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  • Patch Notes #178

    • Patch Notes


    • All Shadow Gears and their respective Shadow Orbs are now unbound.
      • Developer's Note: Recently, we have received a lot of feedback from players regarding bound rewards in general, and have taken the time to revisit the existence of bound rewards.
      • On the release of Monster Hunting 1, all Shadow Gears were Character Bound. When Monster Hunting 2 was implemented onto NovaRO, we scaled back on the binding of Shadow Gear from Character Bound to Account Bound. In our exploration about Enchantment Stones and why they're bound, we realized that when we continued to implement Shadow Gear, we did not adequately question their binding. As such, we began to explore whether we could justify and benefit from unbinding all Shadow Gear.
      • We had our reservations about unbinding Shadow Gears, as we initially predicted that the act of unbinding would retroactively hurt the content from which it was obtained. Many alternative options were explored in an attempt to address this potential harm, but we reached agreement that this would be a small price to pay in order to adjust for future content, and to be able to make all Shadow Gears fully unbound.

      • Monster Hunter materials will remain bound due to recipes for crafting Monster Hunter Shadow Gears being very different from the rest, with the majority of their ingredients coming from Expedition instead of completing hunts. As such, we felt crafting a piece of MH Shadow Gear was still an experience that we wish for our players to engage in from time to time.

      • We hope to hear your feedback on these changes.

    • Added a new option to Judd: Onyx Replication
      • Onyx Replication allows players to replicate Onyx-type Enchantment Stones they already own to any number of costumes they want, at no additional cost.
      • If you were negatively affected by this change, please send us a Support Ticket.
      • Developer's Note: We originally designed the costume enchantment system with the mindset that our players should be able to enjoy their character customization as much as they can. This is the driving force behind making costume enchant decarding completely free, such that anyone could swap between their favorite costumes without feeling trapped by the enchantment on the costumes.
      • Upon releasing the original system, we have received feedback that players with multiple characters felt the need to share the same costume between their characters in order to take advantage of the enchantment on the costume without having to farm multiples of the same stone. In light of this, we're introducing Onyx Replication.
      • We have not made any exceptions to this system, despite knowing that a few Onyx are being used as an ingredient for a different Onyx. This effectively makes these Onyx easier to obtain, but opted against adding exceptions for the sake of clarity and less added complexity.
    • Fixed issue which caused mob AI to act strangely, making it harder to properly tank.
    • Fixed an issue which meant you could not use the last Token of Siegfried in the Utility Belt.
    • Fixed the price of Dual Penetration Shadow Gears on Ancient Juperos to its intended cost of 60 instead 300.
      • Developer's Note: If you've bought any of these pieces before this patch, please make a Support Ticket.
    • Added the option to add a Deluxe Pet Incubator (infinite reuses) to the Utility Belt.
      • Developer's Note: We'll be exploring a way of making Bone Fragments part of the pity system in a future patch. As the Carve system is not compatible with the current way pity is being handled, this will come in a later patch.


      Monster Hunting

      •  Community Suggestion Nysori's Water Wave mechanic now breaks Freeze.
      • Added the after cast delay bonus received from Retaliate to @battlestats.
      • Vanguard now has a 5s cooldown if used unsuccessfully.
      • Climactic Fury now generates more Hate from its damage.
        • Previously, the Hate generated was 50% of the amount generated; now all damage will generate Hate.
      • Re-enabled Crescent Elbow in MH.
        • Developer's Note: This skill had been temporarily disabled as it could cause a crash.
      • Fixed the duration of Golem Spirit to 65s.
      • Fixed Enchant Deadly Poison reducing damage instead of increasing damage.
      • Fixed Dark Claw not giving its full class bonus to for Guillotine Crosses.
      • Fixed the AI for Garanth and Nyia.
      • Fixed the cooldown and duration of Cart Boost inside MH.
      • Fixed Garronath entering other zones when using Dragoon Jump by adding extra checks and stoppages.
      • Fixed Garronath getting confused and his AI freezing when using Meteor Storms.
      • Fixed Nysori not spamming and overlapping mechanics more than intended.
      • Fixed some issues which caused the Great Monster AI to not stop or queue up mechanics properly.
      • Fixed issues with the Retaliate skill.
      • Fixed Steel Body not being a "toggle" skill inside MH.
      • Fixed Silvervine Root Twist not being usable on Great Monsters.



      • Fixed the damage of Curse Explosion to its intended amount.
      • Fixed the curse chance on Curse of the Wicked Sould to its intended amount.
      • Fixed Empty Shadow to properly remove Magic Mirror.



      • Fixed an issue where Critical Amber [M] was giving 1% Critical Damage instead of the intended 3%.
      • Fixed Purple Dragon Plate's Variable Cast Time decrease combo effect.
      • Fixed Soul Reaper Onyx [G] and [L] combo to properly give the intended amount of Eswhoo damage and fixed cast time reduction.
      • Fixed Greed Wand to properly grant an increase to Eswhoo damage.


      Siege and PvP

      • Developer's Note: We're changing the way Siege content is managed. You can check more about what changed and how we're engaging with PvP content in the future in our latest Development Blog.
      • Added a third threshold for WoE Track rewards.
        • Developer's Note: This reward tier will be significantly easier to reach than the 2-point and 3-point tiers. Our goal is to make it extremely unlikely for a participating guild with good attendance to walk out of WoE without track points.
        • Furthermore, while we won't be sharing the exact criteria, we can confirm that Emperium hits, number of Emperium breaks or kills are not part of the current criteria.
      • Removed the Cyr castle from Draft WoE’s rotation.
        • The remaining castles are Mardol and Andlangr.
        • Mardol is set to not overlap with the WoE 1 schedule.
      • Removed most miscellaneous ingredients from General Sotaro’s quests. New recipes:
        • Handkerchief in Mouth: 1 Gentleman's pipe and 3000 Siege Token
        • Challenger’s Blindfold: 1 Blush of Groom and 6000 Siege Token
        • Prismatic Protection Card: 7500 Valor Bagdes and 3500 Siege Tokens
      • Split the Siege Merchant’s shop into two by moving the Costumes into a separate section.
      • Increased Cross Impact’s cooldown from 0.35s to 0.7s in all Siege environments. (previously only Battlegrounds)
      • Increased the area of effect of Heavenly Aegis (Algiz Runestone) from 7x7 to 9x9 in War of Emperium.
      • Altered the behavior of Gate of hell in all Siege game modes.

        • Spirit Sphere cost increased from 2 to 5

        • Implemented a 220ms cooldown

        • Damage increased by +133%

      • Updated the base Recruit Sets. The new base and combo effects are as follows:
        • Recruit’s Beret + Masque: 20% player resistance
        • Recruit’s Robe set: 19% player resistance, 10% HP, 22% range resistance, 10% neutral resistance, 40 MDEF, HP+800
        • Recruit’s Suit set: 20% player resistance, 20% HP, 25% range resistance, 10% neutral resistance, 16 MDEF
        • Recruit’s Plate set: 21% player resistance, 30% HP, 10% range resistance, 10% neutral resistance, 7 MDEF, 8% potion effectiveness
        • Recruit’s Rings + Any Recruit’s Armor: 20% medium resistance, 10% HP
        • Recruit’s Shield: 30% player resistance and 10% resistance to all elements.
      • Added two new Recruit weapons:
        • Recruit’s Mace [0]: If worn with Recruit’s Shield, adds 25% range resistance.
        • Recruit’s Knife [0]: If worn with Recruit’s Shield, adds 10% player resistance.
      • Added a new item: Warlord’s Ring [1]
        • Effects:
          • Reduces damage received from the Neutral and Ghost elements by 6% inside Siege maps.
          • Can only be worn on the right Accessory slot.
        • Purchasable from the Siege Merchant on @go woe for 10k Siege Tokens.

      • Fixed Ensemble and Chorus skills to work even if the performers are in different parties.


      User Feedback

      Recommended Comments

      This was definitely a big hit by the NOVA RO team. finally the game will be fun again for endgamers, who can farm freely in ENDgame instances and get some reward for it. congratulations NOVA <3

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      1 minute ago, Kev said:

      Does the unbound change apply to literally all shadow gears? Not only MH shadow gears? Just confirming.

      All shadow gears, including MH1, MH2, Nightmare Toy Factory, Thanatos Tower Hard and Ancient Laboratory. If you notice any shadow gear that is still bound after maintenance is complete, please file a bug report.

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      Now i can actually start revisiting and farming again for end game


      this is so good for both end game and newbies, especially the first set of mh1 and 2 

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