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    Apply for NovaRO staff & more

    While our door is always unlocked, there are times when we're particularly receptive to new applications. And, as you may have deduced, one of those times is now!

    We are launching this application round with two big changes. The first, is that we have merged our applications so that they may easily be found regardless of which position you are applying for. The other change is that we have moved from using the forum message system to Google Forms. This spells an end to copy-pasting! Instead you get to enjoy the perks of premade forms. And for us, all of this comes with an additional benefit of never again being shocked and awed by applications filled out entirely in neon pink. (Yes, this has happened, and if you are the guilty party reading this, shame on you.) So, in other words, win-win across the board.


    Right now the applications come in five different flavors, although more may be added in the future. Depending on which role you seek to fill, there may be specific requirements that we ask you to meet. Due to this, please read the (spoiler) section pertaining to your application carefully, as not doing so may lead to your application not being considered. Lastly, due to having large-scale testing available through Nova Labs, we have abandoned the concept of Player Testers and no longer seek to fill this position. The same is true for BG and WoE Comms as detailed here. All this said, please venture forth and explore the available options:


    Staff Application
    While it should be self-explanatory, in reality condensing what being staff is about is probably the hardest because it is what you make of it. Our ultimate goal is to provide the players of NovaRO the best game experience possible with the means, skills and time available to us. This is why we are looking for motivated people who want to help improving the server and things around it. We've divided staff into two primary categories: Game Masters and Developers.

    Game Masters: In the most minimalist terms, Game Masters are the server's front. They host events, assist with support, and interact with players as well as answer their questions, but this position can also include performing bot checks, writing quests, Discord moderation, coming up with event and content proposals, updating the wiki, assisting with bug reports, and more.


    Game Master Application

    Kindly note that being staff is classified as volunteer work. Please do not expect monetary reimbursement from being on the team.

    Like detailed in the previous section, as a staff member, you have a lot of freedom in what you want to focus on. If you want to be a part of our team, all you essentially need to do is to fulfill the age requirement. We never ask for prior GM experience but ideally you already possess robust knowledge of the game and the server -- or at least enthusiasm for learning as much as possible about it if you have not been with us that long. It is your inner drive that matters the most, hence we hope you share the same passion for RO as we do. And, if you have skills or talents that you feel can benefit the server,  or if you don't want to be a GM but still want to contribute in other ways -- we'd be very happy if you let us know.


    Applicants are expected to have the following:


    • Enthusiasm and demonstrable eagerness to learn
    • Reasonable availability


    Listed below are not requirements, but applicants would benefit from the following:


    • Robust knowledge of RO and/or NovaRO
    • A sensible amount of extraversion

     6037.pngGame Master Application Form


      Developers: Developers in NovaRO work in order to bring content to players, directly or indirectly. As a Developer, you can provide assistance with scripts, realize new game systems, create new exciting content, or even help to maintain our website and keep our backend up and running.


      Developer Application

      Our developers not only work on bringing you the most up to date and original Ragnarok experience but also try to improve things around the server. Some examples of this would be the Pepper Bot, discord chat integration or the market page. This means we are not only interested in people who can implement new ingame mechanics or NPCs but also people who are interested to create and/or extend other awesome things like discord bots or maybe you want to work on an API for something, create some sort of automation or QoL you always thought was missing.


      Applicants are expected to have the following:


      • References of your past work


      Listed below are not requirements, but applicants would benefit from the following:


      • Familiarity with git and issue management software
      • Knowing what docker is and how it is used
      • Experience with Linux
      • Experience in writing NPC scripts
      • Familiarity with rAthena or Hercules


      6037.pngDeveloper Application Form


      Creative Helper Application
      Creative Helpers are the people who assist with creative work but who don't have GM accounts. Most of the time the role pertains to artists and writers, but it is not exclusive. Writers may be asked to write hat quests, spellcheck and adjust existing texts, or writing lore for content. Artists would receive tasks to do with general character art, backgrounds, as well as more specific requests depending on what is needed and what is their forte.


      Creative Helper Application

      Last time the creative applictions largely fell through (most notably for the aspiring artists), which is something we deeply regret and would warmly like to invite you to re-apply. We have accrued more projects in general as well as more particular projects to send your way that could benefit from your input.


      Applicants are expected to have the following:


      • Ability to deliver


      Listed below are not requirements, but applicants would benefit from the following:


      • Confidence in your work


      6037.pngCreative Helper Application Form


      PvE Consultant Application
      While we do listen to all of our players and will continue to do so, we seek to have access to a condensed version of our community in a handful of individuals that we have decided to call PvE Consultants. Unlike the commissioners who are able to make decisions for BG and WoE, the role of player consultants is to function only as a sounding board on PvE matters. In other words, they would be providing us with their first-hand feedback but have no active impact beyond making suggestions.


      PvE Consultant Application

      The PvE Consultants do not form a decision-making group. As such, you should be comfortable with your suggestions not getting traction and that you are not able to make decisions. In equal measure, you should have the ability to remain respectful not only with the staff but the other members as well.


      Applicants are expected to have the following:


      • Complete familiarity with PvM content


      Listed below are not requirements, but applicants would benefit from the following:


      • Excellent communication skills


      6037.pngPvE Consultant Application Form


      Discord Moderator Application
      The all-important task of Discord Moderators is to aid us in keeping our English-speaking channels and also our non-English channels safe and friendly spaces for the communities participating in them.


      Discord Moderator Application

      As a prospective individual, we envision you as skilled at evaluating whatever situation that may come your way calmly and fairly, and adept at making decisions that are in accordance with our rules. Taking responsibility should be your second nature, as it is at the front, core and center in the role of a moderator. Essentially, what you would do, is making sure everyone plays nice. To give you an idea, this can take various forms and range from dispensing thoughtful reminders to handling incidents of verbal abuse between two players, to swiftly removing inappropriate content.


      Applicants are expected to have the following:


      • Familiarity with our rules
      • Fluency in the language you are going to be moderating


      Listed below are not requirements, but applicants would benefit from the following:


      • Ability to type fast
      • Spending a lot of time on Discord


      6037.pngDiscord Moderator Application Form




      • Age: 18+.
        You have to be at least 18 years old in order for your application to be considered.
      • Applications must be filled out in English.
        While most staff members are multilingual, the server's primary language remains English. Your command of this language does not have to be perfect but we consider that your application reflects your fluency, which is of utmost importance especially for potential Game Masters. It is they who represent the server so it is important that you are able to express yourself clearly.
      • Please do not send multiple applications or ask about the application status.
        You will be notified of our final decision once we are ready to do so. Recruitment is a lenghty process and we will reply to everyone in due time.




      1. Click on the relevant link (above) to proceed with the filling of the application form of your choice.
        Make sure you have read this post thoroughly, and post any questions you have in this thread before you begin filling in your answers. Also remember that lazy applications are singled out quickly and hardly in a positive way. So please spend adequate time on each question, pay attention to your punctuation, capitalize your i's, and refrain from using excessive abbreviations.
      2. Stay patient while you wait for our response.
        We are unlikely to begin processing any applications until at least some weeks in, so take your time with making sure everything is in order and that you didn't miss anything.


      We wish you all the best of luck and are looking forward to reading all of your applications.
      Did we miss a role in our applications that you think should be there? DM me and tell me about it!

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