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    Patch Notes

    • Patch Notes




    Summer Festival

    • The Summer Festival has ended, catch it again next year!
      • The Festival King will remain in Prontera to exchange your coins for items for a few more days.


    • Fixed a char-server issue that would crash us.
    • Fixed an issue where resetting would set your hotkeys to level 1.
    • Upgraded the Marriage process in order to make it fool-proof.
    • MATK on the right side in the status window will now only display weapon MATK.
    • The Sign Quest will show the amount of time you have to wait before speaking with the NPC again.
    • @restock now shows you how many items remain in your storage.
    • Confusion is no longer removed upon taking damage.
    • The Claw will now rotate its headgears on the 1st and 15th of every month as opposed to only on the 1st.
    • Fixed RK's One-Handed Spear's ASPD.
    • Fixed Rebellion's Revolver ASPD.
    • Fixed Doram ASPD.


    • Thanks to the help of our very own GM @Zino, we've been gathering information from kRO by the truckload!
    • Asir Rune now applies the base 70 ATK bonus despite not having a party.
    • Fixed the interaction between Dispel/Banishing Buster/Clearance and a lot of status effects.
    • Corrected Sorcerer's Elemental flee calculation.
    • Fixed an issue where Weapon Element was incorrectly boosting the Status Attack of skills.
      • (Weapon element should only affect Weapon Attack)
    • Summoner Updates:
      • su_tunabelly.png Tuna Belly: 
        • Removed variable cast time.
        • Added fixed cast time.
        • Updated cooldown.
      • su_lunaticcarrotbeat.png Lunatic Carrot Beat:
        • Removed variable cast time.
        • Added fixed cast time.
      • su_scaroftarou.png Scar of Tarou:
        • Removed variable cast time.
        • Added fixed cast time.
        • Updated cooldown.
      • su_sv_stemspear.png Silvervine Stem Spear:
        • Updated variable cast time.
        • Updated fixed cast time.
        • Updated cooldown.
      • su_bunchofshrimp.png Bunch of Shrimp:
        • Fixed cast time.
        • Now heals allies you cast it on.
      • su_cn_meteor.png Updated Catnip Meteor's cast time.
      • su_arclousedash.png Updated Arclouse Dash's cooldown.
      • su_lope.png Fixed Lope's interaction with obstacles.
    • rl_p_alter.png Added a weight check to the Pharmacy skill.
    • rl_p_alter.png Rogue's Soul Link now also protects you from Banishing Buster.
    • rl_p_alter.png Corrected Elemental Cure healing behavior:
      • The HP/SP heal should be based on the caster's current HP/SP, not the Elemental's max HP/SP.
    • Wind_Insignia.png Level 2 Wind Insignia now gives a +10% ASPD bonus.
    • rl_p_alter.png Hell's Plant can no longer miss targets.
    • rl_p_alter.png Tiger Cannon's non-fixed damage can now miss.
    • Kunai_Splash.png Fixed an issue where Kunai Splash's damage was not taking into account Weapon ATK given by gear.
    • rl_p_alter.png SLS Shadow now gives the proper amount of ASPD.
    • rl_p_alter.png Fixed Overbrand's damage to more accurately reflect kRO's values.
    • rl_p_alter.png Mechanics now have to be standing in a valid cell of their own Neutral Barrier for the effect to affect them.
    • rl_p_alter.png ASPD no longer affects the speed/delay on Dragon Combo.
    • rl_p_alter.png Mechanic FAWs are no longer killable outside of PvP/BG/WoE maps by fellow players.
    • rl_p_alter.png Platinum Altar:
      • Fixed the cast time to match kRO.
      • Fixed the damage boost to match kRO.
      • Losing the shield will no longer remove the damage boost.
    • rl_p_alter.png Dragon Tail no longer hits hidden targets.
    • rl_p_alter.png Fire Rain now properly removes entire ground units, not just the cells it touches.
    • rl_p_alter.png Prestige no longer removes Inspiration.
    • rl_p_alter.png Rampage Blaster's damage has been fixed to match with kRO.
    • rl_p_alter.png Highness Heal:
      • The heal formula now matches with kRO.
      • The heal amount is no longer affected by the level of the Heal skill.
      • Meditatio works with Highness Heal.


    • Added Balloon Bag to the Cash Shop for 6,000 Cash Points.


    • Implemented a new Headgear quest.
      • 5140.png.d536d83ae8911c13ae27f9b21cddc2f0.pngCharming Ribbon (Splendide 212/294)
    • Removed trade restrictions from all "Cannot Drop, Cannot Mail, Cannot Place in Guild Storage, Cannot Sell to NPC" items.
      • (Only the ones with these 4 very specific restrictions)
    • Waterdroop Brooch now gives +1% Max HP instead of +80 Max HP.
    • Renamed all of the Rune Knight Runestones server-side so that the scripts match up with the in-game names.
    • Doram weapons have been adjusted to match up with kRO.
    • The names of the Doram weapons have been updated.
    • Black Frame Glasses [1] now require players to be level 70 before they can be equipped.


    • When relogging in the following instances, players will now stay inside the instance map:
      This update has been reverted, it will be back on the next maintenance!
    • Buwaya Cave's teleport will no longer warp you to invalid cells.


    • Adjusted Kimi's skills (removed Dispell).
    • Torturous Redeemer's element has been changed to Earth 3.

    War of Emperium

    • Draft WoE now applies +20 and +10 food buffs to all players inside the castle during WoE.
    • Implemented a registration system for MBK Guilds which you can find over at @go woe:
      • Mindbreaker will no longer be able to be used inside WoE Castles if you are not registered as an MBK Guild.
      • Only one member of each MBK Guild is allowed inside the castle.
      • Only Sorcerers and Swordman classes of an MBK Guild can enter the castle.
      • Registered MBK Guild members inside the guild count towards the WoE Guild Cap.
      • If the MBK member meets WoE activity pre-requisites, he or she will be rewarded as if they were a member of the main guild.
      • WoE 1 guild cap has been increased to accommodate this change: Guild Cap 31 or 30 + 1 MBK
      • WoE 2 guild cap remains unchanged: Guild Cap 18 or 17 + 1 MBK
      • You can find the NPC over at prontera 156/285


    • Greatly reduced the prices of the food materials sold by the Battlegrounds Cook in order to make them more reasonable.



    Edited by Nova

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    User Feedback

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    Rune Asir should give +70 atk, regardless of whether you are in the party or not? If it is so then it gives only 7 atk but in party give 70 atk. This is normal?

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    Mechanic FAWs are no longer killable outside of PvP/BG/WoE maps by fellow players.




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    20 minutes ago, iHateAllxD said:

    Nice cat dead!

    Dude, cats was stupidly OP and broken. Everyone wanted this update, except cats I guess. Glad it's fixed, nice updates!

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