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    Calling all content creators, musicians, artists, and entertainers! We invite you to join the NovaRO Partnership Program and earn rewards for your content. 


    What kind of content are we looking for? 

    Any NovaRO-related comic strip, podcast, video, music piece, or the like posted in external platforms as Youtube, Soundcloud, DeviantArt, etc. and can be viewed by the general public. 



    Content Creator Tiers


    I. Proby Content Creator

    - Has least 5 separate pieces of content about NovaRO

    - 1 month mentoring and trial

    - Eligible for 1,000 Nova Points for every good quality content


    II. Partner Content Creator

    - Has least 10 separate pieces of content about NovaRO.

    - Eligible for 3,000 Nova Points per content for every good quality content


    III. Established Content Creator

    - At least 10,000 subscribers/followers. 

    - Eligible for monetary compensation for good quality content. 



    Reward Scheme


    Screen Shot 2020-06-21 at 11.47.49 PM.png




    How to join?

    1. Send a private message to Panic (Panic#1463) in Discord with your channel link and links to your 5 pieces of NovaRO content.

    2. The team will assess your content creator status and give you a role accordingly. 

    - Proby CCs will have access to the content creator channel and will be aided to improve their content. After 1 month, the team will re-assess their status to accept them as partner content creators or not.  

    - It is possible to get Partner CC status right away. Partner CCs will be eligible for rewards for content made after becoming partner. 

    - CCs with more than 10,000 subscribers or followers, they will receive the Established CC role and can be awarded monetary compensation for content. 

    3. Proby and Partner CCs must submit their content links to Panic in the following format to receive rewards:

    Deadline on the 7th of every month.

    (Ex. Submit May videos on or before June 7.)



    [IGN where you want to receive rewards] 







    Screen Shot 2020-06-22 at 12.12.57 AM.png







    We're excited to see all your creative content! :delphiheart:


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