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    Patch Notes

    • Patch Notes


      • Rotated Gramps.

      • Re-made the Brasilis hub.

      • Added a Stylist to Brasilis.

      • Implemented the @partyinfo/@pi command, which tells you information about your online party members.

        • zTfhmh4.png

      • Fixed an issue where the Malangdo Shopkeeper would not speak with Dorams.

      • Re-worked The Claw headgear machine to progressively go through its list of headgears, rather than select 4 at random each time.

      • Pruned the names of characters below level 99 whose accounts had not been logged into for more than 6 months.

      • Fixed the spelling of Schwarzwald Republic on every quest.

      • Reduced the decarding cost from 1.5m to 1.25m.

      • Fixed an issue where refining your own forged weapon resulted in too many Blacksmith points.

      • Implemented a change to reduce client crashes inside of the Faceworm's Nest instance.

      • Fixed the small lagspike that ocurred at 00:00 (Midnight).

      • @restock will now mark items that you are low on in red.

      Excellion Changes

      • Sped up a number of the cutscenes in the Charleston Crisis instance.
      • Players will now be able to obtain their rewards from Charleston Instance before the end-of-instance cutscene is finished.
      • Added a 'Hurry' option to a number of the instance cutscenes.
      • Reduced Step's and Kick and Kick's drop rate of Old Fuel Tank from 1% to .8% and Kick and Kick's Huge Metal Scrap from 1% to .8%.
      • Increased end of instance Old Fuel Tank/Huge Metal Scrap rewards from 1 to 2~4.

      Episode 16.1 Quest Changes

      • Added a warp to the Warper to send you to the Prontera Underground Prison.
      • Increased the rewards for the following dailies:
        • The Royal Richard: 4 Honor Tokens -> 8 Honor Tokens
        • Underground Prison:

          • Refreshing Prison Life (Mistress): 4 Honor Tokens -> 6 Honor Tokens

          • To My Beloved Fellow (Drake): 4 Honor Tokens -> 6 Honor Tokens

          • Lowly Standards (Dracula): 4 Honor Tokens -> 6 Honor Tokens

          • Bothersome Little Thing (Stormy Knight): 4 Honor Tokens -> 6 Honor Tokens

          • Finding Lights (Baphomet): 4 Honor Tokens -> 6 Honor Tokens

        • Chief Guard requests:

          • Any of them: 4 Honor Tokens -> 7 Honor Tokens

        • The Dress Dilemma: 4 Honor Tokens -> 6 Honor Tokens

        • The Maid: 4 Honor Tokens -> 8 Honor Tokens

      • Reduced the amount of Illusion Flowers required in the Dress Dilemma Quest from 5 to 2.

      • Collecting Dishes quest will no longer calculate item drop individually on each party member.

        • Instead, only the Dish killer will get the item.

      • Increased the number of Frozen Wolves that spawn in the prt_prison map from 20 to 30.


      • Amstir's Defense skill no longer shows its visual effect on its owner.
      • Fixed a bug where Ominous Moonlight could crash players.
      • Wall of Thorns is now a player-targeted skill, rather than a ground skill.
      • Players who cast Basilica will no longer be able to walk until the skill duration ends.
      • Players with the Berserk status effect will no longer be able to recover HP with drain HP gear.
      • Slaves will now keep attacking even if the boss or MVP is in a trap.
      • Flash Combo will now execute Tiger Cannon even if the target died from Dragon Combo or Fallen Empire.
      • Cross Impact's Global Cooldown is now affected by bragi.
      • Fixed a bug where the Divest FAW skill was not working.
      • Heat Barrel, Madness Canceller and Platinum Altar can no longer be used at the same time.
      • Ice Bound Trap's freezing effect is no longer reduced by stats.
      • Sensitive Keen no longer breaks all traps on screen, instead only the ones the Ranger is trapped by.
      • Sensitive Keen can now break traps created by Shadow Chaser's Escape.



      • Updated the drop rates for the mobs in lasa_dun03

      DR_BASILISK3.gif Charge Basilisk (3504) 

      • 22985.png Basil (ID 22985) - Increased from 10% to 100%
      • 6224.png Bradium (ID 6224) - Increased from 2% to 25%
      • 607.png Yggdrasil Berry (ID 607) - Increased from 1% to 3% 
      • 984 Oridecon (ID 984) - Added at 10%
      • 603 Old Blue Box (ID 603) - Added at 5%
      • 22085.png Doram Elegant Shoes [1] (ID 22085) - Increased from 0.10% to 2%
      • 1697 Elaborate Yellow Foxtail Replica [1] (ID 1697) - Increased from 0.10% to 1%
      • Removed Yggdrasil Seed, Shining Scale and Magic Foxtail Staff from drops.


      DR_POM_SPIDER.gif Fruit Pom Spider (3507) 

      • 1693 Magic Yellow Foxtail Staff [1] (ID 1693) - Added at 1%
      • 15156.png Doram Elegant Suit [1] (ID 15156) - Increased from 0.10% to 1%
      • 617 Old Purple Box (ID 617) - Increased from 1% to 2%
      • 1042.png Bug Leg (ID 1042) - Increased from 25% to 100%
      • 12573.png Fruit Basket (ID 12573) - Added at 25%


      • Non-Trans 3rd classes and Baby 3rd classes will now be able to wear Trans-only equipment.
      • Siege Equipment now works properly in the new towns.
      • Rune Strawberry Cake, Schwartzwald Pine Jubilee, and Arunafeltz Desert Sandwich no longer get dispelled in MH and BG.
      • Updated Gigantic Blade's script and item description to more accurately reflect its kRO stats.
      • Updated Aries Crown's script and item description to more accurately reflect its kRO stats.
      • Berserk Guitar now gives the user 190 fixed ASPD.
      • Eden Hats are no longer bound.
      • Fixed a bug where Christmas Cookie Hat costume was giving stats.
      • Sigrun's Wings now properly give +1 ASPD to Taekwon Masters.
      • Fixed Bijou Card's effect.
      • Added the following items to Mayomayo, the Malangdo Enchanter:


      • Gajomart and Am Mut no longer spawn outside of Guild Dungeons.
      • Normalized the DEF and MDEF values of the Training Dummies in Prontera, for more accurate testing.
      • Dark Faceworms are now miniboss type.


      • Adjusted Battleground Cook's food prices.
      • Removed Cyr from the Conquest rotation.

      War of Emperium

      • Changed Draft WoE Castle from arug_cas05 (Bandis) to prtg_cas01 (Kriemhild)
      • siege.png Rebalanced Siege Token rewards:
        • Battlegrounds Siege token cap was decreased from 1,500 to 1,200.
        • Draft WoE will now be rewarded 500 Siege Tokens to every participant.
        • WoE Reward RODEX duration has been lengthened from 2 days to 6.
        • Players in WoE will now be given a Siege Coin reward at the end of WoE for every minute their guild defended the castle.
          • WoE1:
            • 25 Tokens per minute for the winning guild.
            • 15 Tokens per minute for the losing guilds.
            • Siege Tokens for WoE1 are capped at 1,750.
            • (Decreased win rewards from 750 Siege Tokens to 250)
          • WoE2:
            • 20 Tokens per minute for the winning guild.
            • 10 Tokens per minute for the losing guilds.
            • Siege Tokens for WoE1 are capped at 1,300.
            • (Decreased win rewards from 300 Siege Tokens to 100)
      • Added the Warlord's Treasure to the WoE Siege Shop for 100 Siege Tokens.
        • High chance of getting Speed Potion (15)
        • Medium chance of getting WoE Violet Potion Box (50)
        • Low chance of getting Yggdrasil Seed (3)
        • Low chance of getting Yggdrasil Berry (2)
        • Very low chance of getting one of the following costume headgears (Item IDs 29876~29883):
        • hats.png
      • Implemented General Sotaro, who has two headgear quests requiring Siege Tokens (you can find the NPC over at @go woe).
        • 5101.png Challenger's Blindfold (+5% Demi-Human resistance)
        • 18670.png Handkerchief in Mouth (+3% Demi-Human resistance)

      Edited by Nova

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      so Rune Knight's Berserk, can't recover hp with Rideword hat and Blood sucker?Insert other media

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      Why the hell did you increase honor token income? People complain how hard is to do +10 so you increase the reward 6 months after the update? Yes it was as hard as getting an mvp card and so What? Only mvp card should be rare? Now you have excellion suits if you want a decent dps armor.


      I wasted 5b to get my +10 and by increasing the reward by 50% (average increase on the efficient quest) you made me lose ~2b in item worth.


      Yes I belong to the 0.1% who is actually pissed by this change, the one you don't hear complaining on the 16.1 thread because they actually worked their asses out to get what they want





      Edited by Howard

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      Well the changes on sky fortress also changes everything ... doram magic classes becomes dumb and then this... everything updates and changes so expect the unexpected every patch

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      No, GMs here used to do such drastic change only for two reasons :

      Else its a to follow Kro mechanic (such as sky fortress tickets, dorams, etc...)

      Or else its right after the maintenance to adjust the drop rate to the server rate and to avoid abuse (like they did on charleston excellion or few days after 16.1).


      Here, GM have changed the honor token rewards 6 months after the maintenance, impacting the economy heavily because some ppl were QQing. They had no reasons to do that.


      @nova you'r too busy to reply?

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      Only a number of unpopular quests got boosted rewards, and this was in exchange for making dish multi-clienting impossible.

      A single person cheesing dishes with 12 clients could get 48 tokens for an extremely short amount of time and effort.

      Because of this, overall number of tokens in the market should likely remain similar outside of some renewed interest from people who see the changes and are motivated to run the quests.

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      Trascended super novice are considered 3rd class? sry since im not sure about this lol.

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