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    • Patch Notes


    • Gramps mobs have been rotated.
    • Nidhoggur's Nest cooldown will now reset at midnight.
    • Blacklisted items will now be properly saved with @savealoot.
    • Added brand-new levels for Floor is Lava.
    • Twelve new save points have been implemented.

      •  Community Suggestion Byalan Island (107,64)
      • Eden Market (@go 52) (98,74)
      • Geffen Tower (52,154)
      • Geffen North (119,200)
      • Kiel Hyre's Cottage (80,19)
      • Morroc East (286,204)
      • Morroc Ruins (126,65)
      • Malangdo North (223,269)
      • Splendide North (182,313)
      • Comodo Stage (176,316)
      • Moscovia Docs (170,80)
      • Brasilis Beach (120,70)
    • Introduced a new NPC for rerolling Fall of Glast Heim enchants: Royal Outfitter.
      • Garment:
        • 4th slot: 175 Cursed Devoured Crystal + 30 Coagulated Spells
        • 3rd slot: 300 Cursed Devoured Crystal + 150 Coagulated Spells
        • 2nd slot: 600 Cursed Devoured Crystal + 300 Coagulated Spells
      • Armor
        • 4th slot: 175 Cursed Devoured Crystal + 25 Coagulated Spells
        • 3rd slot: 250 Cursed Devoured Crystal + 120 Coagulated Spells
        • 2nd slot: 500 Cursed Devoured Crystal + 250 Coagulated Spells
      • Accessories
        • 4th slot: 15 Cursed Devoured Gemstone + 60 Contaminated Magic
        • 3rd slot: 50 Cursed Devoured Gemstone + 200 Contaminated Magic
        • 2nd slot: 125 Cursed Devoured Gemstone + 450 Contaminated Magic


    Monster Hunting

    • Fixed the Template for Monster Hunter mobs on the Training Chamber. The damage should now be a perfect match.
    • This patch is dedicated to fine-tuning the Tank role. A dev blog discussing these features can be read here.
      • Defiant Stand has been reworked.
        • Defiant Stand will now grant complete immunity to most damage sources during its 15 second activation period.
        • No Aggro will be generated during the Defiant Stand effect.
        • Four minute cooldown.
        • When Defiant Stand finishes, you will be Emotionally Exhausted - stopping Fury stacks from refreshing or increasing.
      • Rebalanced the damage formula for Climactic Fury. More details can be read in the dev blog.
        • The amount of Aggro gained by Climactic Fury has increased by 50% to offset the loss in damage.
      • The inherent Aggro generation for the follow roles has been rebalanced:
        • Tank: previous 200% -> now 300%.
        • Healer: previous 100% -> now 250%.
        • Utility remains at 100%.
          • Developer's Note: We postponed the Aggro generation re-balance for Utility until the Utility role patch, due to unintended behaviour for Bombrings and Aggro generation.
        • DPS remains the same at -50%.
    • Tank role skill descriptions have been updated to reflect these changes.
      • We are also in the process of updating all skill and item descriptions to include their alterations in MH.
    • Added a new Tutorial/introduction to the Role Manager for Tanks. The NPC will now provide information on Tanking mechanics and insight into Aggro generation.
    •   Community Suggestion The VCT reduction from Dash Juice has been made additive rather than multiplicative.
    •   Community Suggestion Mack Arell will now talk less when distilling multiple fish, meaning you can distill tonics much quicker.
    • A Great Monster enraging will now break out of Flash Bomb or Shock Trap's status effects.
    • Shock Trap now increases rage by 60% (up from 30%).
    • Flash Bomb now increases rage by 40% (up from 30%).
    • Increased Scoutflies' damage boost status duration to 5 minutes.
    • Fixed an error with Emotionally Exhausted's status icon.
    • Fixed an error with Nysori's Ice Trap mechanic that meant people would not be warped into the arena when stood within the walls.
    • Chaotic Baphomet Card's ATK% boost inside of The Savage Coast is reduced from 25% to 13%.



    • Fixed Ranger Shadow Buckler's Aimed Bolt SP cost reduction.
    • Fixed the Lich Lord Card combo effect bonuses.
    • Fixed Heroic Rosary's job requirements to accept Novices as well.
    • Fixed bonuses on weapon restrictions for the following items:
      • Sword Guardian Card
      • General Daehyon Card
      • Armed Guard Soheon Card
      • Warrior Lola Card
      • Faithful Manager Card
      • Scimitar Buffalo Bandit Card.
    • The majority of item descriptions have been updated to include proc chances.
      • You are invited to submit Bug Tracker reports for the items we may have missed, in the Item Descriptions section, and we'll have them display the percentages for the next maintenance.



    • Taekwon's Sprint will now ignore hidden/disabled NPCs.
    • Removed after-cast delay for Eira's Eraser Cutter.
    • Fixed Reverberation's reflected damage not properly applying attack element.
    • Fixed Reverberation effect range.
    • Fixed Star Emperor's Star Stance bonus not being properly applied.
    • Fixed Crystallize being applied on top of a target being on Warmer.


    War of Emperium and Battlegrounds

    • Increased the minimum base level requirement for BG and Draft WoE to 190.
    •  Siege Commissioners The Deadly Poison modifier for Soul Breaker has been decreased from 60% to 50% in BG and WoE.
    •  Siege Commissioners Safety Weapons and Accessories (Einbech Floor 3) have been enabled in BG and WoE.
      • 1867.png Safety Knuckle
      • 2058.png Detecting Staff
      • 13346.png Grinder Huuma Shuriken
      • 16099.png Rubber Hammer
      • 18190.png Bolt Shooter
      • 21054.png Claw Sword
      • 26162.png Welding Wand
      • 26215.png Safety Whip
      • 28045.png Bolt Crusher
      • 28140.png Saw Axe
      • 28635.png Safety Manual
      • 28771.png Metal Detector Mk47
      • 28772.png Jewel Detector Mk47
      • 40006.png Safety Foxtail
      • 42026.png Blocking Spear
      • 42110.png Safety Lute
      • 42303.png Bolt Revolver
      • 42352.png Safety Saber
      • 42248.png Safety Pendant R
      • 42249.png Safety Pendant B
      • 42250.png Safety Epaulet R
      • 42251.png Safety Epaulet B
    •  Siege Commissioners Safety Accessories' combo effect (-0.3 FCT) has been disabled in BG and WoE.
    •  Siege Commissioners Increased Asura Strike's debuff from 3 seconds to 5 seconds in BG and WoE.



    Edited by Nova

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    If enraged breaks stun/trap. And stun trap +60% rage .. wouldn’t it be almost impossible to trap/stun for more than 2 sec lol.. what’s the point ..  


    so if boss is 40% rage and u put down bomb/ trap. It triggers enrage and break off from status right away with enraged status.   Putting down trap/bomb sounds negative becoz u just accelerate the enrage -.-

    Edited by YouGotAFever

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    I can say... not sure if it´s alright to add even more damage to BG/WoE... seems like the Crab way to me... but wth...

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    It has been 4 patch notes since the "fixed for next maintenance" but this bug is still not fixed, and it was mentioned in every patch notes at comment section but seem like you keep ignore it ? =.="

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    I cant find the Kiel Hyre's Cottage save point seems like wrong coordinate?

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    seems like Eira's Eraser Cutter after cast delay didn't get removed also.

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    Increased Asura Strike's debuff from 3 seconds to 5 seconds in BG and WoE.


    Is this intended to only impact Asura Strike to be less spammable, or to behave as a punishment of using the skill. Asura Strike behavior as always been the solution to take down key-target. 

    If you consider the auto-guard RNG as an example, this change make either your Asura pass, either you sign your death 100%. Because it act as not being able to recover SP which mean completely being disabled for 5s -> free masquerade ^^, not as a Skill locked cooldown. "Making changes to revert them -> Well play Commissioners"

    Just saying.

    Edited by Nishii

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