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  • Patch Notes #180

    • Patch Notes


    • Added a new @go to Ancient Juperos Camp (@go 55).
    • Zoe (Storage Service Catfra) has completed the quest for Ancient Juperos and can now be found at the Juperos Camp map.
    • Lowered the zeny price for Racing Caps Special Enchantments level up.
      • From level 1 to 2: 150,000 zeny (previously 500,000 zeny)
      • From level 2 to 3: 300,000 zeny (previously 1,000,000 zeny)
    • Slightly altered Floor is Lava and Safety Wall Chaos reward thresholds.
    • Nutritionist will now convert items with a shop interface.
    • Added a conversion for +12 Alcohols to the Nutritionist.
    • Honor Tokens are now dropped by mobs inside Invaded Prontera and Prontera Prison.
    • Schwartz's Honor Tokens are now dropped by mobs in the Werner Institute.
    • Shadow Travelers from various places of the world now gather at the Crow's Nest at the top of the Main Office.
    • A failed @go, or typing @go without any parameters will now show a book with all the locations and their numbers, instead of flooding your chat interface.
    •  New Feature Implemented a re-enchant option for Crimson Weapons to Ju (main_office,209,215)
      • Any Crimson weapon with an element will be able to be turned to Neutral element, free of charge.
      • Any Crimson weapon can now have its element changed to any other, by paying a small fee.
    •  New Feature Added a new feature to Betty (main_office,183,98): Global Halter Lead
      • A Global Halter Lead will appear on every character you log in on the same account.
      • To use this feature, you must first purchase a Utility Belt and then provide 3 Halter Leads.
    • Drastically reduced the amount of menus and "nexts" required to operate the Cellphone.
    •  Revert Removed the command @blind.
      • Developer's Note: This change was done for the sake of making skills less customized. Realistically speaking, there's no power shift or annoyances added, as Purification of Sun/Moon/Stars will fully remove the effect, and it's an easier interaction to understand/find out compared to a custom command.
    •  Community Suggestion Shadow Gears can now be signed with Perchik (prt_in,24,61).
    •  Community Suggestion Expanded @view to hide items on the floor with @view flooritems.
    •  Community Suggestion @nodrop will now prevent Shadow Gears from being dropped to the ground.
    •  Community Suggestion Removing Enchantment Stones will now unequip the costume.
    •  Community Suggestion Added a number of consumables to the Endeavor Token Shop:
      • Kafra Cards
      • Token of Siegfried
      • Giant Fly Wing
      • Abrasive
      • Mystical Amplification Scroll
      • Imperfect Almighty (+8 All Stat food)
    •  Community Suggestion Increased the drop rate of some of the Juperos Field drops:
      • Old Gear increased from 1.6% to 2.4%.
      • Ancient Core increased from 2.4% to 3.6%.


    Monster Hunting

    • Currency Wallet can now be used in MH maps.
    • Enabled all Utility Belt functions, except Kafra Cards in MH maps.



    • Crimson Weapons will be added to Item Packager Joe (main_office,87,295) throughout the week.
      • This line will be updated when we do.



    • Added a "Merge All" option to the Utility Belt.
    • Purification of Sun/Moon/Stars will now fully remove the blind effect from SLS Shadow.


    Siege and PvP

    •  Announcement You can read more about the thought process behind most changes listed in our PVP Diary #3.
    • MVP card checks now check your full inventory and cart instead of just equipped items.
    • War of Emperium 2
      • WoE 2 will now occur on Sundays, at 6:00AM server time, following the old KoE timeslot.
      • The first WoE 2 will happen on the second Sunday after the maintenance. (May 15th)
    • Increased the walking speed for stone/supply carriers in Battlegrounds.
    • In Guardian Battle, Stone Control, and Triple Inferno, the amount of badges earned by the losing team will now increase depending on their score, similar to Conquest when the defender loses.
    • Enabled the following equipment in all Siege modes:
      • Temporal Circlets for Rune Knight and Sura.
      • Brilliant Light and Sinful accessories (Horror/Happiness enchants will remain disabled)
      • Noble Mask, Rosary Necklace, Golden Artifact, Silver Artifact.
    • Added a new 10% neutral resist headgear card. Talk to Barricade Architect (hallofvalor,207,181) to learn more.

    •  Community Suggestion WoE Robe now grants 10% HP and no flat HP. Recruit's Robe now also grants HP percentage instead of flat HP.

    • Enabled Mechanic to wear the Rental GTB Shield.

    • Added the corresponding ATK bonus to the Rental GTB Shield to match Purified Knight's Shield.

    • Removed Gate of Hell’s cooldown in all Siege game modes.

    • Lowered the MDEF bypass of 16th Night from 100% to 55% in all Siege game modes.

    • Tiger Cannon’s combo now deals 50% damage to all targets, except the enemy hit by Dragon Combo in all Siege game modes.

      • This does not affect hard cast Tiger Cannon nor Flash Combo.

    • Solar Burst now deals 50% damage to all targets except the enemy hit by Prominence Kick in all Siege game modes.

    •  Community Suggestion Star Emperor's SLS Union will now grant the ability to critical hit in all Siege game modes.

    •  Community Suggestion Lowered the range of Arm Cannon from 14 to 11 cells in all Siege game modes.


    User Feedback

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    1 hour ago, Kazou973 said:

    still not working (relaunch via patcher)

    Ah sorry I was mistaken, the @go 55 will only work after our next maintenance. Apologies. :(

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    No siege rework on GXs or their interaction around Suras CE?
    They are dead now compared to SE.

    Edited by WkOneShot
    Adding “Siege”
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    Ah, this.


    Solar Burst now deals 50% damage to all targets except the enemy hit by Prominence Kick in all Siege game modes.

    no wonder my defensive RK dies alot to SE on today BG, didnt check this patch. 65k x 3 on medium set, spammable.

    while my 30sec ultimate skill halved, my Dragon Howl easely resisted after status effect change. Fear no more./rice we werent able to jump, and now we barely catch ppl haha

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