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    • Patch Notes


      • The @savealoot and @loadaloot settings are now account based instead of character based.
        • You can also enable these commands on login (it will select the first autoloot list).
      • Fixed a bug in Poring Finder that was resulting in it ending too early.
      • Added an option to exchange multiple Temporal Crystals to Temporal Boots at a time.
      • Added 5 more hairstyles to each gender:
      • 4zPk4gW.png y3dcCOj.png EBkXpzg.png HRpcADG.png As1NjLm.png
        kTTFAnL.png 35UCooJ.png 8ukHcvL.png 4lbGBMM.png JmuLo6o.png
      • Added a Stylist to the following towns:
        • Morroc
        • Geffen
        • Payon
        • Alberta
        • Izlude
      • The party breaking mechanic for the party leader has been reworked:
        • Leaving the party as a leader in an instance or Gramps will give the leadership to a random online party member.
        • Leaving the party as leader when no members are inside an instance or Gramps will cause the party to break immediately.
      • A message will now be displayed when your homunculus dies and it will give you the reason why.
      • The pet and homunculus speed will now match their owners.
      • Fixed an issue where skills in the two stray hotkey shortcuts were not saving when switching gears.
      • Fixed a bug with one of the Lasagna NPCs that would get you stuck when speaking with it.
      • Updated the ban system to display the duration of the ban to the player.
      • Fixed some Gunslinger quests to allow them to work with Rebellions as well.
      • Ticket System Update:
        • Players will now be able to relog back inside of all instances listed below.
        • Relogging while dead inside of one of the instances listed below will cause you to return to the instance dead.
        • Reduced the number of tickets from 3 to 2 for players in a party with more than one person, and 1 for solo players.
      Instance Name Ticket Amount (party) Ticket Amount (solo) Able to Relog Inside
      Nightmarish Jitterbug 2 1 Yes
      Old Glast Heim Normal 2 1 Yes
      Old Glast Heim Hard 2 1 Yes
      Airship Assault - - Yes
      Sarah's Memories - - Yes
      Endless Tower (Free Re-entry) (Free Re-entry) Yes
      Endless Cellar (Free Re-entry) (Free Re-entry) Yes
      Last Room - - Yes
      Central Laboratory - - Yes
      Bios Island 2 1 Yes
      Morse Cave (Free Re-entry) (Free Re-entry) Yes
      Demon God 2 1 Yes
      Sky Fortress 2 1 Yes
      Devil's Tower - - Yes
      Faceworm's Nest 2 1 Yes
      Horror Toy Factory 2 1 Yes
      Wolfchev Laboratory 2 1 Yes
      Hazy Forest (Free Re-entry) (Free Re-entry) Yes


      • Added the following cards:
        • Airship Assault
            • Airship Raid Card
            • Captain Ferlock Card
          • Sarah and Fenrir:
            • Gigantes Card
          • Geffen Magic Tournament
            • Arhi Card
            • Dio Anemos Card
            • Geffen Gangster Card
            • Geffen Bully Card
            • Geffen Shoplifter Card
            • Faymont Card
            • Ordre Card
            • Blut Hase Card
            • Kuro Akuma Card
            • Ifodes Card
            • Licheni Card
            • Odoric Card
            • Ju Card
            • Dwigh Card
            • Fay Kanavian Card
          • Devil's Tower
            • Evil Shadow Card
            • Evil Believer Card





        • Illusion Doping should no longer apply effects from gears and cards.
        • Shadow Chaser Changes:
          • Auto Shadow Spell can now be activated using bows.
          • The maximum level of skills casted through Auto Shadow Spell has been increased from 5 to 7.
          • Reproduce SP cost decreased from +100% to +30%.
        • Added the adoption skills to Baby Summoner, Baby Ninja, Baby Kagerou, Baby Oboro, Baby Taekwon, Baby Star Gladiator, Baby Soul Linker, Baby Gunslinger and Baby Rebellion.
          • If you are adopted on one of these classes, you will need to PM @Tokeiburu on Discord or in the forums to regain your skills (don't forget to include your in-game name!).
        • Acid Demonstration changes:
          • Status attack should not do attribute fixes (Ghostring does not reduce this damage).
          • The magic attack part does a card fix (treated as a misc skill). This card fix does include both elemental and race reductions, Ghostring and Demi-Human resistances).
          • The magic attack part does NOT do any attribute fixes to forced neutral.
          • An attribute fix to forced neutral is done from both the matk and atk damage combined (that part did not change) and should only be done once.
          • There was an extra attribute fix to forced neutral being wrongly applied (now removed).
          • Only the attack part of the damage is reduced by Defender. The matk part does the full damage.
        • Fire Expansion Lv. 5 behavior has been modified to match Acid Demonstration.
        • When walking on a song (such as Bragi, Assassin Cross of Sunset, etc), the status will only be applied if you have a weaker version of the buff. The change does not affect the remaining duration of your buff; this means if you had 5 seconds left and you walk on a weaker song version, you will have another 20 seconds added just like before.
        • Shadow Warrior's trigger chance has been increased to match kRO.
        • Removed the 1 SP cost of all Guild skills.
        • Homunculus will be recalled to its owner the moment it leaves the player's view range.
        • Cart Termination now benefits from card bonuses.
        • Manhole now releases the target if it removed by skills such as Land Protector.
        • You can no longer be damaged while in Feint Bomb status (from skills such as Water Ball, Chain Lighting, etc).
        • Cross Impact can now be used when immobilized.
        • Poem of Netherworld:
          • Status Recovery now properly removes the effect.
          • There must be a minimum distance of 2 cells between each Poem of Netherwold.
          • You can trap someone directly by using the skill next to the player.
        • Metallic Sound now deals 250% more damage on Deep Sleep enemies along with another 150% more damage from the normal Deep Sleep damage increase. Temporarily reverted pending further testing.
        • Crystallize changes:
          • This status effect can now be applied at the same time as Freeze, Freezing, Stun, Sleep, Stone, Burning and White Imprison.
          • Having any of the previous statuses no longer prevents you from being Crystalized.
          • Burning will remove the effect once it damages you.
          • If you reach Crystalize immunity (by stacking vit and reducing the duration to 0), it will no longer affect you.
        • Cast Ninja Spell - Ice Charm:
          • This skill now has a chance to Crystalize you.
          • The duration of Freezing has been increased from 10 seconds to 40 seconds.
          • The duration of Crystalize has been set to 10 seconds (100 vit makes you immune in that case).
        • Fixed an issue with Soul Link and night/day modes.
        • Fixed Arm Cannon not consuming Cannon Balls after using Magma Eruption.
        • Removing Thorn Trap now removes the immobilize status as well.


        • 18561.png Implemented a quest for Costume Black Feather Beret. ra_temple
        • Thanks Investment Ticket weight has been reduced to 1.
        • Fixed the Payon Soldier Card script for the spear weapon type combo.
        • Fixed an issue with inventory weight checks that would sometimes allow you to speak with an NPC even if you were overweight.
        • Fixed the Vicious Mind Dagger attack bonus (it was using the Crimson attack bonus instead).
        • Fixed Magician's Night Cap's spellfist bonus (it is no longer ignored).
        • Fixed Tae Goo Lyeon to no longer reduce variable cast time, but instead reduce SP consumption by 20%.
        • Fixed Tae Goo Lyeon Job Level requirements.
        • Fixed Fire Golem Card's fire elemental resistance.
        • Fixed Fire Sandman Card's fire elemental resistance.
        • Fixed Wood Goblin Card's water and earth elemental resistances.
        • Fixed Les Card's wind elemental resistance.
        • Fixed Faceworm Egg Card's fire elemental resistance.
        • Fixed Ferre, Fere, Pere, Perre naming confusion. Also updated the item search database.
        • Fixed Excellion Wing's flee bonus.


        • Fixed the Memorial Dungeon window that would keep showing up in Monster Hunter even if @nomemorial was used.
        • In the Faceworm instance, you do not have to kill all the Faceworms anymore. You can leave two behind, which will disappear on their own when the Dark Faceworm spawns.
        • The Dark Faceworms' HP will now be adjusted depending of your party size.


        • Added mob drops for Sarah and Fenrir.
        • Wicked Chimera (in Sarah and Fenrir) are no longer boss protocol.

        War of Emperium

        • Implemented a number of Draft WoE changes to keep improving the game mode.
        • Added the ability to box WoE Blue and Violet Potions to the Repair Kit Specialist over at @go woe (now known as the Packaging Specialist).


        • Implemented the Battle Coordinator
          • Allows players to set their preference in regards to being Guild Leader in Battlegrounds.
          • Positioned in @go bg, 215, 205
        • Fixed a bug where some players' walking speeds were not being changed in Capture the Flag and Stone Control.
        • Increased Telma's max buy amount from 100 to 200.
        • Changed the Triple Inferno map into a new custom map!



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        34 minutes ago, Fluffs said:

        no +30 BG foods yet :(

        Have some patience child, the feature was only just approved, discussions on pricing still have not taken place.

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        oh i was expecting the hell plant animation fix in this patch too, guess we'll see more AD genetics now before the HP fix is in

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        When you hate the new ticketing system because you're mostly a solo player but then you bring in new hairstyles? I guess it's not bad at all xD /heh 

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