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  • Patch Notes #154


    • We've retired the old deprecated 2018 client. You'll not be able to login with it anymore.
      • Developer's Note: This is something that is long overdue and will allow us to focus on fixing and improving our current client. A reminder and recommendation that, if you happen to find any bugs, please report them on our Bug Tracker section on the forums, including all the information you can provide, with steps to reproduce, error messages and the like.
    • Snowball event has been removed and will be making a return next Christmas.
    • Updated weekly quests to include 17.2 maps and monsters.
      • Instance Completion: Water Garden [Hard], Hidden Garden [Hard] and Lost in Time.
      • Monster Subjugation: for mobs in 2nd Power Plant and both Tartaros Storerooms.
      • Treasure Hunts: for most maps pertaining to the episode.
    • All mobs from 2nd Power Plant (ba_pw03) will now drop Varmeal Tickets at a 25% rate.
    • The shop in Varmundt's Mansion will take illusion equipment with the lowest refine or least amount of enchants from your inventory when exchanging them for automatic equipment.

      • Developer's Note: This aims to reduce the number of issues where players were accidentally trading their equipment when redeeming automatic equipment.

    • Water Garden will no longer revive dead party members.

    • Poring Village can now be run with a party.
    • Added a filter for MVP cards on @nodrop. You can manage your filters on the Login Settings NPC at the Main Office.
    • @duel has been re-enabled.
    • Added the new fancy drop effects for rare mob drops.
      • unknown.png
    • Modified search behavior of @whosell to give a higher priority to sellable items.
    • Sarah Irene is now an MVP.
    • Updated the fight against Nameless Swordsman in Edda Biolab to match kRO. (This will make the fight harder)

    • Removed the commands @bangbang and @bingbing, as they are no longer needed.

      • Developer's Note: Our new client fixes the faulty behavior of old /bingbing and /bangbang, so our band-aid fix is no longer needed.

    • Fixed Evil Land's effect.

    • Doubled the HP amount for the dummy in the Training Chamber.

    • Fixed an issue with RODex carving rewards in Monster Hunting.



    • Guardian's Glory can now be swapped between [M] and [L] at Miles.
    • Knight's Cloak and its recolors can now be swapped between [M] and [L] at Miles.
    • 33602.png - Country Tails Wig Egg added to the Nova Shop for 3,500 Nova Points.
    • 33603.png - Maiden Wig Egg added to the Nova Shop for 3,500 Nova Points.
    • A quest for the cute pet armor 10033.png  - Afro (umbala 137, 165) has been added.
    • Fixed Gertie's Memory's bonus.

    • Fixed the effect of Angry Dracula Card.

    • Fixed the effect of Furious Moonlight Card.

    • Fixed the bonus of Sewage Venenum Card.

    • Fixed Jewelry Ant Card proc rate.

    • Fixed a bug where Hasty Shadow Set was incorrectly stacking with other movement bonuses.

    • Fixed wedding rings from GM Weddings to correctly display player names.



    • Fixed the visual on Soul Reaper's souls.
    • Create New Poison now properly takes into account DEX, LUK and job level.
    • Added failure message to Masquerade Ignorance.
    • Fixed Mixed Cooking to allow the creation of 10~12 items instead of just 10~11.
    • Removed unusable warnings from skill autospells.
    • Heavenly Aegis' cooldown is now properly displayed by @runecd.


    War of Emperium and Battlegrounds

    •  Siege Commissioners The following MVP cards were moved to Tier 3 (enabled in any Siege game mode, without restrictions):
      • Sniper Card
      • High Priest Card
      • White Lady Card
      • Detardeurus Card
      • Queen Scaraba Card
      • Gold Queen Scaraba Card
      • Kraken Card
      • Infinite Osiris Card
      • Infinite Tao Gunka Card
      • Angry Dracula Card
      • Ancient Wootan Defender Card
      • Ancient Tao Gunka Card
      • Vesper Card
    •  Siege Commissioners The following MVP card was moved to Tier 1 (limited to 3 per Guild in WoE and disabled in other Siege game modes):
      • Angry Ktullanux Card


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    20 minutes ago, tangcw24 said:

    I can't open my patcher (i dont know why), and I had try reinstall the game from the website, it is still can't work


    Unless there is a specific error with the patcher not much more I can do, I'd suggest doing a reinstall right now, we just updated our installers on the website about an hour ago.

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    12 hours ago, Bloodyaga said:

    Hello, can you explain the 2018 client part? I downloaded the files from the download page 3 months ago, which contain the NovaRoFull1014.exe thing and I logged in with that. It still works and I can still log in but do I need to download a new one or something?

     mind if i have a copy of your NovaRo file? i tried the new one on my windows 7 ultimate i doesn't work.

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