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  • Patch Notes #165

    • Patch Notes

    Summer Festival

    • Fixed an issue with the Aladdin Lamp announcement.
    • Fixed an issue with Festival Feather Cap missing a sprite.
    • Disabled the ability to chat while in a Poolside Panic game.



    • Refactored the Eden map.
    • Added full names and functions to most Main Office NPCs.
    • Added a way to check current pity and completion progression for Glast Heim: Challenge Mode. Talk to OSC0006.
    • Reduced the cooldown of Magician's Bell (17.2) from 20 to 5 minutes.


    Monster Hunter

    • Applied a fix to Sentinel so that Tanks will now correctly remain on the top of the Hate log while the skill's effect is active.
      • Developer's Note: In other words, it should no longer bounce between the Tank and other players.





    • Fixed an issue with Anti Magic Manteau description and effect.


    Siege and PvP

    • The Great Hunt event is taking place this Saturday (August 7th). Check all the changes for this month on the announcement:
    • Increased the HP of Rebel and Soul Reaper by 25% (150% total) on Siege game modes.
    • Reduced the fixed cast time of Aimed Bolt from 1 second to 0.7 seconds on War of Emperium.
    • Enabled Temporal Circlets for most classes in Siege game modes.
      • Ranger, Rune Knight, Warlock, Wanderer/Minstrel and Sura will remain disabled for the foreseeable future.
    • Players that have died more than 100 times in a single War of Emperium will now be unable to re-enter the castle.
    • The defining criteria for receiving WoE Track points has been updated.
      • Developer's Note: This is a harsher restriction aimed at guilds that do not participate in WoE, but rather opt to either AFK in corners or only camp the entrance of the castle. If you and your guild and are actively participating in WoE, this change will have no effect.
        For the most competitive guilds, it means you now have the possibility of earning up to 4 WoE Track points if you manage to get the last Emperium hold.
        We'll not be sharing more information about this criteria.
    • Added 6 new Relic WoE Reward Tracks
    • Community Suggestion Added a new WoE Supply Track:
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