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    Patch Notes

    • Patch Notes


    Summer Festival

    • Re-added the Summer Festival Crate to the Cash Shop
      • Headgears inside: 18663, 5397, 18664, 18891, 18645, 29627, 29629
    • Increased chances of obtaining hats from Plushie Dolls.
    • Added an additional Plushie Claw machine at summer02,173,258
    • Increased the Plushie Claw play-range.
    • Slightly altered the Fishing turn-in amounts.
    • Made Shovels less likely to break.
    • Increased number of digging nodes during Digging Frenzy.
    • Made the high level nodes more common during Digging Frenzy.
    • Removed a lot of incorrect mobs from Monster Trivia.


    • Re-enabled RODEX.
    • Rotated Gramps.
    • Added new Summer/16.1 items to the Market section of the website.
    • Fixed a bug where getting too much ASPD would bring you into lower values.


    • Anti Material Blast no longer affects neutral reductions.

    • Invisibility now gives a proper +100 Crit bonus, rather than a +100%.

    • Shattering Storm Fixed Cast Time has been reduced to 1 second.

    • Severe Rainstorm no longer applies a casting animation on multiple hits.

    • Increased Crazy Weed's AoE size to reflect official values.

    • Removing a visual cell from Bloody Lust and Chaos Panic using a land-clear effect now entirely removes the skill from the ground.

    • Bloody Lust:

      • Now has 1 second Fixed Cast Time.

      • Now lasts 5/10/15 seconds based on level.

      • Now affects hidden targets.


    • Made the following Infinity Space monsters no longer mini-boss:
      • Infinite Chimera

      • Infinite Eclipse

      • Infinite Toad

      • Infinite Vagabond Wolf

      • Infinite Vocal


    • Fixed Abusive Robe's armor piercing effect.
    • Temporal Boot ASPD enchants are now a level higher.
      • All existing Temporal Boots with ASPD enchants have been updated to have the proper, higher level enchant.
    • Neko Mimi Kafra now properly applies negative status effects on enemies attacking you.
    • Updated Sarah's Earings enchant names to be Fatal rather than Critical for more clarity.
    • Ebone Armor can now be worn by any 3rd class job.
    • Updated Ifrit Mask's effect to reflect the official effect.
    • Ordinary Black Magician Hat now properly gives its 5% MATK bonus at +9.


    Edited by Nova

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    User Feedback

    Recommended Comments

    Might be an error in patch notes. 


    Banishing buster FCT has been reduced to 1s, not Shattering Storm [which already was at 1s supposedly from what you posted in the bug report].

    Renovated Amdarais soul breaker fix not included, but presumably already in game [marked as fixed for next maint before this maint].

    Edited by Nightcore Run

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    On ‎04‎/‎07‎/‎2017 at 6:47 PM, Midnight said:

    hmmm my +9 OBMH still adds just +10 MATK from card


    Same here, it seems that it has not been fixed yet. Should I make another report ?

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