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    Rebellion Awakening

    • Patch Notes

    Thanks to the efforts of [GM] @Carmin, we were able to bring this content to you at at unprecedented speed!




    Rebellion Awakening

    • Updated Rebellion, Kagerou and Oboro ASPD values.
    • All pre-existing Gunslingers and Rebellions will have their skills reset on their first login.
    • Removed Sphere ammunitions from Ammunitions Expert. (Grenade Launchers no longer require 'Sphere' ammo)
    • Removed low-tier Slug Ammunitions from the Ammunitions Expert.
    • BCaenui.png Added Slug Ammunition XH to Ammunitions Expert for 1,200 Zeny.
    • Added 5 new ammunitions for Gunslingers to the Ammunitions Expert.
    • Updated Visuals of Rebellion Ammunitions.
    • Raised Rebellion and Gunslinger maximum HP in accordance to new kRO values.
    • Changed all non-Bullet Rebellion ammunitions to be Catalysts and not required to be equipped.
    • Updated Gunslinger and Rebellion Skill Trees.


    • Updated the following Rebellion Skills and Skill Descriptions to reflect the kRO Rebel update:


      mHsGhgm.png Fire Rain

      zP2vHKF.png Quick Draw Shot

      vxQIiLF.png Mass Spiral

      254ditA.png Banishing Buster

      FK5edGL.png Bind Trap

      PKILK56.png Shatter Storm

      jxVmjqn.png Fire Dance

      sQxNzQk.png Howling Mine

      r1jA2oP.png Platinum Altar

      Xl5b6X4.png Round Trip

      bOjQAwu.png Dragon Tail

      l5hJ6B1.png Heat Barrel

      dfA9Ydm.png Crimson Marker

      bAuvD67.png Fallen Angel

      FMODJzs.png Anti-Material Blast

      gMqOsTS.png Slug Shot

      CMxazcO.png Hammer of God

      LQBncGV.png Endless Chain

      DlgRdK2.png Flicker


      UaF0jub.png Triple Action

      WoTh4uD.png Bull's Eye

      oFKe1Bp.png Adjustment

      ypGPR7i.png Increased Accuracy

      xshot3k.png Spread Attack

      Vb2Kqps.png Madness Canceler

      LsY7ioD.png Rapid Shower

      QWaDD9x.png Full Buster

      D9CMpa3.png Tracking

      ZNdYC5Q.png Ground Drift


    Summer Festival

    • New Festival Hats:
      • pAJ3hnL.png Drooping Dorasuke - 8,500 Coins
      • JH7wPX9.png Poring Visor -  4,000 Coins
      • wIZvssH.png Peco Peco Cap - 5,000 Coins
    • Removed cooldown for Bomb Countdown (it also gives more rewards).
    • Increased the speed Dodgebomb and Shellfish (slightly).


    • Fishing has finally returned to NovaRO!
    • Meet up with the Cat Fisherman over in the Summer Festival docks.

    Hooligan's Hideout

    • Find out the reason the Hooligan is stealing your coins!
    • You can start the quest by talking to Newoz near the Excavation Expert (207, 259)
    • Clearing this quest can earn you one of the following account-bound headgears:
      CZO8CbA.png Hooligan's Bandana 51uko60.png Thief Bandana
      Jgww4A4.png Checkered Bandana FECNPki.png Red Hood


    •  Updated the following Doram Skills to more accurately reflect kRO:

      BkWQ0Rx.png Lope

      YLOYnZt.png Bite

      iQZUYnH.png Fresh Shrimp

      wLgrYQV.png Tuna Belly

      vYuNp0s.png Silvervine Stem

      nhMTMRy.png Silvervine Root Twist

      tzoqNVX.png Catnip Meteor

      TdSv3N0.png Lunatic Carrot Beat

      4gdljQR.png Picky Peck

      6hZqM8u.png Arclouse Dash

      VfiTYl5.png Tuna Party

      BLroKF1.png Scar of Tarou

      wuC8Cwa.png Catnip Powdering




    • 3aOlfJu.png Added a new Headgear quest to Comodo (210, 185)!
    • Replaced our old Vending System with a new one so that there are no more Vending altercations.
    • You can now enchant your Eden Fox Tail III by talking to the Weapons Expert.
    • Increased the number of search results from @mi/@ii and similar commands from 5 to 10.
    • Added a healer in Niflheim.
    • @gcd will now works for all guild members, not just the guild leader.
    • Removed RMS lady from Prontera. (Doesn't mean you don't have to review though!)
    • Cooking Level 10 foods have been replaced by their better Cash Shop versions:
      • 30 minute duration.
      • 1 Weight.
      • Non-dispellable.
    • Added 3 re-entry tickets for the Nightmarish Jitterbug instance.


      • Zaha Doll Hat will now increase the duration of the effect depending of your refine level.

      • BG items that cannot be consumed will no longer be consumed.

      • Mega White Potions can no longer be used in towns.

      • Mega Blue Potions can no longer be used in towns or MH.

      • All BG consumable descriptions have been updated to indicate where they can and cannot be used.

      • Fixed a bug where Naght Sieger Swords were getting 2 enchants, taking over a card slot.

      • Rotated Zodiac Headgear.


      As usual! Tell us what you love about the patch, what you hate about it, and why you're not writing an RMS review this instant!


      Edited by Nova

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      User Feedback

      Recommended Comments

      Rebel skills changed so much that it took me a eight page report to fill in everything . 


      But I will be logging on and answer any questions you might have on them when I come back from work in about 10 hours. 

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      It's kind of a downer that scar of tarou got it's proper cooldown- But the DoT effect wasn't turned back on at least for PVE to make up for it.

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      3 hours ago, crix said:

      dorams nice nice ..maybe add hp to oboro also haha..just kiddin..thanks gm

      This is planned for the next update, we didn't want to push back the maintenance just for Obo/Kage HP.


      3 hours ago, Johnny Logen said:

      can we get more in depth descriptions on what actually changed on doram and rebellion?


      anyways good work


      We cannot share more specifics on these skills as other servers would be able to just roll up to our patch notes and steal our new content.


      53 minutes ago, Vulgaris said:

      It's kind of a downer that scar of tarou got it's proper cooldown- But the DoT effect wasn't turned back on at least for PVE to make up for it.


      We'll be implementing this in the near future after we gather some more information on the skill functionality.

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      That's good to hear. It's workable certainly now- I think two fresh grass necklaces and it's back to being able to be used fairly often.

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      I've tried doing the hooligan quest in the hope that it might stop the occasional festival coin swiping and win a hat in the process, just to discover it was a trap to make me do fishing that seems to drain your coins down the sink insanely fast. It's like a less than 1% chance of success to catch an efFing fish.

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