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    These flyers were given out in Prontera earlier today. On the back there is this long of details about all the changes you may expect this summer. Below, you can read more about what these changes are and what will happen to the various items you may have obtained last year. Keep in mind that old items from previous years (2020 and before) will be deleted.

    • All 6767.png 2021 Summer Festival Coins will be transformed into 29637.png Rusty Summer Festival Coins.
    • All 31593.png 2021 Rainbow Gemstones will be transformed into 33065.png Dull Gemstones.
    • All 31587.png 2021 Summer Tickets will be transformed into 33066.png Ripped Tickets.
    • All 29637.png 2021 Rusty Summer Festival Coins can be exchanged into 6767.png Summer Festival Coins at a 3:1 ratio when you speak with the Ferryman.
    • The same applies to 33065.png 2021 Dull Gemstones, that will be exchangeable into  31593.png Rainbow Gemstones at the same 3:1 ratio.
      • If you want to use Rainbow Gemstones at their present value, you can do so at the Festival Painter (who can be found at Main Office 3rd floor).
      • This will remain the case until the maintenance that will bring the new festival.
    •  33066.png 2021 Ripped Tickets can be exchanged into 6767.png Summer Festival Coins at a 1:100 ratio. One ticket will become 100 Summer Festival Coins.
    • 31592.pngGolden Pearls will remain unchanged. If you hold any of these, you'll be able to use these right away as normal.
    • The items listed below will be removed and have to be obtained anew:
      • 31586.png Deepwater Pearls
      • 31588.png Pouring Keys

      • 31620.png Wetsuit

      • 29523.png Iron Shovel

      • 29646.png Steel Shovel

      • 29647.png Obsidian Shovel

      • 29648.png Steel Shards

      • 29649.png Obsidian Shards

      • 29642.png Wooden Rod

      • 29643.png Iron Rod

      • 29644.png Steel Rod

      • 29645.png Golden Rod

      • 29661.png Shiny Clamshell

      • 29662.png Sturdy Turtle Shell

      • 29663.png Cool Conch

      • 29638.png Cheap Lure

      • 29639.png Worm Lure

      • 29640.png Standard Lure

      • 29641.png Rainbow Lure

      • 33061.png Festival Sandals

      • 33062.png Vacation Sandals

      • 33063.png Running Shoes


    As with last year's event, we feel compelled to reset player's progress in order to get everyone to share the same starting line, regardless if you've played the event in the past. There will also be no Summer Weeklies required on the usual Weekly rotation.


    We are looking forward to taking you to the Summer Festival grounds, that open its doors on the maintenance of June 30th. It is worth to note that this big maintenance will also include... a bit more than just the Festival, hence the delay from the usual June 21st start.

    Hope to see you then!

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    " It is worth to note that this big maintenance will also include... a bit more than just the Festival, hence the delay from the usual June 21st start."




    The best part of the patch notes. I'm getting old waiting for Ignition Shadow set, 4th jobs and all the official content we miss as Constellar Tower. 

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