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    Monstrous Monstrosity Contest


    Are you tired of boring scenic images? Does the unending stream of ~pretty~ selfies make you yawn? Rejoice, as the perfect contest for you has arrived! Here, your 'flawless and fashionable' friends with their ~perfect pixel~ eyes may not venture, lest they too disguise themselves in the spirit of Halloween...


    Can you create the scariest, the ugliest, or the most bizarre character on the server? That's right, find your inner Orc, Banshee, or Demon! Lets dust off those Mr. Scream masks, dig out your Angry Snarls, and anything else you wouldn't dare wear to a social gathering in Prontera. Hassle the Stylist to your heart's content, and put your creativity to the test! Bonus points if you manage to find a hair-raising setting to go along with your unique and positively terrifying creation!


    This is a Screenshot Contest so entries will be judged on screenshot scenery, cleverness, character attire (headgears et cetera). Players CAN come up with and write up their own little descriptions for their images, but any text will NOT be judged.


    In addition to the in-game-rewards, the three winners will receive a Deviruchi Keyring (WIP as seen below).
    A small consolation reward will be distributed to all participants.






    1. You are only able to submit 1 entry per PERSON.
    2. No memes.
    3. Please include your in-game character name with your submission post (if no IGN is included, the user will be disqualified).
    4. You are only allowed to use the default in-game assets.
    5. The dimension of each entry must NOT exceed 500x500 pixels.
    6. Using Skills and Items are also allowed to add some Visual Effects to your entry.
    7. You have 2 weeks to submit your entry. (October 17th - October 31st).
    8. Entries must be posted in this thread or else they will not count.
    9. You can change your entry any time between October 17th - October 31st).
    10. Any entries submitted after the 31st will not count.
    11. Bug abuse, changes to .GRF files or other ways of pre-processing your images is NOT ALLOWED.
    12. Photoshop, Gimp, Paint, or any program of the sort is NOT ALLOWED for anything beyond cropping.
    13. The winners will be announced on November 5th at 12:00 server time. (@time)




    1st Place:

    • 1 Deviruchi Keychain
    • 500 Halloween Coins
    • 1 King's Treasure
    • 5 Loki's Box


    2nd Place:

    • 1 Deviruchi Keychain
    • 300 Halloween Coins
    • 3 Loki's Box


    3rd Place:

    • 1 Deviruchi Keychain
    • 150 Halloween Coins
    • 2 Loki's Box


    Participation Reward (Reward for everyone who enters):

    • 50 Halloween Coins
    • 1 Loki's Box

      Anyone who is DQ'd from the contest for any reason forfeits their right to participation rewards and CANNOT re-enter.


    Time to get dressed, everyone.

    Unleash your inner monster and have some morbid fun!


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    Hello, yes, I was the one vandalizing your entrance, giving you holes, and having good times painting on your face creatively:th_e14:
    Advance Happy Halloween >:^)

    IGN: SofieI (capital i on the end of the name.), or just Andie.


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