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    Hey guys! Got an update on the current state of the second installment of Monster Hunting.


    When we first started working on this project, we did so with a clear goal in mind: to allow players to earn their equipment by playing the game and not just paying for it. But that wasn't all; we also sought to develop something never-before seen in Ragnarok Online, to reinvent how people think about PvM content and to create a more fun and exciting experience.


    This project has had many ups and downs and at its peak involved more than 20 people and countless hours of work from the whole staff. Taking our ideas and making them into a reality, balancing and testing everything from scratch to bring the best experience possible to our players has been no small endeavor. Because of this, it was difficult to gauge just how much time and effort would be required to finish a project of this size when we shared our original release schedule.


    As we're far in our development cycle, a Q2 release date would still be technically possible. However, we'd really like to polish the content further, and because of that have decided to take some more time to develop it to our satisfaction. This, to us, is a better alternative to rushing out an unrefined product only to meet the initial deadline. We want to apologize to all of our players who have been anxiously waiting for the Q2 release. We emphasize again that we feel very strongly about the quality of content that we want to deliver, and ask for your understanding and support in our decision.


    All that said, you can now mark your calendars and prepare your characters for The Savage Coast to be released on July 31st, 2019.


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    Are we getting any additional development blogs (BSB, FAW ??) or are those all the information we will get until the release next month?

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