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    Summer Patch Notes

    • Patch Notes






      Summer Festival


      Event Box - Exclusive Hats
      1_6.PNG 1_4.PNG 1_3.PNG 1_5.PNG 1_1.PNG 1_2.PNG
      Pouring Event Egg Roulette Cap Poker Fedora Show Me The Zeny Pouring (Pet Tame) King Pouring [mini] (Pet Egg)



      • The 185 Experience Event has now ended.
      • Fixed the Investment NPC dialogue to not end suddenly when you select Zeny option.
      • Baby Star Gladiator and Baby Soul Linker can reset skills properly again.
      • Fixed the spawn mobs in Nightmare Glast Heim to match with official.
      •  Community Suggestion Added a cat storage to the north save point of Prontera.
      • Fixed a couple of MVP mobs that would sometimes not detect hidden targets.
      • Fixed a display issue with @ws and Vicious Mind weapons.
      • Fixed the requirements to join the @joinpractice room.


      • Fixed the Illusion Enchanter to include Illusion Goibne's Armor.
      • The costume Blessing of Angels will now have it's correct visual Hat Effect when worn.
      • Fixed an issue with damage calculation that does not account for changing equipments while being attacked by mobs.
      • Fixed Sea God requirements for Elaborate Yellow Foxtail Replica and Magic Yellow Foxtail Staff, from 5 to 1.
      • Golden Thief Bug now blocks Bloody Lust, Manhole and Chaos Panic. Splash Magical Damage will also damage nearby enemies.
      • Siege and BG items can no longer be traded.
      • All Spring packs have been removed from the Nova Shop and will return next Spring.
      • All previous Summer packages have returned to the Nova Shop for their respective prices.
      • The new 32357.png - .EXE Backpack has been added to the Nova Shop for 7,500 NP.
      • The new 32273.png - Summer Egg II has been added to the Nova Shop for 2,500 NP.


      Summer Egg II Headgears



      • Fixed the double proc chance of Picky Peck, Bite, Scar of Tarou and Silvervine Stem Spear.
      • Picky Peck, Bite, Scar of Tarou and Silvervine Stem Spear double procs now properly apply after-cast delay.
      • Fixed an issue with sitting status not being removed on hit if the target has devotion.


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      would it be possible for the trivia machine to give more than 2 coins reward? with the cooldown its only worth to play it when the double rewards event is on


      Also a way for classes that dont get easily invited to party/recent joined people to get Deep coins ( een if its not as fast as with the party option) would be nice

      Thank you

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