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  • Patch Note #181

    • Patch Notes


    •  New Feature Implemented the Quest Skip Shop (Main Office Basement, Gym, left of the elevator)
      • This shop sells Storybooks that allow players to skip certain quests.
      • In order to use this function you must have finished the quest previously with a different character.
      • image.png
      • You will be able to see which contents the quest skip unlocks in the individual storybook's item descriptions.
      • These Storybooks will only affect a SINGLE character.
    • Removed Halter Lead's re-use cooldown.
    • Edited a handful of maps to remove dead cells outside of the map.
    • Fixed assorted cell walk issues on a number of maps.
    • Added a copy of the BG Master Cook to the Eden Kitchen.
    • Added Crimson Weapons to the Joe Boxer NPC.
    • Made Onyxes and items with Onyxes no longer sellable to NPCs.
      • All Onyxes can now be crushed by the Item Crusher.
    •  Community Suggestion Added extra shortcuts for @go eden.
    •  Community Suggestion Added BGM to Event maps.
    •  Community Suggestion Implemented the @pitycount command which displays pity information for Enchantment Stones every time you defeat a monster.
    •  Bug Fix Fixed an issue where signed Shadow Gear granted no bonuses.
    •  Bug Fix Fixed an issue with @go 55 not working properly.
    •  Bug Fix Fixed Maxwell missing a safe enchantment option for Racing Caps.
    •  Bug Fix Aurunn (Shadow Orb seller) is back in the Prontera and Payon refine shops.



    • Changed the resource image and name of Paradise Coin to Eden Coin.
    • Honor Tokens are no longer bound.
    •  Community Suggestion Added these items to Miles' Compress a Hat list:
      • Dark Bacilium
      • Frost Giant's Skull


    • Scaled down part of the server side protection for Dragon Breath and Dragon Breath - Water.
      • Developer's Note: Effectively this means the skills' behavior will be more consistent with what you'd expect officially.
      • This change will take effect on our next maintenance as we forgot to leave the original behavior in place for PvP.
    •  Bug Fix Fixed the cooldown of Metallic Sound to 2.5 seconds.
    •  Bug Fix Reduced Megaton Bomb's cast time from 4 seconds to .5 seconds.
    •  Bug Fix Increased Megaton Bomb's duration from 20 seconds to 30 seconds.


    Siege and PvP

    • Activated WoE 2.
    •  Bug Fix Fixed the check for MVP cards in all Siege game modes.


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