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    Patch Notes

    • Patch Notes

    We're still looking for official Testers, check the form out here.

    Otherwise, the BG Commissioner applications are still open, read more about it:


    If you're an artist at heart however, fear not, the Frost Pet Egg contest is still ongoing until Monday, February 17th. Check out entries and participate here:


    Monster Hunting

    •  Community Suggestion Small Monsters no longer have the Detector flag (they can no longer see hidden targets).
    • Fixed an issue that caused the Garronath and Nysori kill achievements to not give their rewards.
      • If you had completed the achievement before the patch, please file a support ticket, and we will get you your reward.
    • Fixed the Day/Night cycle in Monster Hunting maps.
    • Scoutflies now only get consumed on complete use.
    • Healer role's Sanctum now blocks Great Monster mechanic knock-backs.
    • Slightly increased the amount of bonus ores you obtain from a 'Great Success' in mining.
    • Charming Allure now blocks the ability to sit.
    • Charming Allure damage immunity has been fixed.
    • Players will once again be able to Farcaster during Charming Allure.
    • Players affected by Charming Allure can once again be pulled back by skills such as Covenant and Phantom Thrust.
    • Stopped Charming Allure immediately triggering after Nysori's teleport.
    • Nysori's Ice Trap stun will no longer affect players outside of the zone she is in.
    • Chain Lightning will no longer hit the outer ring from Nysori's Ice Trap.
    • Ice Trap's heal amount if the mechanic was failed has been increased.
    • Garronath Weekly kill quest has been increased from 1 to 3.
    • Set combos for the 6-Piece class Shadow Gears for 3-1 and 3-2 now have the following additional effect:
      • Pierces physical and magical defense of Great Monsters by 25%
    • Physical and Magical Defense pierce from Penetration and Tempest accessories now also affect Great Monsters.
    • Doubled Releasing Bombring, Set Sleepring, Set Dizzyring and Megaton Bombring's damage.
      • We will continually be increasing the damage of all of these abilities as time passes and new gear is released. We don't expect it to match well-geared/well-set up player's damage, but we want the role to always feel worthwhile to take to a fight. 


    • Fall of Glast Heim end of instance reward increased:
      • Added 5 Crystals to the end of Hard Mode.
      • Increased the Crystals from Easy Mode from 3 to 9.
    •  Community Suggestion Added the ability to fish in a couple of areas of Amatsu, Nameless Island and South of Hugel.
    •  Community Suggestion Re-organized the order of some hat boxes so that the hat is the last item given, and thus displayed at the top of the screen.
    • Fixed an issue where Green Aura MvPs were not counting for their achievements and quests.
    • 32844.png Added Angelic Mask [1] to the Angelic Cobbler for 1,750 Gold Coins. (prt_cas 80/309).


    • 32843.png Added Heroic Rosary to the Heroic Tailor for 1,750 Gold Coins. (prt_cas 76/308).


    • Fixed an issue with Life Ribbon not giving heal power.
    • Increased Hasty Shadow Set's movement speed bonus to its official value.
    • Fixed an issue where DEX Supplement could not be enchanted with the ASPD enchant.

    War of Emperium and Battlegrounds

    •  Siege Commissioners All MH2 Shadow Gear will be enabled in WoE only (Not PvP, not BG) during our next maintenance, with the following exceptions:
      • Class Sets will remain disabled.
      • Tempest Set will remain disabled.
      • Penetration Set will remain disabled.
      • Reload Set will remain disabled.
    • Draft WoE drafting phase will now start at 7:15AM.
      • The second entry for the drafting phase has been removed.



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    can we know about the MS of hasty set's  ? and does it stacks with other MS gears/skill/card/mount ?

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    who are they "Great Monsters"? I have a full set, testing in the "training Chamber" room, MH turn on and damage for small, medium and large size  - does not give 25% Pierces physical and magical defense, damage on all mazmeram one and the same.

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    In my opinion you should look at all the classes that you are hurting, with the update of the gx and rk the other classes are dead, increasing the difficulty for the other classes, which was already difficult will only become more and more impossible, taking into that this is an unofficial content. Soon gx and rk will become a monopoly of mh, as no other class will be able to make the content even if it has the best equipment. The mechanics of the Nysori barrier should be more thought about taking into account classes like Warlock that will have a great difficulty in breaking it because of the Chain Light that the damage is distributed around. I like the idea of the content, but I think that the way it is at least Nysori, it is only favoring the target classes and killing the others even more. Actually I have seen groups with gx doing Nysori in 1 minute she doesn't even want to give me the mechanics, I think if they want to make it difficult, make the classes that are making the content easier and not harm those who already had difficulty doing it.

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    On 2/14/2020 at 7:41 AM, Gopelre said:

    who are they "Great Monsters"? I have a full set, testing in the "training Chamber" room

    Great Monsters consist of Monster Hunting bosses found on the Savage Coast. The change is currently not being applied to the Training Chamber, which is something we'll fix in the near future.


    34 minutes ago, MallK said:

    when will the change in minstrel skill come

    When it's ready.

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