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    Episode 17.1: Illusion


    With your help and that of the Rebellion army, you've successfully taken over both the Heart Hunter base and the Werner Laboratory...

    However, Philofontes quickly finds out there are still more secret laboratories operated by the Rekenber Corporation!


    The data collected from the Werner Laboratory all seems to point to one and the same location -- the abandoned Rudus factory.

    As you approach the area, you cannot help but notice a giant barrier erected around it, with the sole intention of keeping curious folk out.

    Worse still are the inhuman sounds echoing from the other side...


    The Regenschirm Laboratory in Lighthalzen was also taken over by an enemy force, who call themselves the "Heart Hunters".

    Who are these people, and what other mysteries could be waiting to be discovered inside these secret laboratories?


    All new equipment from this update will reflect their official counterparts.





    Coming to NovaRO August 29th, 2019


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    Great to know that 17.1 : Illusion is already arriving on the server.

    Is there any news about MVP and enchantments from Magma Dungeon F3?

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