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  • Summer Patch Notes

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    Summer Festival

    • The NovaRO Summer Festival has returned once again!
      • The Summer Festival is an island with mini-games unique to NovaRO where you can earn unique hats!

    • This year, at the closing of each Summer Festival, instead of always closing the festival with Fishing, half of the Summer Festivals will close with a brand-new activity, a live performance of the rock band The Hunter Inside!
      • Participating in the Concert will earn you Guitar Picks, which you can exchange in Brad's Guitar Pick Shop for different hats.
    • We're introducing a Raffle system. Every character entering the Summer Festival automatically enters a Raffle.
      • You can obtain additional draw chances at the Raffle Ticket Seller and by exploring the island.
      • The Raffle will be held at the end of every Summer Festival.
      • The Raffle winner will get an exclusive title [Radiant Glow] and headgear 33016.pngSummer Glow.
    • The new 33022.pngSplish Splash Pet Egg has been added to the Nova Shop for 2,500 NP.
    • The new 33033.pngBob Cut Egg has been added to the Nova Shop for 3,500 NP.

    • The following items from the last summer have reappeared in the Nova Shop:

    • Three new hats have been added to the Summer Daily Shop on the Frying Dutchman.
    • The new 33035.pngSummer Spirit Event Egg can now be obtained at the Event Ticket Manager.
      • All Series II Event Eggs have been updated.
    • The 32359.pngPouring Event Egg has reappeared at the Event Ticket Manager.
    • Three new hat-quests have been implemented.
      These quests will be going away when the summer ends:
      • 5139.png Hibiscus -- You can start the quest at Ayothaya Field 2 (104, 252).

      • 32994.png Festival Pride -- You can start the quest at the Summer Festival Island (182, 51).

      • 32993.png Seppl Hat -- You can start the quest at the Summer Festival Island (205, 76).

    • We have made a change to how to obtain hats at the festival. Instead of them all being available at the Festival King, they are now purchasable at various NPCs.

      • With more shipments of hats, more NPCs will appear around the island.

    • The all-elegant Kaari has arrived to the Summer Festival Island.
      She sells the following hats:

      • 29536.png Hat Of Girl

      • 5444.png Hair Brush

      • 33005.png Lace Bow

      • 31596.png Blue Frill Ribbon

      • 31597.png Chung E Bao Bao

      • 32992.png Festival Band

      • 29636.png Costume Flower Summer Hat

      • 32260.png Lucky Sun Hat

      • 33014.png Classic Ribbon

      • 32996.png Frill Trilby

      • 29757.png White Goldfish Sun Hat

      • 29740.png Garden of Eden

      • 31598.png Bouquet Hat

      • 32266.png Kitsune Wig

      • 32265.png Mermaid Wig

      • 32998.png Camellia Hair Pin

    • Chad Buff has arrived to the Summer Island with his muscles and hats:

      • 5501.png Pirate's Pride

      • 5491.png Bandit Hat

      • 31603.png Racer Goggles

      • 29635.png Costume Bio Protector

      • 29545.png Joystick Hat

      • 31714.png Love Digging Hat

      • 31715.png Love Fishing Hat

      • 31604.png Striking Hat

      • 29755.png Rampage Headband

      • 31614.png Ifrit's Breath

      • 32999.png Summer Fan

      • 33008.png Festival Tophat

      • 29548.png Love Games Hat

      • 29760.png Hound General

      • 32990.png Summer Tech

      • 31609.png Master of Water [L]

    • Heidi has arrived to the Summer Island, and she has her pockets full of pet eggs!

      • 9485.png Shellfish Egg

      • 9325.png Seafoam Egg

      • 9482.png Crab Egg

      • 9484.png Sea Otter Egg

      • 9326.png Amethyst Egg

      • 9327.png Grocto Tentacle Egg

      • 9486.png Swordfish Egg

      • 9483.png Red Eruma Egg

      • 9487.png Uzhas Egg

    • Start frying this summer with the Felyne Chef on board of the Frying Dutchman (64, 372). With the influx of visitors, he's is from head to paws in cooking this year. Of course, the creative puss is good at delegating his tasks to his helper -- you.

      • The ingredients are obtainable from NPCs, mobs, and gathering around the island.
      • Developer's note: The recipes will be implemented in two parts. A future update will add 4 extra recipes.
      • For each recipe completion, you will be rewarded 33134.png Gourmeow Vouchers. You can trade these at Dotty on the festival grounds (156, 130).
        • 32604.png Powerful Jager

        • 32605.png Skillful Whisky

        • 32606.png Apathetic Stout

        • 32607.png Witty Gin

        • 32608.png Speedy Tequila

        • 32609.png Lucky Rum

        • 33057.png Purrfect Fish & Chips

        • 33058.png Enchinyaladas

        • 33059.png Nyamburger

        • 33121.png Nyakisoba

        • 33120.png Fishy Taconyos

        • 33125.png Spring Meowrolls

        • 33124.png Lenyamon Donuts

        • 33122.png Fried Bananyas

        • 33123.png Sopa de Macaconya



    • Weekly quests have been adjusted to include new summer seasonal quests:
      • Removed: Kill Nyia/Garanth 10 times for 1 Blacksmith Blessing.
      • Removed: Kill Nysori 1 time for 1 Blacksmith Blessing.
      • Removed: Kill Garronath 3 times for 1 Blacksmith Blessing.
      • Reduced: Savage Coast quest from 2 Blacksmith Blessings to 1 Blacksmith Blessing.
      • Added: Kill Greater Monster 2 times for 1 Blacksmith Blessing.
        • Greater Monster will rotate between Nysori and Garronath.
      • Added: Earn 16,500 Summer Coins for 1 Blacksmith Blessing.
      • Added: Complete Summer Dailies 4 times for 5 Endeavor Tokens.
      • Added: Play 50 Summer Multiplayer Games for 5 Endeavor Tokens.
      • Added: Attend the Summer Concert 4 times for 150 Guitar Picks.
      • Increased: Complete all weekly quests for 7 Blacksmith Blessing.
      • The following table shows the complete list of weekly quests after the changes:
        Quest Reward
        Monster Subjugation 10 Endeavor Tokens
        Combat Training 10 Endeavor Tokens
        Instance Completion 10 Endeavor Tokens
        Summer Dailies 5 Endeavor Tokens
        Multiplayer Games 5 Endeavor Tokens
        Summer Concert 150 Guitar Picks
        Summer Coins 1 Blacksmith Blessing
        Greater Monster 1 Blacksmith Blessing
        Savage Coast 1 Blacksmith Blessing
        Complete All Weekly Quests 7 Blacksmith Blessings
    • The newer client (2020-05) has now been made as the default client.
      • Developer's Note: We ask you to move to using this client as soon as possible.
        • We will be dropping support for the 2018 client within two weeks.
        • This is being done as it is very difficult to continue supporting multiple clients, especially one as old as the one we're dropping.
        • By abandoning the 2018 client, we will be able to pursue new really cool features such as inventory size expansion.
    •  Community Suggestion Reduced the kill count numbers for some Bio-5 Weekly Subjugation quests.
    •  Community Suggestion We've made improvements and hastened the first dialogue from OGH.
      • Developer's Note: As this was one of the biggest offenders and a quite old instance, we felt like the initial lore took too much time. While some other instances may be prone to this treatment on the future, please do not suggest this for other instances, as it will be rejected.
    •  Community Suggestion Edda Bioresearch Laboratory now warps dead players to the next floor.
    •  Community Suggestion Endless Tower and Endless Tower now resets at midnight (we forgot to list this in our previous patch notes).
    • Fixed the Madogear disappearing on death when using the new client. If you do not see your Mado, you will need to take it on and off.
    • Fixed guild emblems for the new client.
    • Added the option to buy a Premium Storage III to the Doram Kafra, for 5000 Nova Points or 175 Gold Coins + 20M Zeny or a Storage Voucher.
    • Added Event Storage to the Doram Kafra. This one is available for everyone free of charge.
    •  Community Suggestion The tool dealers in Morroc Ruins have been upgraded to vend the full range of items.
    •  Community Suggestion The Weapon's Master NPC for Dreams and Shadows will now accept any related weapon when rerolling all enchants.
      • 18123.png Bow of Storms
      • 18122.png Gigantic Bow
      • 1935.png Old bard's Ukulele
      • 1990.png Old Dancer's Floral Mic
      • 1934.png Contrabass
      • 1989.png Gymnastics Ribbon


    Monster Hunting

    •  Community Suggestion Enabled the @spam command inside The Savage Coast.
    •  Community Suggestion Adjusted the kill count achievements for classic Monster Hunter to 10, 100, 1000 and 2000.



    •  Community Suggestion Premium Ore Coins can now be stored in the Currency Wallet.
    •  Community Suggestion 17 Carat Diamonds can now be stored in the Currency Wallet.
    • Fixed Divine Power enchant from increasing magical damage on all elemental monsters to increasing elemental magical damage instead.
    • Fixed the hit bonus of the Physical Modification Permit enchant from 3~25 to 5~35.
    • Fixed Imperial Spear's bonus not fully taking into account the refine level of the weapon.
    • Counter effect skills now proc even you miss on a target using GTB.
    • Fixed Grim Reaper Ankou Card.
    • Fixed Dullahan Pet bonuses.
    • Fixed Gin Limited Booster fixed cast time reduction being additive rather than taking the highest value of the available buffs.
    • Fixed Jewel Detector.
    • Reduced the bonus activation chance for the following items to match their official values:
      • 1867.png Safety Knuckle
      • 2058.png Detecting Staff
      • 13346.png Grinder Huuma Shuriken
      • 16099.png Rubber Hammer
      • 18190.png Bolt Shooter
      • 21054.png Claw Sword
      • 19084.png Parfaille Vigilante Hat
      • 26151.png Rutilus Stick-OS
      • 26162.png Welding Wand
      • 26215.png Safety Whip
      • 27263.png Fay Kanavian Card
      • 28045.png Bolt Crusher
      • 28116.png Mine Worker's Pickaxe
      • 28140.png Saw Axe
      • 28771.png Metal Detector Mk47



    • Fixed damage distribution between the left-hand and right-hand for melee attacks. Left-hand damage will be quite lower after this change.
    • Right-hand card bonuses will now also affect the left-hand weapon.
    • Swap Gear is now only blocked with option statuses (such as Freeze, Silence, Stun, Sleep, etc).
    • Reflected damage will now be reduced by the map specific reductions (PVP/WoE/BG).
    • Fixed Circle of Nature to only work with party members.
    • Fixed a bug with Great Echo not counting the party members properly.
    • Removed after-cast delay for Eraser Cutter.
    • Fixed the duration of Neutral Barrier and Stealth Field when teleporting on a map.
    • Fixed Eleanor's skills (Tinder Breaker, C.B.C., E.Q.C.) to consume the correct amount of spheres.
    • Changed Gentle Touch - Change from weapon attack to equip attack.
    • Fixed Earth Charm to no longer impact the target's hard defense.
    • The following skills no longer have fixed cast times:
      • Melody Strike
      • Slinging Arrow
      • Swing Dance
      • Spirit Control
      • Gravity Control
      • Return To Eclage
      • Xeno Slasher
    • Fixed an issue with Frost Diver and Autospell overlapping, and cancelling the Freeze status.
    • Fixed in invalid cell in KVM that made you invincible to damage.
    • Fixed Reject Sword not being reduced by Golden X's effect.
    • Fixed Talkie Box client issues.
    • Fixed Attack Shadow Plate, Blitz Shadow Bracer and Enhanced Force Shadow Weapon to now give Equipment Attack instead of Weapon Attack.
    • Fixed a bug with Storm Blast autocast.
    • Fixed the SP consumption for Redemptio.


    War of Emperium and Battlegrounds

    •  Siege Commissioners Sura's Knuckle Arrow will no longer move the caster to the target in BG.
    • Increased Conquest's minimum player requirement from 10 to 12.
    • Increased Stone Control's minimum player requirement from 8 to 12.
    • Increased Triple Inferno's minimum player requirement from 9 to 12.
    • Fixed an issue in Triple Inferno where homunculus/elemental kills weren't giving skulls.



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    Why remove quests from MH? That's the second time the staff makes this kind of change after the MH week has rotated. 

    I kinda don't like losing 2 bsb in a week for not having rushed Nyso / Garro / Nyia or Gara


    EDIT: Can't math or read.


    Conversely, those who rushed weeklies have 1 bsb less?

    Edited by melzdash

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    16.5k summer coins....? Is it gonna be like this every week? 16.5k is quite a lot..I don't know how's the new content but every summer (3 years ago, 2 years ago and last year) most of people were able to get max 1.5k coins during one hour. Let's say the event opens every 3h and you can't participate whenever it opens... it's basically 11h of farm for coins just for one completed weekly quest. Like...what?

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    For a quest you have 7 days to complete. And Coin Generation has been drastically increased from 2 and 3 years ago.

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    Reflected damage will now be reduced by the map specific reductions (PVP/WoE/BG).

    WTH is that!? now not even reflect damage will be usefull for the RG?
    is there any explanation on this?

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    How can i reset or anything to complete my weeklies ? Cause i got them b4 the maint.... and now have any bug and don't show the new weeklies... And i can't get that again lol

    Edited by Tasso

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    BTW the monster Hunter 1  kills were supposed to be reduced, but they´re not, or did the decision change?

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    They were reduced. If they're not, that's a bug. Make a bug report.

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    after the update ,i dont know why ... but my client dont wanna open, i click on start now... and he close the window and no open the rag... i dont know why

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    1 minute ago, Kilgara said:

    after the update ,i dont know why ... but my client dont wanna open, i click on start now... and he close the window and no open the rag... i dont know why

    Run the client as admin.

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