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    Picnic Art Contest Winners


    Here emerge our art contest winners with their delicious, nutricious picnic-art! It's often that one says that food tastes even better outside, and surely great company can't hurt! This time 19 members of our staff helped vote on the contest pictures from 17 of our talented artists! The competition between the 1st and 2nd places was particularly tough and cut very close. Congratulations to all of our winners, and thank you everyone else too for the fun arts most of which we now also get to admire as loading screens. We made loading screens of all the artwork that we could, and they'll be rotating over time so as many can make an appearance in-game as possible. That was all for this contest -- we hope the good weather stays with you so you get to enjoy all of the frolicking in the grass that you desire.

    All credit goes to the amazing original art creators whose player names are provided below!


    1st Place

    2nd Place

    3rd Place



    And here a quick reminder for all participants (and not only the winners)!


    Your participation rewards (Event Tickets) will be tallied together with the GM Challenges you did and sent to you over the next few days. Please pick them up from your ROdex mails before they expire! It would be sad if they did, and we wouldn't want that to happen. You'll have one week to claim them by logging onto your characters and checking your incoming mails. For the winners' illustrations that would mean logging onto the character listed above, and for the rest of the participants, the character name you gave us in the contest topic or private submission messages.


    Thank you again, everyone, and see you around!
    The staff team wishes you a sunny day!


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    Unfortunately we have had to disqualify the current 3rd place holder for using commissioned work.

    It is really rather unfortunate that such information was omitted during submission and first reached us first after this post was published. Due to the same reason, it is conceivable that we will have to close off private submissions in our future contests so this doesn't happen again. We have considered sending the rewards to the original artist, however, factoring in that they didn't explicitly want to participate in this contest, their work -- while lovely -- is holding up somebody else's rewards and position. We're presently polling for the new 3rd place and will update this thread in approximately 12 hours!


    Like always, everyone is welcome to participate in these constests regardless of their skill level, be they professional or just starting out, but it would absolutely not be fair for us to accept art that was commissioned either generally or for the purpose. These contests are for the community -- in this particular case the people who enjoy drawing -- and were never designed for anyone to reap benefits off from the work of someone else. This should not have been needed to be spelled-out.

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