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    • Patch Notes

    Summer Festival

    • The final shipment of hats has arrived to the Summer Festival.
      • Speak with the Festival King to purchase these new hats:
      • summeritems.png


    • Expanded the WoE Track System with two new tracks and added a number of BG/WoE Achievements and Titles:
    • Normalized all Kafra Menu options.
      • There are now only two types of Kafras, the first type allows you to save, and the second one has a lore option replacing save so that players do not accidentally choose the wrong option.
    • Pyroclastic will now be removed by the Battlegrounds Healer.
    • Buffalo Bandits have been renamed to make searching for them easier.


    • Sropho card will now only proc from auto attacks.
    • Lindy Hop and Sunflower Boy now cost 4 instead of 5 catalysts.
    • Ashes of Darkness can now be given to the Item Crusher.


    • Players will no longer be able to cast Cursed Circle on top of the Emperium.


    • Removed class restrictions for MBK/Provoke guilds.
    • Wednesday Practice WoE has been removed.
    • Sunday Practice WoE has been moved to 12:00~13:00 on Sunday.
    • Sunday Practice WoE now gives some Valor Badges to participants.
    • WoE2 has been moved to 13:00~14:00 on Saturday.


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    4 hours ago, kizzy said:

    was hoping a new headgear list but seems like most of them same as last year headgear /wah

    5 of these hats are actually new.

    6 hours ago, zchilling said:

    pls bring back the save option on kafra at prt_fild05

    Fixed! Sorry for the temporary inconvenience.

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    can't find button/link to log into my other account in the new revamp website,stuck on my current account.Is it there or am I just blind and overlooked it.


    edit:found it,i just need to zoom out a bit...my bad


    Edited by ragefire

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