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    Hello content creators,


    We have finally finished re-organizing our content partnership program after Kefi has stepped down from the position. Sorry for the delay, I am not used to being the one in the limelight I tend to skulk in the shadows, with this re-organization, we are now happy to introduce a new streamer program.


    Anyone is welcomed to apply as a streamer and will be placed on provisionary streamer status when they first apply. To maintain your provisionary stream status, you must stream for a minimum of once per week for 1 hour. We will be requesting for your stream VOD to review the quality of your stream periodically. You must be *actively* streaming. Inactive streamers will be removed and repeated inactive streams might land you on the blacklist, spooky! Provisionary streamers will be rewarded with 4k NP per month as long as they meet the streaming requirement. Note that streaming is a new metric to us and is not as easy to gauge as something like YouTube, so the Provisionary streamer role is just a way for us to gauge your activity before adding you to the below "full-fledged" streamer role.


    Once you have shown your commitment to streaming, you will be approved and promoted from provisionary streamer to full-fledged streamer status. Full-fledged streamers will be paid based on their streaming activity. The staff team will be happy to discuss with you an expected stream schedule and your corresponding reward. We welcome streamers of all shapes and sizes. Do not feel discouraged even if you're brand new to streaming. All languages are also eligible as well, so feel free to stream in a language you are comfortable with.


    Please note that current YouTube content creators are eligible for the streamer rewards as well.


    How to join?

    1. Send a private message to Panic (Panic#1463) in Discord with your channel link.

    2. The team will assess your content and give you the Provisionary Streamer rank.

    3. It would help if each month you linked us to your VODs so we can reveiw them.

    (Ex. Submit May VODs on or before June 7.)



    [In-game character name where you want to receive rewards] 

    Stream link



    Our previous topic detailing our YouTube content creator program can be found below:


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