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  • Patch Notes #166

    • Patch Notes


    • If you run into log-in issues after this patch goes live, please download and use the following client. This will not be needed if you're able to log in without any issues: https://novaragnarok.com/download/clients/NovaRO_20210819.zip
    • Added Challenges to Glast Heim: Challenge Mode.
      • On instance creation, the party leader will be able to choose between several random challenges to be included during the instance. The challenge list rotates every day.
      • Clearing challenges rewards bonus progression towards unlocking higher level of GH:CM.
        • Clearing one 1-star challenge and one 2-star challenge rewards 1 bonus progression.
        • Clearing two 1-star challenges and one 3-star challenge rewards 2 bonus progression.
        • Failing the 3-star challenge rewards no bonus progression for the run.
        • Bonus progression is only rewarded if you are facing your individual highest available level.
      • Developer's Note: Keep in mind that all challenges are subject to changes, removals and adds, as well as difficulty adjusts in future patches.
      • Challenges:
        • 1-star challenges:
          • Defense is for the weak: Reduces your defense and magic defense to 0.
          • Resistance is futile: Reduces all your elemental resistances to 0.
          • Neutral Situation: Changes your armor element to neutral regardless of what it was prior.
          • Regenerative Growth: The MVP's healing capability is greatly increased.
          • Toxicity: All players lose a percentage of their HP every few seconds.
          • Kronos' Retribution: Every few seconds during the boss fight, a random party member will take a large amount of damage.
          • Potion Rationing: All consumables have a forced 2-second cooldown.
          • Get over here!: A random party member will be warped near a thorn during the boss fight.
          • Invincible Thorn: Thorns cannot be damaged nor killed.
          • Don't Move!: Every few seconds during the boss fight, all players are rooted in place.
        • 2-star challenges:
          • Slippery Hands: Every few seconds, all players get a random piece of equipment stripped.
          • HEAL PLZ!: Healing rate of all items and skills is greatly reduced.
          • Sent to the Graveyard: If a player dies during the boss fight, he is warped out of the fighting zone.
          • Want a green pot my dude?: Every few seconds, all party members will be affected by a random status effect that cannot be resisted or prevented.
          • No pain, no gain: The boss, at any level, can cast Max Pain, which cannot be removed.
        • 3-star challenge:
          • Deathless: If anyone on your party dies, the challenge will fail and the boss fight restarts.
    • Blocked chatrooms on Eden outside of the allowed area (Wooden floor at the bottom left).


    Monster Hunting

    • Enabled 30-minute Endeavor Token potions on the Airship and the Savage Coast.


    Siege and PvP

    •  Siege Commissioners For Draft WoE, the healing amount for Golden Syrup has been reduced by 50% and Siege resistances are being increased to 90%.
    • Being the last holder of the Emperium during WoE will now correctly reward +1 WoE Track point.
    • Reduced Aimed Bolt damage by 60% in War of Emperium.
      • Developer's Note: The original idea was to revert the fixed cast time reduction done on Patch #165. This is instead a tentative change in order to gauge how the fixed cast time reduction affects the skill without the overbearing damage it had.
    •  Siege Commissioners Increased the damage of the following Rebel skills from 150% to 200% in all Siege game modes:
      • Banishing Buster

      • Shattering Storm

      • Slug Shot

      • Round Trip

      • Hammer of God

      • Fire Dance

      • Dragon Tail

    •  Siege Commissioners Increased Adoramus damage by 100% in all Siege game modes.
    •  Siege Commissioners Full Strip can now be dispelable by Dispel, Clearance and Gospel in all Siege game modes.
    •  Siege Commissioners Reverted the previous change on Masquerade-type skills cooldown done on Patch #163.
    •  Siege Commissioners Altered the weight of DEX on Masquerade-type skills formula in Battlegrounds.
      • Developer's Note: The actual change is a reduction to the minimum chance by about 20% and the maximum chance by 50%.
        Minimum chance: DEX / 20 -> DEX / 25
        Maximum chance: DEX / 4 -> DEX / 8
    •  Siege Commissioners Disabled the Turisus effect of increasing auto attack damage by 2.5x when Crush Strike is being used in Battlegrounds.
    •  Siege Commissioners Reduced the damage of Crush Strike by 40% on Battlegrounds.
    •  Siege Commissioners Increased the damage of Kunai Explosion by 100% on Battlegrounds.
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    Pretty interesting seeing the results of the team's efforts towards customizing existing content to reward those that want the challenge. Here's to hoping that these types of changes prove to be well received/viable to pursue in future (maybe even previous - one can dream) content, even if they eventually need some fine-tuning.


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    hmm, i guess clash strike is meant to 1 hit everything  thats what gravity did on that skill. you can use it with 30 seconds cooldown and just kill 1 person. ( imagine what you did to this skill. 30seconds cooldown for an OP damage. what is the reason to make it like that in this update? GX "CI" skill is like clash strike but you can spam . tiger canon is like clash strike dmg but still you can spam not to mention is that its AOE. why not nerf this CI and TC instead of a 30 seconds cooldown skill like this clash strike skill?

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