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  • Patch Notes #187.5

    • Patch Notes


    • Added a [EVT] Trick or Treat Basket recycle system to Sally (hallohub,211,214).
      • You'll be able to recycle 2 of any [EVT] costume hats into a [EVT] '22 Trick or Treat Basket.
    • Added Wandering Spirits and Creepy Critters to all 17.2 dungeons and Ancient Juperos field maps.



    •  New Feature Added New Daily Calendars.



    unknown (1).png

    (Tabby Coin is a new currency that will soon be obtainable through Automated Events, and Battle Coffer has 750 Valor Badges and 250 Siege Tokens inside of it)

    •  New Feature Added Tombola's Weekly Raffle. (from Oct. 11th)
      • Every Tuesday, 10 random names are drawn. Winners will obtain the following items:
        • 1st place: 10 Refinement Packs
        • 2nd place: 7 Refinement Packs
        • 3rd place: 5 Refinement Packs
        • 4th~10th place: 2 Refinement Packs
      • Players will be automatically entered in the raffle when they complete the 'Complete ALL' Weekly Quest.
    •  New Feature Added a recycle system to Temporal Boots.
      • The recycle can be done by talking to Hugin's Butler (glast_01,209,273) and bringing a fully enchanted Temporal Boots.
      • You'll receive the following catalysts back, at random:
        • 2~8 Temporal Crystal
        • 50~200 Contaminated Magic
        • 50~200 Coagulated Spell
    • All headgears from Bio 5 (Old series) and Glast Heim: Challenge Mode (Circlet series) are now fully unbound.
    • Added Zaedronath Egg to Betty Blanca (main_office,287,274).
    • Added Zaedronath and Angnar as Monster Templates.
    • The Advanced Purified Enchantment options for Ronan [ Knight's Shield ] NPC has had it's Gold Coin requirements removed.
      • The new costs are as follows:
        • Option 1: 1 Gold Angel Idol and 15,000,000 Zeny
        • Option 2: 2 Gold Angel Idol and 1,000,000 Zeny


    Monster Hunting

    • Added Zaedronath items to the Hunter Chest. (from Oct. 6th)
    • Added Zaedronath Shadow Orb to the Currency Wallet. (from Oct. 6th)

    • Zaedronath now announces who got a Silver Gem or Shattered Silver Gem.

    • Changes to Mining level 3:

      • A 'Great Success' now no longer drops Tier 1 materials (Aetherite, Obsidian or Mithril).

      • Amounts of items gained while mining have slightly increased.

    • Changes to Gather-rings:

      • The chance to spawn from their appropriate resource from interacting has now been normalized regardless of your gathering level.

        • These chances used to scale according to your gathering level.

      • The amount of items dropped from a gather-ing is now dependent on your gathering level.

        • At level three, all the amounts have been increased.

      • Stonering:

        • No longer drops Tier 1 materials (Aetherite, Obsidian or Mithril).

      • Sproutring:

        • No longer drops Medicinal Herb, Blue Mushroom, Citron, Might Seed or Adamant Seeds.

      • Aquaring:

        • No longer drops Small Fish (Small Octopus, Charmed Carp, Swordfish, Tough Fish, Baby Squid, Strong Mackarel).

        • Now additionally drops Slimy Eel.

    • Zone 10 no longer spawns Death Cap, Brown Bear or Ogre.

    • Increased the amount of mobs spawned during Expeditions.

    • Enabled a handful of items as duplicate IDs for already enabled items and a handful of non-MH boxes such as class catalysts and HD ore boxes.

    •  New Feature Lisbeth in the back of The Wyvern has a new function called "Bone Sculpting"

      • Using Primal Monster Energy, it is now possible to craft:

        • Primal Monster Bone

        • Bone Fragment

        • Primal Skull

      • Additionally, her tag has changed from [ Shadow Orb ] to [ Monster Energy ]

    •  Bug Fix Fixed Zaedronath's Typhoon mechanic to properly activate.

    •  Bug Fix Fixed the location of some Gathering nodes.



    •  Bug Fix A number of SGs that could not be refined can now be properly refined.
    •  Bug Fix Fixed Illusion Bazerald's level requirement.
    •  Bug Fix Fixed Arrow Shadow Boots' and Tornado Shadow Greaves SP cost reduction bonus.
    •  Bug Fix Fixed Magic Paradise Ring's Cast Time reduction bonuses.


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    On 10/22/2022 at 9:52 PM, Nova said:

    No? What makes you think that?

    Yeah a lot of people including me feeling refine rate is unusual make them thinking there might be a problem

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    On 10/22/2022 at 8:52 PM, Nova said:

    No? What makes you think that?

    Many of us failed multiple time, not once or twice but more than 6/7 times with enriched elunium from 4 to 5 which normally has 90% success rate.

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    1 hour ago, Kazou973 said:

    Many of us failed multiple time, not once or twice but more than 6/7 times with enriched elunium from 4 to 5 which normally has 90% success rate.

    90% success doesnt mean 100% you're probably unlucky and got the 10%

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    12 hours ago, TheRealRG said:

    90% success doesnt mean 100% you're probably unlucky and got the 10%

    well I know it's all about RNG, but I have many testimonies  from others players that SG from Zaedronath is quite different concerning the refinement.


    90% doesn't mean 100% indeed, and my stats concerning +4 to +5 is quite unlikely (not impossible) and not talking about to +5 to +6 (10 tries with enriched at 70% success rate). I even make other SG from Zaedronath to check it out, and the result of failing at early refine is quite high with enriched ore.
    I don't have the data of 100 000 refining to backup my statement, it's all about feeling, so I cannot justify at 100% my statement about the refinement bug.


    But I have testomonies from others players saying about their failing rate specially at early refines with enriched ores are quite odd from latest SG.


    And strangely, when I made a class set SG from Angnar, I didn't have this issue about refining at early level with enriched ore.


    I don't have access on the server data and I don't have the fund to make tons of refining, so it's all about my "feeling" and testimonies from others. I might be wrong but it is not bad for the staff to check it out in case if it's really the case.


    And since there was a bugfix about numbers of SG which couldn't be refined properly (unrelated to my issue apparentely), it would be great to check up.


    My first assumption would be that enriched eluniums are considered as normal elunium refinement rate.

    Edited by Kazou973
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    Refining on these pieces of equipment is working just fine, you just had bad luck. I never doubted this, but regardless we sent some testers and further confirmed it.

    Humans are famously bad at interpreting percentages, 10% is not that low a chance.

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    2 hours ago, Vico Kroko said:

    How the raffle works?

    Every player who finished their weeklies the previous week is automatically signed up. 10 winners are picked at random on Tuesday.

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