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  • Patch Notes #161




    • The Picnic Art Contest is ongoing! Check out the current entries or participate sending your submission here!
    • NovaRO's Discord #main channel will now be linked to #main in-game.
      • Typing in game will show your message in Discord, with a nifty character icon and your in-game name.
      • Likewise, messages sent on Discord will show up in-game. (GMs and Admins will have a special GM tag)
    • We've done a big update and will continue working on our Quests descriptions.
    • Players are now able to view their achievement progression through the website. You can check the new page out here.
    • The Nutritionist can now split Endeavor Token Shop consumables into 30-minute versions.
    • Reimplemented the refund option for Gold Angel Idols obtained with Endeavor Tokens (Please note that this change is NOT retroactive, any idols purchased with Endeavor Tokens prior to this change will not be refundable).
    • Added Silvervine Fruit to the Gold Coin Shop for 20 Gold Coins.
    •  Community Suggestion Muspellskoll and Brinaranea from the Temple of the Demon God are no longer considered MVPs.
    •  Community Suggestion Added Perfect Hit on @battlestats.
    •  Community Suggestion You can now use @party, without a name to automatically generate a party with a random name.
    •  Community Suggestion Added a new option to the Training Chamber: Variable Cast Time.
    •  Community Suggestion Added a new confirmation window for Item Salvaging.
    • Introduced a new feature to Miles: Compress a Hat.
    • Added new slottable items to the Spiritual Auger.


    Monster Hunting

    • Increase AGI from Celeritas will now affect Mados.
    • Airship no longer removes BG/WoE buffs.

    • Fixed some circumstances where Nysori Note effects could get stuck on your character.



    • Fixed an issue with Sigrun's Wings giving wrong stats for some classes.


    War of Emperium and Battlegrounds

    • Guarana Candy will now have a 5-second cooldown, like most other consumables in Siege.
      • Developer's Note: There was an issue with this item allowing the exact behavior we want to avoid. After rediscussing the merit of this item being an exception to the rule, we decided it shouldn't stay as an exception anymore.
    • Fixed an issue where Triple Inferno and KvM started with the minimum amount of players and not allowed more to enter.

    • Changed the Practice Arena (@joinpractice) from 3v3 to 5v5 in preparation for Great Hunt.

    •  Community Suggestion Limes can now recycle hats obtained from Valorous Cache.
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    Linked main and discord! My, this was a feature I thought only a full redesign of the game could allow for. Great job guys! This was an idea I had a long time ago. Looks like main will have quite a bit more activity now! 

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