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    Art by Froth made for NovaRO


    We are extremely excited to release information regarding our progress on the Monster Hunting expansion. This content has been in development since early 2015 and will bring many unique mechanics specific to this game mode, as well as a number of highly anticipated pieces of equipment.

    Since the server's inception, we've wanted a method of delivering items/rewards that are implemented through the Cash Shops on official servers. We strongly feel that introducing best in slot gear exclusively through the Cash Shop is poor game design. We believe that players should be able to earn their equipment by playing the game, not just paying for it. This is where the idea behind Monster Hunting came about. We sought to create a large, expandable form of content where we could attach valuable rewards to specific content-related milestones.


    Here are some of the rewards that you can look forward to from this content:

    • New, more powerful Shadow Gear Sets, including effects such as high MDEF/DEF Pierce. You will not lose the effects of your existing Shadow Gear.
    • Fallen Angel Wings and Arch Angel Wings, including their respective enchants.
    • Blacksmith's Blessings to add a safer method of refining equipment.


    This concept has been a massive undertaking, including the development of many new mechanics, such as an entirely custom Threat system.

    Starting in January, we will begin sharing more detailed information regarding this system and its specific mechanics through regular posts in our Developer's Blog.

    Our current projections place the release date of this content around the second quarter of 2019. [Q2 2019]

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