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  • Patch Notes #163

    • Patch Notes

    Summer Festival

    • We've corrected the Summer Festival Board with the end date for the Summer Festival.
      • For those who missed it, the Summer Festival will end on August 30th, at 23:59 PST (Server Time).
    • Players will no longer be able to stack Fishing Rods or Shovels, nor their upgrade materials in storage. (Applied on 2021/07/06)
    • Beastly Betty and Rosie have finished setting up their shops on the Festival Island with new hats!
    • Fixed an issue with the queue on Poolside Panic.
    • Fixed an issue where players could run in the Grotto faster than intended.
    • The following hats can now be exchanged for Pouring Keys (Please note only their base versions can be recycled):
    • The 5255.png - Triple Poring Hat can now be recolored at the Festival Painter.



    • In preparation for Glast Heim: Challenge Mode, the prerequisite of Old Glast Heim - Hard being completed once will start counting from this maintenance onwards.
    • Reduced the amount of Summer Dailies required for the Summer Daily Weekly Quest from 4 to 3. (Applied on 2021/07/06)
    • Added an alternative completion method to the Summer Daily Weekly Quest: Defeat 500 Grotto Monsters. (Applied on 2021/07/06)
    • We've did a small revamp of the Main Office. Check it out on @go 50!
    • Added a new option for crafting Nova Shop (undispellable) +10 Foods to the Master Cook, located at the Hall of Valor's (@go bg) left side.
      • These will require both a level 10 Cookbook and a Cooking Kit of your choice, as well as the old level 10 food recipe for each item you want to craft.
    • Added a new function to the @view command: @view warg
      • @view warg allows you to hide any Ranger wargs, including yours.
      • The command will only hide wargs not currently being mounted.
    • Pneuma will now remain visible even with @hidehateffect activated.
    • Fixed the Perfect Hit display on @battlestats.
    • Fixed an issue where mobs of Bioresearch Laboratory were not spawning correctly.
    • Fixed an issue where mobs of Legacy of Glast Heim were not spawning correctly.
    • Fixed an issue where some items were not showing in @ws.
    • Fixed an issue with splash damage from shotguns and Baphomet Card not applying properly.





    • Fixed Round Trip's damage formula.


    Siege and PvP

    • Implemented an attempted fix on various KVM bugs.
      • Developer's Note: Please make bug reports if you find any of those again. We cannot investigate nor fix these types of bugs without a properly filled bug report.
    • Increased the amount of Golden Syrups you get from Telma from 15 to 25 for 1 Valor Badge.
    • All Barricades and Stones will now be autobuilt upon a castle break.
    • Increased the HP of castle Stones by times 10.
    • Reflected damage from customized skills in Siege now apply the correct damage.
    • Fixed Novice's Steel Body effect to no longer apply to the regular Ranked PVP room.

    • Fixed an issue with the WoE reduction tracker on the WoE stats website.
    • Fixed an issue where the BG Secret Shop purchase amounts were not being reset.
    • Fixed an issue where Star Emperor was receiving the wrong soul link upon BG round start.
    •  Siege Commissioners Using Dragon Breath will now put Dragon Breath Water into a 0.5s cooldown and vice-versa on all Siege game modes.
      • Developer's Note: This was done in order to prevent yet another case of bypassing animations.
    •  Siege Commissioners Gospel now removes the Strip Accessory debuff in all Siege game modes.
    •  Siege Commissioners Strip Accessory now has a 2-second cooldown on Battlegrounds.
    •  Siege Commissioners All Masquerade-type skills now have a 3-second cooldown on Battlegrounds.
    •  Siege Commissioners Enabled SLS Perception and SLS Opposition on Battlegrounds.
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    6 hours ago, Liebestraum said:

    invisible mantle = Costume's Muffler /heh

    But Costume Muffler can't be enchanted with Djinny while this one can !

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