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    Our latest client is now available for an open beta! We hope you enjoy the new features, which we will begin listing in this thread over time.

    The download link's right there, so go ahead and download that zip and extract it in your Nova directory.


    2018-09-17 Beta Client

    Make sure you're fully patched up. Download link: 

    You will also need to download and install the following VC++ Redistributables:

    Note that we're still testing this client, and if you wish to revert to the previous client, use this link:

    Please post any bug reports regarding this Beta Client inside our bug tracker:

    We are aware a number of buttons are in Korean and will be actively translating those, please don't feel the need to report them.
    Note that this client should be 100% compatible with NovaExt.


    If you experience any NovaExt related issues, post here:


    New Features:

    • Cursor indicator for dead tiles:



    • Gear Swap interface:



    • New and improved party list: (Along with a method to apply buffs to your party without having to have the window open)



    • Improved Quest window:



    • New Kafra Sorting Option:



    • New interface for Nova Shop:



    • New interface for Refining:



    • New interface for character selection:



    • New interface for character creation:



    • Homunculus Autofeed (Will begin to work on our next maintenance):



    • Fixed the display of the headgear Magic Circle:



    • Dorams now display their Garment Sprites.


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    10 hours ago, neojkat said:

    my PC runs in x64 bit i dont see a link for x64 visual c++ ?

    RO, just like most programs, are still written in 32bit. So you need the 32bit versions.

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    is there a way to adjust the character selection? I usually use the 800x600x16 resolution because of the low screen resolution of my laptop. 






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