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    Patch Notes

    • Patch Notes

    Halloween Event

    • Loki's Coin Exchange:
      • The final shipment of hats has now arrived!
      • image.png
    • Wandering Spirits:
      • Every map with Wandering Spirits will now have 2 Wandering Spirits instead of 1.
      • Added Wandering Spirits to new maps.
      • Trickster/Twisted Realm rooms are now restricted to a per-party basis.
      • If a player does not enter the realm, the entrance will expire after 20 seconds.
    • Tower of Trickery:
      • Every day, at 23:59 server time, each player in the top 3 teams will earn the following rewards:
        • 1st Place: 1 King's Treasure, 5 Loki's Boxes
        • 2nd Place: 3 Loki's Boxes
        • 3rd Place: 1 Loki's Box
    • Changes made live:


    • Moved the primary Amatsu save point to a new place.
    • Added more useful descriptions to Pet Eggs.
    • Added a new NPC Storage Service with access to all storages to accompany every Kafra.
      • Removed the Secondary Storage option from Kafras.
      • The one in Prontera is located at 169/180 (bottom right).
    • All pets now have access to the autofeed feature.
    • Reduced the amount of messages required for the "Town Regular" achievements and titles.
    • @restock now works with the secondary storage.
    • Implemented the @countitem command.
    • Fixed some issues regarding invisible NPCs not allowing you to walk on the cell when walking from the right side.
      • This fix only applies in the Tower of Trickery and should make the Matching Elements and Floor is Lava easier.
    • Beta Client updates:
      • Potential fix regarding map load freezes and guild freezes.
      • Fixed a client crash when an older client would log in a party.
      • Changing the character position on the selection screen will now properly refresh.
    • Properly implemented the character name requests on newer clients.
    • Pet armors are now considered as armor and will show in the correct slot in the storage.
    • Fixed a packet spam issue from the Tower of Trickery.
    • Added weight checks before opening consumable items that give items.
    • Fixed an issue where some Monster Hunting achievements had incorrect mob kill amounts.
    • Fixed a NPC dialogue in the The Perfect Sauce quest.
    • Added Malangdo Enchants for the following weapons:
      • Avenger
      • Burning Rose
      • Dark Rose
      • Dustfire
      • Finisher
      • Sealed Evil Sword
      • Sealed Magic Sword
      • Sealed Maximum Sword
    • The price of Holy Water has been reduced from 1500z to 200z.
    • Added Tool dealer icon above the Tool dealer in Eden.
    • Added Kafra icon's above all Kafra's that were missing them.
    • Players can now buy more than 1 Horror Toy Factory consumable at a time.


    • The Soul Reaper skill 'Soul Reaper' will no longer be removed on death.
    • Attention Concentrate can no longer be used by Mechanics inside Mado Suits.
    • Magic Mirror reflected damage will always be affected by the caster's armor element.
      • (Note that before this change, characters who inherited Magic Mirror through Devotion were ignoring the caster's armor element)
    • Flicker no longer has a cooldown.
    • Star Emperor fixes:
      • Union will no longer be removed by scripts that remove all statuses, such as entering Monster Hunter.
      • Demon (Solar, Lunar and Stellar Shadow) will properly apply with the skill levels.
      • Nova Explosion has been updated on kRO, the following now applies:
        • Can be blocked by Safety Wall, Kaupe, Cicada Skin Sheeding and White Imprison
        • Nova Explosion cannot be used when the target is under Gravity Control.
        • Nova Explosion misses on targets with Man Hole.
        • Nova Explosion misses with Auto Guard, Weapon Blocking, Parrying.
        • You get double damage from Lex Aeterna.
        • Devotion now transfers the Nova Explosion damage to the devoter.
        • Kyrie Elesion will reduce the damage.
    • The Warm Wind effect from autospells will be removed if you endow with another element.
    • Fixed the Devotion status being removed with magic reflect.


    • Crystallized Tear Drop is now account bound rather than character bound.
    • Star Emperors and Soul Reapers can now wear Transcendent Gear that is not restricted to certain classes.
    • Added script bonuses for Libra Crown and Libra Diadem.
    • Fixed Critical Rate Tiyanak Card effect to work on players.
    • The Deluxe pet incubator will now come in an unbound box and will bind when opened.
    • Added Pumpkin Set Box to the Nova Shop for 13,000 Nova Points:
      • Pumpkin Set Box contains ALL of the following items:
        • Pumpkin Cap (Upper)
        • Pumpkin in Mouth (Lower)
        • Pumpkin Backpack (Garment)
        •  7bJvdBl.png  rxVXsQj.png


    • Added Falling Maple Leaves(Garment) to the Nova Shop for 7,500 Nova Points:
      • a1537861600729.gif


    • Fixed Nightmare Glast Heim dungeon mob drops to match kRO.

    • Fixed Venomous Chimera's element to Poison 4.

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    i don't speak inglish very well... but i try..

    every time i try update it happens, and NovaRo.exe is deleted ... :( 

    what i do?

    i want play :P





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    2 hours ago, clenio321 said:

    i don't speak inglish very well... but i try..

    every time i try update it happens, and NovaRo.exe is deleted ... :( 

    what i do?

    i want play :P





    I see u speak spanish, use google translate to understand.

    Maybe u must set ur client to run as administrator. 

    (Right click on the client, properties, and "run as administrator") 

    Try that and lets see how is going.

     U can PM me in spanish if u want. ( I Think this is allowed)

    Edited by AcidGirl

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