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Unimplemented Item Submission:

This form was created as a way for players to submit the IDs of items that have not yet been implemented in NovaRO. Please provide the item ID and a short description of how it is obtained officially.

Note that this is NOT a guarantee that the item(s) will be implemented.


  • Nova
    • Patch Notes

    Arena Update:

    Having seen this week's Arena of the Abyss, it is abundantly clear that in the current landscape, it is too temping to simply avoid competition by picking the less active Arena. We will be consolidating Arena of the Abyss to a single event, taking place at 08:00AM (PST) on Sunday. This weekend morning time slot has shown itself to support a healthy competition.

    As always we will be keeping an eye on it, as well as looking to open the second time slot back up when we see it can support its own competition.



      • Updated a number of mobs drop rates to more accurately reflect their kRO values.
      • Added Clubs to the forums (New feature for guilds to make private groups)
      • Updated the forums to IPS Community Suite 4.2.0 Beta: 


      • Fixed a bug with the Piamette's Blue Ears script.
      • Made the Iris item tradeable.

      War of Emperium Changes


      New Castle Rotation




      • Beginning in June, 2nd WoE will be at 18:00 instead of 17:00.
      • Increased the participation and winner rewards for 2nd WoE.
      • Removed Hall of the Abyss access for the winners of 2nd WoE.

      Arena of the Abyss

      • Created a new Arena of the Abyss wiki page with details about the Arena: https://www.novaragnarok.com/wiki/Arena_of_the_Abyss
      • Guilds are now able to enter as a group when the guild leader speaks to the Arena Gatekeeper.
        • 3 minute cooldown.
      • Added additional checks to prevent unintended rewards.
      • BG Light Blue Potions now work inside the Arena of the Abyss.
      • Removed several problematic MvPs.
      • Reduced the amount of normal monsters inside the Arena of the Abyss.
      • Fixed a bug causing multiple MvPs to spawn at once inside the Arena of the Abyss.
      • Emergency Call is now disabled inside the Arena of the Abyss.
      • MvP health has been lowered inside the Arena of the Abyss.
      • Beginning in June, 2nd Arena of the Abyss will be at 18:00 instead of 17:00.

      Edited by Nova

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      1 minute ago, Tokeiburu said:


      1001-1374 included

      1658-1722 included


      We'll keep updating all the mob drops as the weeks go on.


      Sweet thanks.

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      They were already all supposed to be updated but there was a mistake in a previous patch where they actually didn't update at all. So we're starting to update them over again slowly.

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      It might be due to the issue with the forum change but seems I can longer log in unless I have the remember me option marked.

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      drops at geffenia got nerf after the patch we miss the old nova ro geffenia so hard to farm now can we change it back like before?

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