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  • Summer Patch Notes #162

    • Patch Notes



    Summer Festival



    • Weekly Quest changes:
      • Removed: Weapon Refinement (Reward: 5 Endeavor Tokens)
      • Removed: Daily Reward (Reward: 1 Blacksmith's Blessing)
      • Added: Summer Festival Attendance
        • Complete 4 sets of Summer Dailies
        • Reward: 5 Endeavor Tokens
      • Added: Festival Games
        • Play 25 Multiplayer games in the Festival Island
        • Reward: 500 Summer Coins
      • Increased the reward from 'Clear All Weekly Quests' to 7 Blacksmith's Blessing to account for the removal of 'Daily Reward'.
    • Updated all food cooking recipes to match their kRO counterparts.
      • All recipes had their item requirements reduced to 1.
      • Some items were removed entirely from the recipes, mainly for low level cooking.
      • This also includes a new type of food which applies all stat foods for that particular level, starting from level 5.
        E.g. You can now craft a +7 All Stats food with a Level 7 Cookbook, a cooking kit and one of each +7 Stat Foods.
    • Fixed Doom Prayers droptable to include Old Fuel Tank and Huge Metal Scrap.





    • Fixed Tuna Belly cooldown time being higher than intended.
    • Fixed Concentration not getting cancelled on weapon swap.
    • Fixed Maximum Overthrust not getting cancelled on weapon swap.
    • Fixed Dragon Tail splash damage range being smaller than intended.
    • Dark Claw will now remove the target's active Max Pain on use.


    Siege and PvP

    • Fixed an issue where the PvP Room Ranking was not updating properly.
    • The noon Battlegrounds Happy Hour slot has been moved up 1 hour to accomodate for Summer.
    •  Community Suggestion Removed the level requirement from the Classic Yoyo PvP Room.
    •  Siege Commissioners Strip Accessory debuff can now be removed with Dispel and Clearance in all Siege game modes.
    •  Siege Commissioners Reduced the HP consumed by attacks while affected by SLS Union from 8% to 4% in all Siege game modes.
    •  Siege Commissioners Enabled Espa and Eswhoo to be able to be used against Players in all Siege game modes.
    •  Siege Commissioners Reduced Espa and Eswhoo fixed cast to 0.7s in all Siege game modes.
    •  Siege Commissioners Reduced Soul Division fixed cast to 1s in all Siege game modes.
    •  Siege Commissioners Reduced Soul Explosion cooldown from 60s to 30s in all Siege game modes.
    •  Siege Commissioners Reduced Soul Explosion soul cost from 10 to 5 in all Siege game modes.
    •  Siege Commissioners Catnip Meteor element now follows weapon element for Fire, Water, Wind and Earth only in all Siege game modes.
    •  Siege Commissioners Reduced the cooldown of Catnip Meteor to 1 second in all Siege game modes.
    •  Siege Commissioners Increased Picky Peck damage from +35% to +100% in all Siege game modes.
    •  Siege Commissioners Increased the damage of these Rebel skills by 50% in all Siege game modes:
      • Banishing Buster
      • Shattering Storm
      • Slug Shot
      • Round Trip
      • Hammer of God
      • Fire Dance
      • Dragon Tail
    •  Siege Commissioners Platinum Alter will now grant 25% Defense Pierce while active in all Siege game modes.
    •  Siege Commissioners Anti-Material Blast now also applies Crimson Marker on hit targets in all Siege game modes.
    •  Siege Commissioners Increased the cooldown of Cross Impact from 0.35s to 0.7s in BG.
    •  Siege Commissioners Star Emperors will now receive Soul Link when a BG match starts.
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    “All recipes had their item requirement reduced to 1”

    Does that apply for +20 foods to? Because its not working, we still need 2 beef heads to make 1 minor brisket. Same for +X all stat foods, I tested with +6 foods and nothing happens.

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    8 minutes ago, Walberg said:


    “All recipes had their item requirement reduced to 1”

    Does that apply for +20 foods to? Because its not working, we still need 2 beef heads to make 1 minor brisket. Same for +X all stat foods, I tested with +6 foods and nothing happens.

    This only applies to foods up to +10


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    Thanks for always bringing really cool content, some do not appreciate, like me before but I have understood that a common gameplay without events does not change the air of only farming and farming and farming, so congrats for always thinking on gameplay.


    I was wondering to suggest a change on weekly quests, 2 simple quests were removed from weekly and added summer quests, which you have to play hard to get them, at least an hour to finish it.


    My question is, would not be better to remove two quests that demand more time like (hunt quests, subjugation or instance) instead of the others?

    That would give more options for those who don't have time to play a lot. Since the summer is Timed to every for 4h? 


    I do not want to start a trend of ppl complaining about the weeklies or saying it is your problem and bla bla bla, I really do appreciate the content, I did some summer last year, but sadly I could not enjoy a lot since I couldn't log in the game every 4 hours to complete it, so please understand and to not show hate S2.

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    Considerations after 2 days of Summer Events:
    1- You switched 2 of the most simple weekly quests (Refines and Daillies) with Summer Events quests, which require more dedication from the players. Why don't you consider the Summer Event quests an alternative to the weekly quests for the people who can't do MH / bio 5 / subjugation / item hunt etc? Why can't you allow the players to pick what quests they want to make? Like we receive 12 quests, but weekly prizes are earned when completing 8-9 of them... IT'S SO SIMPLE!!!! It will even benefit new players who can't make harder content as well as younger/new players who are on summer vacations and are looking for a new server to play in that period. PLEASE!!!!

    2- I don't have the Summer Gears all upgraded yet, but it took me 2 events to do a single Summer Daillie... So...  again, it required me to log on 2 different events 4 hours appart from each other and also to play it for a whole 1h... which IN MY OPINION it's too much... players should be able to finish a dailie in a single event per day without being tryhards by upgrading every single gear to it's maximum or studying a magical route that allows them to make it on time of a single event. Yes,  doing those things should make it easier to make it, but it's focus should be tryhard to coin farm.

    3- You insisted on the same major issue of last year's summer event: the event schedule... and i repeat this year... RO players have grown up, we work, we have a family, other stuff to do... weeklies quests being attached to an event that requires players to adapt to it's schedule will only discourage them to do it. You'll probably say (again) that people have other farming routes to compensate BsBs from weekly, but you have a huge player base that ONLY plays the game for the weeklies, it's their fun... and most of that player base will have the need to abdicate of lunch time, sleep time, family time etc, to attend to an event that requires people to do it at least 2x a day, 4x a week for the non try-hards. Try to make the event playable every 1-2 hours and lower its daillies missions requirements and you'll see magic happening (if you do it you'll need to fix the amount of coind per event); 

    4- Make more rooms for the summer concert... you know NovaRO has players from all around the world, some with higher and lower purchasing power than others, which implies on people not having the best PCs to play the game. Adding this to the mess going around on Summer Concert, i've heard about people playing on 8 FPS there and getting out empty handed cause they couldn't do s***. Also, friends that could run the game on 160fps were playing on 15~20fps at the Concert due to the ammount of people in a single map. Try to make multiple queues with a limit of 50 players per map;
    5- The multiplayer event queue is a mess... i've entered 3 games in a  whole event... Thats the same issue as i said before: how long will it takeand  how many events people will have to attend a day to complete the (25 games of) weeklies?! People won't be able to do it, unless they attend to 3-4 events a day or you create multiple queues for every multiplayer game on Summer Event. That's considering someone who plays every single day.

    6- Please, again, consider what people say about this event... we don't want you to throw your work at the trash, we appreciate it as long as it is enjoyable to play!! And again, as it is now, people feel they are being forced to do an event that, again, should be enjoyable to do and it's, AGAIN,  attached to the most important thing on NovaRO, that are weekly quests... I have some close friends that started playing around march and dedicated like a MF to catch up with the others and now they've faced a huge frustration barrier with this event they are already considering of leaving the server untill it's gone... Don't know how you guys can fix it... but just listen to your players

    Edited by Kunakara
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    I think the 5 events a day is something really bad for a bunch of players. I'm a daily player but I have like 3 hours tops to play a day. Yesterday I tried hard to finish summer daily quest and couldn't finish them in 1 hour. I could finish 4 of them within 55 minutes but it's really hard for me to attend to 2 events a day to complete the daily quest.


    The things I most like to do in NovaRO are the weekly quests. Finishing them up is like a goal for me and it is what makes me want to play.


    Not being able to finish them due to my work/life schedule is really something that takes my motivation away.


    I think 3 events a day should be enough but those are just my thoughts on it.

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