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  • Patch Notes #159

    • Patch Notes


    • Made a lot of improvements to the website. You should notice pages loading faster.
    • We've re-added Leaderboards    on our website.
      • There are 5 different leaderboards: Achievement, Historical MVP kills, 2021 MVP kills, Death, Guild.
      • Achievement: sorted from the highest rank to the lowest rank. You may check your current achievement rank by Alt+X in game. The character displayed on this page is the character in the first slot on the Character Select page.
      • HIstorical MVP kills: Lifetime MVP kills by each character. Each MVP also has its sub-page. Instance MVPs are not included.
      • 2021 MVP kills: MVP kills from this year. Each MVP also has its sub-page. Instance MVPs are not included.
      • Death ladder: Lifetime death count achieved by each character. Each job class also has its sub-page.
      • Guild ladder : Top guilds ranked by current castle owned, followed by castle owned this year, followed by total exp.
    • Added a new command: @playtime
      • Developer's Note: Allows you to check how many hours the current character has been played for.
    • Added a new command: @deaths
      • Developer's Note: Allows you to check how many times the current character has died. Keep in mind this will not work for Super Novices, as their death count is reset every time they use the Healer.
    • You can now save your last warp location as a permanent Favorite Warp in the Warper.
      • Developer's Note: The Favorite Warp option is located at the bottom of the Warper menu.
    • Dicastes is now considered a town.


    Loki's Paths

    • Added Leaderboards for all 3 modes: HelSleipnirFenrir.
      • Characters are ranked by base level, followed by account achievement level. Each job class also has its sub-page.
    • Renamed the #hardcore channel into #loki to represent all 3 modes.
    • Added a new channel for trading within Hel: #heltrade
    • Added an Eden Warper to Rogue's Forest.
    •  Community Suggestion Added a Last Town warp to the Warper.


    Monster Hunting

    • The ground-based effect for Nysori notes has changed.
      • Developer's Note: We had mistakenly used the same effect for both the player indicator and the ground notes. This has been fixed and the ground notes are much closer to the ground now.
    • Comet now correctly gives the class-based damage increase for Warlocks.
      • Developer's Note: Previously, Warlocks were only receiving 2% like everyone else, instead of the correct amount.
    •  Community Suggestion Bombring Counters are displayed in the chat window when they are collected.



    • Fixed Magic Essence enchants to give 4% instead of 5% per level.
    • Staff of Miracle now properly increases ghost property magical attack instead of neutral.
    • Fixed Iron Nail to increase Rampage Blast damage by 10% instead of 5%.
    • Sothis Shield has been added to the Item Crusher.


    War of Emperium and Battlegrounds

    • Added the possibility of buying loadout slots from Sothis, the BG buffer.
      • Every player starts with a single free slot.
      • Cost is 5,000 Nova Points and 5,000 Valor Badges per loadout slot, up to a maximum of 5.
    • Every damage increase/decrease for Siege will now correctly work against targets other than players.
      • Some examples are Barricades, the Guardian, Homunculus and the dummy on the Training Chamber.
    •  Siege Commissioners Temporarily increased the base HP of Rebel and Soul Reaper by 25% in all Siege game modes.
      • Developer's Note: This bonus will be removed once these classes' HP amounts are updated with their official values, even if the official numbers represent a lower HP increase than 25%.
    •  Siege Commissioners Moved Nightmare Amon Ra Card from Tier 2 to Tier 1.
    •  Siege Commissioners Removed DEF from Algiz Runestone.
    •  Siege Commissioners Decreased the damage of Metallic Sound by 25% in Battlegrounds.
    •  Siege Commissioners Increased the damage of Flaming Petals, Freezing Spear and Wind Blade by 50% in all Siege game modes.
    •  Siege Commissioners 16th Night will now provide 100% MDEF Pierce for its duration in all Siege game modes.
      • Developer's Note: Keeping a close eye on this one. Do expect further changes if it turns out to be over the top.
    •  Siege Commissioners Reduced the Fixed Cast Time of Shattering Storm to 0.7 seconds.
    •  Siege Commissioners Reduced the Fixed Cast Time of Slug Shot to 0.7 seconds.
    •  Community Suggestion Added Doram Kafras to many BG modes.
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    Dear GM, in the announcement in February in the job fix patch (which was done 2 Weeks before actual patch) it was mentioned that the patch job fix and MH update (Hrungir) will come one by one almost together. However, since February no anything relevant to gameplay and content. 

    is it somehow planned in nearest future or again somewhat not earlier than autumn?


    thank you very much for your development efforts, we players are really waiting for it :-)

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