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  • Surprise Patch Notes!

    • Patch Notes

    Summer Festival

    • All Arcade machines have had their playing range increased by 1 cell. (Plushie Claw being the exception as it had already been increased)


    • Rock Ridge is now an official town with (@go 43)
    • Archer Village is now an official town (@go 44)
    • Howard (Rock Ridge) shop has been transformed into an item shop rather than a text shop.
    • Separated the Highlander's Bounty from the Daily Rewards so that you may still claim your bounty if you mistakenly obtain your daily rewards on the wrong character. 
    • Vicious Mind weapons now show their additional properties on the NovaRO market.
    • Relocated the Morroc Pyramid Ruins Save Point.
    • Players can no longer use Dead Branches inside the Morroc Pyramid Ruins map.
    • Telma's BG shop now carries Abrasives, Arunafeltz Desert Sandwich, Schwartzwald Pine Jubilee and Rune Strawberry Cakes.
    • Added @nodrop; gears can no longer be dropped by default (you will have to type @nodrop). To disable this feature permanently, talk with the Login Settings NPC in the Main Office.
    • Gramps has been rotated (the maps will be changed later today!).
    • Fixed various Rock Ridge quests that couldn't be repeated anymore.
    • The Monster Hunter Trader can no longer give you more than 30k coupons.
    • Poring Patterns' cooldown will now be applied when finishing the game rather than when you start.


    • Harmonize can no longer be used outside of PvP/BG/WoE maps.

    • Rangers riding a warg may now use Teleport without needing to dismount.

    • Silvervine Stem Spear no longer shows its element when it kills a target who is using @battleinfo

    • Abracadabra has been disabled in PVP.


    • Added a new Alternate Outfit Voucher to the cash shop for 5,000 CP.
    • Implemented a quest in Rock Ridge for the following headgears (harboro1):
    • Fixed a bug where some DEF enchants were giving MDEF instead.
    • Costume Cactus Flower Corsage is no longer bound.
    • Sheriff Badges are no longer bound.
    • Fixed the Vigilante and the  Elemental item combos.

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    Rangers riding a warg may now use Teleport without needing to dismount.

    Why just Rangers? Make this for halter too.

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    Thank you for adding Archer Village to the @go list!  May we please also get a PVP Warper next maintenance? Q.Q

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