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  • Patch Notes (crash) #149

    • Patch Notes




    • Please note that after this patch you will need to patch in order to log in, if you do not patch you will not be able to connect to the live server. If for whatever you're incapable of running the patcher please download the following zip file and extract it to your NovaRO folder:
    • This patch notes include changes from the reset on 2020-11-15, indicated by an asterisk (*).
    • * Weekly Quests will no longer be available to characters under level 175.
    • * Added 'Treasure Hunt' and 'Item Hunt' to the Utilities' menu on the Cell Phone.
    • Items from the Item Hunt Weekly Quest are now storable. Items from previous weeks will get deleted every Tuesday Weekly reset.
    • Added a 7-day Cellphone to the Novice Pack.
    • Training Chamber changes:
      • Defaulted all stats to 1.
      • Merged Element and Element Level displays. You can still change both separately.
      • Added Damage Variance option to the Support NPC.
        • Allows you to set your damage to always do maximum, minimum or average.
      •  Community Suggestion Added INT and Monster Level to the Monster Creator options.
      •  Community Suggestion Added a custom input option for every applicable value.
        • Developer's Note: We removed some previous set values from the menus, as they became redundant with this new option.





    • * Fixed Gate of Hell having more delay than intended outside PvP maps.


    War of Emperium and Battlegrounds

    •  Siege Commissioners Changed the way the grace period works in BG.
      • Players will now have a 3-second invulnerability window where they can move until they attack, use a skill or use an item.
    •  Siege Commissioners * Enabled Soutanes in Siege game modes. Their enchantments (Stat Blessings) will remain disabled.
      • Str Soutane
      • Agi Soutane
      • Vit Soutane
      • Int Soutane
      • Dex Soutane
      • Luk Soutane
    •  Siege Commissioners * Enabled the new batch of GC/Endeavor Token hats on Siege game modes. The fixed cast time reduction will remain disabled.
      • Chung Cap
      • Antiquity Cap
      • Stripe Cap
      • Clark Sidecap
      • Ceremonial Crown
      • Celestial Coronet
      • Red Coronet


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    * Weekly Quests will no longer be available to characters under level 175.

    Does that mean that if I'm playing on a character below level 175, I must change to a character which is level 175 or higher when it's time to pick my daily reward? I ask that because of the new weekly which gives 1 BSB if you redeem your daily rewards 4 times within the week.

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    I noticed the new weekly item hunt drops are not stacking with the ones I already had looted.

    Will the old ones still work or do I have to get the full amount required from the start after the patch?

    I'm asking because I had a quest almost done (I was only missing like 5 drops) and I really don't wanna do it again if possible lol

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    1 hour ago, Nova said:

    I believe for this week you'll be able to get the ones you had already looted. Try it out!

    I definitely looted different ones when I tried a few hours ago. Like I said, they are not stacking.

    Interestingly I can store both type of items.

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