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    Patch Notes #140

    • Patch Notes


    •  Community Suggestion Updated instance NPC to add a confirmation window to "Reset" option.
    •  Community Suggestion Added more Training Dummies to the dummy area in Prontera.
    •  Community Suggestion Added a Tool Dealer NPC to KoE prepare room.
    •  Community Suggestion You can now fish at the Piers of Moscovia.
    • Added a Nutritionist NPC to the Main Office.
    • Fixed an issue with @bingbing and @bangbang making players get stuck.


    Summer Festival

    • Fixed Crow Juice and Alice Body Pillow to now have their correct visual effect.
    • Added more items to from Summer Festival to Event Storage.
    • Wet Suit can no longer be sold to NPC.
    • Summer Footwear can now be sold to NPC. You can get a new pair from your Summer Tablet.
    • Fixed an issue with Summer Footwear not giving proper movement increase in concert.
    • Fixed an issue with summer pets not gaining proper hunger meter when being fed.
    • Fixed an issue with some frenzy games not properly giving frenzy rewards.


    King's Grotto Updates

    • Greatly increased the HP of Sarco and Arcuata and increased their sprite size.
    • Slightly increased the HP of Amethyst, Grocto and Gripper.
    • Slightly lowered the chance for Asterozoa's ability to trigger.
    • Increased the cooldown of Grocto's legs to respawn.
    • Lowered the cast time of Levias's AoE ability while also increasing it's cooldown.
    • Slightly increased the cooldown of Arcuata's AoE ability.
    • Altered Sarco's and Arcuata's targetting to swap between different players more often.
    • Gave Gripper a low chance of activating Close Confine.
    • Fixed Mines not spawning in the Grotto.



    • Fix positioning of Vanarguard helmet on some frames for male sprites.
    • Fixed Battle Standard not having a visual for both Doram and Soul Reapers.
    • Valkyrie Ingrid and Reginleif now properly drop Premium Ore Coin.
    • Big DEF and MDEF potions can now be merged into 30 minute versions through the Nutritionist.



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    i see some people hit grocto and levias just once while others hit it a lot to try to kill it. i tried it and found out you could actually get coins and kill counts after just hitting those monsters once especially when they are still not about to die and just wait for others to kill it. i also see these people just touch once all the grocto and levias on the area and sometimes pull them towards a lot of people for these people to kill those monsters and reap the same (or even more) counts and coins than those who hit a lot to kill those monsters while they dont even get damaged by these monsters which is obviously not fair. it prolly applies for the other mobs at the grotto too but im just more particular with these 2 normal spawn monsters since they hit harder and take a longer time to kill. is it possible to have the mechanics of the coin drop and monster kill counts especially on levias and grocto (since they are longer to kill) change to something like you need to hit them at least a certain number of hits before getting coins and counts?

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    'i see some people hit grocto and levias just once

    it is all because such people are saving amethysts and minimobs for others. just lazy to make binds for autoattack on/off (thus staying with AA being off when facing usual mobs).

    plus with some crowds with 10+ people and messy targeting you may fail to deliver even a single hit

    so...why cannot u do the same?


    Edited by vik

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    eh...digging was more or less okeish with 6 digs...but now...1-3 digs from 3tier spots... 

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