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    Patch Notes

    • Patch Notes


    •  Community Suggestion Increased maximum Weekly Coin Generation per week:
      • Introduced Sally O'Weekly, an NPC that offers players [ Alternate Weekly ] Quests:
        • You can grab these specific quests with any number of accounts.
        • You cannot obtain both Weekly Quests AND Alternate Weekly Quests on the same account on the same week.
        • Alternate Weekly Quests include the following three quests:
          • Monster Subjugation.
          • Combat Training.
          • Instance Completion.
      • The Battlegrounds Daily Bounty will now reward 2 Weekly Coins each time it is completed, in addition to its previous rewards.
        • Developer Note: We plan on introducing a Daily Monster Subjugation-style quest in the near future, but sadly we were unable to finish this project in time for this maintenance. You can also expect more Daily Quests in the future. Weekly Coins will also be renamed in the near future, for consistency, since you can now obtain them from a daily quest.
    • Added two new commands to deal with problematic players, @botreport and @bgreport
    • Added a number of items to be able to be stored in the Currency Wallet.
    • Fixed an issue where Seagod's Protection and Giant Fly Wing Box were not being displayed properly in the Beta Client's Master of Coin shop.
    • Fixed an issue where the Smile NPC was showing an invalid sprite.
    • Fixed an issue where the Socket Enchant NPC Leablem was giving a buggy "try again" option.
      • Developer Note: We removed this option as, due to the refine protection, the piece of equipment must be equipped.


    Monster Hunting

    • Fixed an issue where Kyrie Eleison's duration was 8 seconds instead of 60 seconds.
    • Nysori's Charming Allure mechanic will end if she dies part-way through.
    • Fester will now always be removed when leaving the Savage Coast.
    • Farcaster is now useable again when under Nysori's Charming Allure.
    • Applied a potential fix for Nysori's Charming Allure drawing in characters quicker than intended.
    • Applied a potential fix for a rare issue wherein you could get stuck between the ice walls in Nysori's Ice Trap mechanic.
    • Mobs should no longer teleport if they are under a status effect like dizzy, sleep, etc.
    • Sleep, Dizzy and other status effects will now suppress mob AI.





    • Enchant Deadly Poison's EATK bonus has been increased from 300% to 400%. The WATK bonus remains unchanged.
    • Enchant Deadly Poison's status effect no longer lowers the target's defense.
    • Angelus bonus HP will now properly be removed when the status effect ends.


    War of Emperium and Battlegrounds

    •  Siege Commissioners Moved King of Emperium to run on Sunday at 6:00AM server time.
    •  Siege Commissioners Added a cooldown to the different King of the Emperium gates so that two guilds do not spawn in the same spawn at the same time.
    • Fixed a number of King of Emperium issues.
    • Implemented the first version of our improved matchmaking system for Battlegrounds.
      • Developer Note: For this initial version, duo-queuing has been temporarily disabled. Worry not, we will be working hard on bringing it back as soon as possible.
    • Added the Valorous Cache to the Sketchy Dealer for 200 Valor Badges.
    • Made another attempt at disabling the Return to Save Point window from appearing when dying in Battlegrounds.
    • Note that the MvP Card restrictions in BG and WoE are not in place now, and we will be aiming to get them implemented on our NEXT maintenance.



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