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    • The Summer Festival will be going away on September 2nd at 23:00 server time. 
    • Added a Monkey helper to Miles the Milliner.
      • This NPC will craft Dyestuffs, Counteragents, Mixtures, and Mysterious Dyestuffs.
    • Updated the client's security features.
      • If you experience the error message "Your Game's Exe File is not the latest version", download and extract the following files into your NovaRO folder: 2017 client.
    • Homunculus Update:
      • Homunculus now gain 10% of your experience.
      • Homunculus S's max level has been increased from 150 to 175.
      • Their experience table has been updated.
      • Homunculus Auto-feed now works when using the beta client.
      • The following skills have been updated:


    Skill Changes
    Xeno Slasher
    • Level increased from 5 to 10.
    • After cast delay removed.
    • Wind element for each level.
    • Range increased by 1.
    Eraser Cutter
    • Level increased from 5 to 10.
    • Neutral element for each level.
    Steel Horn
    • Level increased from 5 to 10.
    • After cast delay removed.
    • Decreased knockback from 3 cells to 1.
    Holy Pole
    • Level increased from 5 to 10.
    • After cast delay removed.
    • Range increased by 1.
    Needle of Paralyze
    • Level increased from 5 to 10.
    • After cast delay removed.
    Pain Killer
    • Level increased from 5 to 10.
    • Duration increased.
    Lava Slide
    • Level increased from 5 to 10.
    • Range increased by 1.
    • Level increased from 5 to 10.
    • Duration increased.
    • No longer breaks weapon.
    Silver Bain Rush
    • Level increased from 5 to 10.
    • Cooldown reduced from 2 seconds to 1.5 seconds.
    Midnight Frenzy
    • Level increased from 5 to 10.
    • Cooldown reduced from 2 seconds to 1.5 seconds.


    • The advanced noks feature has been added to the Lasagna dungeon maps.
    • We've updated the Magic Attack formula for the following mobs:


    • Chain Action now accurately deals 2 damage to the Emperium.
    • Release will no longer refresh the cooldown of the skills it releases if these skills are already on cooldown.
    • Mado Mechanics movement speed will no longer be affected by statuses, for the exception of the following:
      • Acceleration
      • Hovering
      • Stealth Field
      • Speed Potion
      • Defender
      • Increase Agility (cannot be casted on player)
      • Decrease Agility (cannot be casted on player)
    • Mirror Image will no longer reset your palette color.


    • Mora Enchanting update:
      • Artifact and enchant NPCs have been combined into two NPCs (mora,147,98).

      • All randomization removed, adventurers can choose to buy the items they want.

      • There is no longer a class restriction on which artifacts you can purchase.

      • All Mora artifacts have had their price normalized to 10 Mora Coins.

      • Players are now able to recycle Mora Equipment for 3 Mora Coins a piece.

        • Nab Ring and Ur's Plate recycle for only 1 Mora Coin.

      • Empowering equipment no longer requires a specific set of enchants (you can now empower with just a +7 refine level).

      • Enchanting no longer costs any zeny.

      • Resetting enchants no longer costs any zeny.

      • Enchants cost 1 Mora Coin per enchant.

      • There is no risk of an enchant wipe or equipment breaking when enchanting (this includes when applying the 3rd enchant).

      • There are two options to reset your Mora Enchants:

        • 10 Mora Coins - No chance of equipment breaking.

        • 1 Mora Coin - 20% chance of equipment breaking.

    • Temporal Boots that had the Fatal Enchant have had their enchant swapped to LUK.
      • Players affected by this change will be able to change their Luck enchants to any other enchant of their choice ONE TIME by talking to the OGH enchanter.
    Fighting Spirit Spell Expert Archer Attack Speed Vitality Luck
    Old New Old New Old New Old New Old New Old New
    Str + 2 Fighting Spirit 4 Int + 2 Spell 2 Dex + 2 Expert Archer 1 Agi + 2 ASPD 1 Vit + 2 Vit + 2 Luk + 2 Luk + 3
    Str + 3 Fighting Spirit 5 Int + 3 Spell 3 Dex + 3 Expert Archer 2 Agi + 3 ASPD 2 Vit + 3 Vit + 3 Luk + 3 Luk + 4
    Fighting Spirit 6 Fighting Spirit 6 Spell 8 Spell 4 Expert Archer 3 Expert Archer 3 ASPD 2 ASPD 3 Max HP + 1% Max HP + 1% Fatal 3 Luk + 5
    Fighting Spirit 7 Fighting Spirit 7 Spell 9 Spell 5 Expert Archer 4 Expert Archer 4 ASPD 3 ASPD 4 Max HP + 2% Max HP + 2% Fatal 4 Luk + 6


    • Players can now opt to take their damaged items back to +9 instead of being forced to pay the repair cost.
    • Schwarz's Honor Tokens can now be placed in storage.


    • Monsters now drop the following Warlock and AB Mora armor and accessories:

      • Crimson Robe : Lava Golem

      • Crimson Orb : Diabolic

      • Forest Robe : Pinguicula

      • Forest Orb : Naga

      • Golden Robe : Hill Wind

      • Golden Orb : Kobold (Axe)

      • Aqua Robe : Snowier

      • Aqua Orb : Gazeti

      • Light of Cure : False Angel

      • Ring of Archbishop : False Angel

      • Seal of Cathedral : False Angel

      • Judgement Robe : Carat

      • Affection Robe : Carat


    • Fixed an issue where the Leader re-roll at the start of every BG round was giving leadership to people who were not 'preferred' BG Leaders.
    • Party leaders will be able to enter as a party by using any of the following commands:

      • @partybg @bgparty @joinbgparty @joinpartybg @partyjoinbg @partybgjoin @bgjoinparty @bgpartyjoin

      • There are no gear restrictions on duo-queueing.

      • Players will only be able to duo-queue during Battlegrounds Happy Hour.

    • Battlegrounds Happy Hour has been extended to a 2 hour duration.
      • The bonus from Happy Hour has been decreased from +50% badges to +40% badges.
    • Conquest Changes:
      • Destroying one Guardian Stone will no longer reset your timer (attackers now only have 6 minutes to destroy both Guardian Stones).
      • When the Attacking team wins, the Defending team will receive a bonus amount of rewards based on how long they defended for.
      • When the Defending team wins, the Attacking team will receive a bonus amount of rewards based on how many structures they destroyed.
    • Fighting Spirit will now be given to all team members in Battlegrounds.


    Edited by Nova

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    +75 bonus attack to pyroclastic, +1333 dmg reduction on pain killer, yes please.

    by the way, pain killer shouldve give 7 hits endure. why it didnt give any?

    Edited by Ryousama96

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