, crushing them under the awesome might of the sea.


    Charming Allure: Nysori purposefully targets the more vulnerable players in the party for this particular ability. Upon selection of the unlucky soul, a mirror image of Nysori will spawn on the opposite side of the battlefield from the intended target. A connection, or tethering, between this clone and the target will be created, leading the target to lose all control of themselves. They will find themselves drawn to the clone, allured by its beauty, and will slowly march to their death. Once the person has reached the clone, the clone will separate soul and body, instantly killing that person. It is therefore advisable to never engage Nysori alone, so that others may defeat this doppelganger before you reach its deadly embrace.



    New Status Effect: Charming Allure






    We have added a lot more new mechanics than just those mentioned, but hopefully this will give everyone a brief overview of the changes to come. A lot of these changes we’ve made are aimed towards allowing for a much more fun, interactive PvM experience. While there will be a lot to learn initially, due to how different fighting these new monsters will be compared with standard RO mobs, we’re hoping you will find this learning experience fulfilling and exciting.

    Stay tuned late next month for the next Monster Hunting Development Blog!


    New NovaRO Monster Hunter Logo by Froth

    _____________________________novalogo.png _____________________________


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    Wow i am impressed on how dynamic these two monster behave, it feels like something never seen before in RO.
    I was expecting just shooting the monster until it dies but this is completely different, I am having high hopes for this update!

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    So you're telling me we can finally have PROPER boss battles without ridiculous one shot skills between both parties? Sign me the fuck in!! Great job bois!

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    hope u guys make it harder to kill tho so we can see a bigger party for this...instead of smaller party...

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    14 minutes ago, kizzy said:

    hope u guys make it harder to kill tho so we can see a bigger party for this...instead of smaller party...

    Party size will not be changing, it will be the same as our current MH system.

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    25 minutes ago, Panic said:

    Party size will not be changing, it will be the same as our current MH system.

    ah..i thought we gonna have bigger pt like 10 members...too bad

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    discouraging to know that you still have another blog, when they are new and new items and changes as soon as possible, but congratulations for the work :D

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