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    Monster Hunting

    • Changes to Critical Attacks:
      • Garronath and Nysori's Critical Shields have been drastically lowered. (Players should now be able to inflict Critical Hits against them)
      • Lowered the innate Critical Hit damage bonus by 20%.
    • Fixed an issue where Nyia's mechanics had increased HP values.
    • Fixed an issue that caused Nysori's Crystals becoming invincible after she changed zones.
    • Poison Armor will now reduce damage taken from the Fester status effect.
    • Roar will now show a more accurate area of effect using red warning planes.
    • Increased visibility range on the red warning planes.
    • Fixed an issue where Armor Element was not reducing the damage of certain mechanics.
    • Fixed an issue where Climactic Fury damage was inconsistent to its formula.
    • Raid bonus decreased from 15% to 10% against Great Monsters.
    • Knuckle Arrow no longer moves you up to the monster inside The Savage Coast.
    • Phantom Thrust now has a 90 second cooldown.
    • Fixed an issue where Tier 2 Ores were much rarer than they should be at level 3 Mining.
    • Equipment that increases HP Recovery will no longer work inside The Savage Coast.
    • Ice Pick effect has been changed. It will now ignore 25% of Physical Defense.
    • Farcaster now has a 3 minute 30 second cooldown.
    • Weekly Potions will no longer be removed upon entering The Wyvern.
    • Mystic Runestone can now be used aboard The Wyvern.
    • Storm Blast critical hit chance has been halved.
    • Berserk now has a 2 minute, 30 seconds cooldown.
    • Fixed Fallen Angel range after leaving Monster Hunter maps.
    • Fixed a bug that caused rare cases where Great Monsters could not be carved.
    • Added additional protections to Nysori's Ice Trap to avoid unintended behavior.
    • Improved the functionality of the Tonic Distiller, Mack Arell.
      • Making multiple batches will now be easier.
      • Calories are now account wide.
        • (You must speak to the NPC with each of your characters to transform their calories into account-wide Calories)


    • The Christmas Event has now been disabled.
      • Snowball Fight and Bombring Assault will stick around until the end of Winter.
      • Bombring Assault's Happy Hour has now been removed.
      • Removed Jolly Gift Box from the Nova Shop.
    • Endless Tower, Endless Cellar and Sealed Shrine can now be completed with a single party member.
    • Honor Token Shop now has quantity options for consumables.
    • Added Fallen Energy Particles and Energy Fragments to buying shops.
    • Removed error message when Choose Bait and clicking on Cancel.
    • Removed the hard limit of autospells a player can have with items (of 15).
    • Updated the Critical Rate formula to match with kRO.
    • Fixed Poison Breath quest. You will need to run the Faceworm's Nest instance again.
    • Fixed the Snowball achievement for getting all the gears.
    • Added the ability to @restock Ranked Potions.


    • 5210.png Implemented a Hat Quest for Flapping Angel Wings. ( @navi yuno_in04 121/106 )
    • Royal Guard Ring can now only be equipped on the right.
    • Cure Free now has a weight of 1.
    • Fixed Glorious Claymore's demi-human race bonus.
    • Fixed Shrine Maiden Hat for the Magnus Exorcismus cast time reduction bonus.
    • Fixed the recipe for the "all crafting" converters.
    • Fixed Crimson Rose to properly have 2 slots.
    • Fixed the item combo for Surudoi Kaze, Kiri no Tsuyu and Ancient Hero Boots.
    • Crafting a Lux Anima Runestone now requires an Elder Branch as well.
    • Bunch of Shrimp now also increases equip attack.


    • Fixed Striking's critical rate bonus.
    • Dragonology now gives the proper bonus rates.
    • Fixed Frost Diver's animation motion which will remove the position lag from the skill.
    • Fixed Kaite to now reflect heals from Coluceo Heal. The status also gets removed on logout.
    • Wind Cutter can now be used with an Axe, a Two-Handed Axe or a Mace.
    • Cluster Bomb changes:
      • The trigger range went from 3x3 to 1x1.
      • The Lex Aeterna damage will be properly applied.
    • Fixed arrow damage being ignored for Severe Rainstorm if a skill is used in between damaging hits.
    • Fixed Magic Intoxication for melee attacks.
    • Neutral Barrier no longer blocks Earthquake.
    • Hell's Plant will now trigger card effects with melee bonuses.
    • Poisoning Weapon now gives 5% melee physical attack instead of class all damage.
    • Crazy Weed can now hit and reveal hiding targets.
    • Swing Dance no longer gives a flat ASPD bonus.
    • Fixed Picky Peck double attack animation issues, which resulted in a weird behavior with Elaborate Yellow Foxtail Replica.
      • This change will not always allow to break the Fresh Shrimp animation, but it makes it possible.

    War of Emperium and Battlegrounds

    • Updated the WoE1 castle rotation to rotate between Cyr and Andlangr every month.



    Edited by Nova

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    I be disappointed with this:

    • "Neutral Barrier no longer blocks Earthquake"

    In that case, "Hovering" should be able to dodge Earthquake, I mean If I'm flying, how is it possible for an earthquake to hurt me?

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    31 minutes ago, YouGotAFever said:

    What’s kro’s critical formula ?

    We will not be sharing this formula. Just know it's a minor decrease for most characters, generally losing about 4 or 6 points of crit in comparison to the previous, incorrect formula.

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    Is epiclesis and renovatio disabled as part of the HP regen as well?


    and if it’s not. According to wiki epiclesis should be instant cast. Please fix which ever is wrong. Wiki or the bug. Thanks

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    No, only the bonus given by equipment and cards has been disabled. The wiki is maintained by our players, if you find mistakes feel free to fix them.

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    what does this mean? 

    "Removed the hard limit of autospells a player can have with items (of 15)."

    i try in the night after the update and i notice a change in my sc autocast, but in the next day after a little update, autocast go back to normality

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