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  • Patch Notes #192

    • Patch Notes


    • Added RES and MRES as options on the Training Chamber.
    •  Community Suggestion Revamped the Diamond Merchant to use the shop interface whenever possible.
    •  Community Suggestion Added a Quest Skip Book for Nidhogg's Nest.
    •  Community Suggestion Added a confirmation prompt when trying to exit Geffen Night Arena early.
    •  Community Suggestion You will no longer teleport directly into a Warp Portal.
    •  Community Suggestion Added a quantity option when trading Gray Shards for Thanatos Weapons.
    •  Community Suggestion Training dummies inside the Training Chamber should now be indestructible.
    •  Community Suggestion You are no longer required to kill the exact amount of mobs in Bios Island.
    •  Bug Fix Traits are no longer calculated in MH and PvP maps.
    •  Bug Fix Fixed an issue where Shadow Gears could be refined past +10.
      • Developer's Note: Thankfully we caught this issue early, and only one piece had been affected. It has since been reverted back to +10.



    •  Bug Fix Fixed Tiger Shadow Weapon and Sura Shadow Shield combo.
    •  Bug Fix Fixed Magic Absorber and Mental Condenser combo effect.
    •  Bug Fix Fixed Illusion Ancient Dagger and Illusion Guard autocast combo behavior.

    •  Bug Fix Fixed activation rate for Arena Fay Kanavian Card from 0.1% to 2%.



    •  Bug Fix Fixed Venom Swamp's effect to not apply to boss monsters.
    •  Bug Fix Assumptio can now be used alongside with Kaite.
    •  Bug Fix Nosiege/Refresh no longer removes nor prevents Poison.
    •  Bug Fix Soul Ascetic Heaven and Earth will now give the SP refill to party members upon usage.
    •  Bug Fix Added Hell Dusty to Hell Tree Biolo summon.
    •  Bug Fix Fixed damage formula for Twinkling Galaxy and Star Cannon.
    •  Bug Fix All in the Sky is now a melee physical attack rather than a ranged attack.
    •  Bug Fix Hogogong Strike is now a ranged physical attack rather than a melee attack.
    •  Bug Fix When mounting a dragon and having the Dragon Training passive, spear size penalty will now be correctly removed.
    •  Bug Fix DEF piercing skills, such as Cart Cannon and Dragon's Breath now ignore RES from mobs.
    •  Bug Fix Fixed a bug where elemental bonuses were not being calculated correctly for physical attacks.


    Siege and PvP

    •  Bug Fix Old BG Elemental Converters can now be used in WoE.


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    11 hours ago, mem said:

    Can you double check if disabling tp to warp portal is working correctly? I tp'd to wp twice today.

    We'll be looking into this soon.

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