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  • Patch Note #181

    • Patch Notes


    •  New Feature Implemented the Quest Skip Shop (Main Office Basement, Gym, left of the elevator)
      • This shop sells Storybooks that allow players to skip certain quests.
      • In order to use this function you must have finished the quest previously with a different character.
      • image.png
      • You will be able to see which contents the quest skip unlocks in the individual storybook's item descriptions.
      • These Storybooks will only affect a SINGLE character.
    • Removed Halter Lead's re-use cooldown.
    • Edited a handful of maps to remove dead cells outside of the map.
    • Fixed assorted cell walk issues on a number of maps.
    • Added a copy of the BG Master Cook to the Eden Kitchen.
    • Added Crimson Weapons to the Joe Boxer NPC.
    • Made Onyxes and items with Onyxes no longer sellable to NPCs.
      • All Onyxes can now be crushed by the Item Crusher.
    •  Community Suggestion Added extra shortcuts for @go eden.
    •  Community Suggestion Added BGM to Event maps.
    •  Community Suggestion Implemented the @pitycount command which displays pity information for Enchantment Stones every time you defeat a monster.
    •  Bug Fix Fixed an issue where signed Shadow Gear granted no bonuses.
    •  Bug Fix Fixed an issue with @go 55 not working properly.
    •  Bug Fix Fixed Maxwell missing a safe enchantment option for Racing Caps.
    •  Bug Fix Aurunn (Shadow Orb seller) is back in the Prontera and Payon refine shops.



    • Changed the resource image and name of Paradise Coin to Eden Coin.
    • Honor Tokens are no longer bound.
    •  Community Suggestion Added these items to Miles' Compress a Hat list:
      • Dark Bacilium
      • Frost Giant's Skull


    • Scaled down part of the server side protection for Dragon Breath and Dragon Breath - Water.
      • Developer's Note: Effectively this means the skills' behavior will be more consistent with what you'd expect officially.
      • This change will take effect on our next maintenance as we forgot to leave the original behavior in place for PvP.
    •  Bug Fix Fixed the cooldown of Metallic Sound to 2.5 seconds.
    •  Bug Fix Reduced Megaton Bomb's cast time from 4 seconds to .5 seconds.
    •  Bug Fix Increased Megaton Bomb's duration from 20 seconds to 30 seconds.


    Siege and PvP

    • Activated WoE 2.
    •  Bug Fix Fixed the check for MVP cards in all Siege game modes.


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    I have question about Quest Skip Shop.
    If my 2nd char never did any quest in Ep. 16 (but my 1st char have finished Ep. 16, Ep. 17.1 and 17.2).
    My 2nd char can use Ep. 17 Storybook?

    Edited by FUEYMC
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    On 5/13/2022 at 10:26 AM, reformed user said:

    Does this DB/DBW future changes mean that the skill will no longer have the hard animation in PvM?

    yes and hopefully next maintenance 

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