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    Trick... or Treat!

    • Patch Notes


    Halloween Event

    The Halloween Event has begun! Creepy Critters are being spotted all throughout Rune-Midgard and legions of monsters are invading the cities of the world! Defeat them to obtain rewards, including many exclusive headgears. Rumors pass from soul to soul about the one responsible for all of this, the mysterious Trickster King. He is back, and he is more powerful than ever! With this new power come greater rewards! What terrors will the Trickster King and his army of the dead unleash upon Rune-Midgard? Only time will tell.


    Creepy Critters will spawn in most field and dungeon maps. Kill them for Pumpkins and exchange them to the Coffin in Prontera for Halloween Coins. You can also earn Halloween Coins by participating in the town invasions. You can then exchange your Halloween Coins to Loki for either headgears or one of his boxes. Defeat the Trickster King in order to obtain Little Devil Wings and Great Devil Wings. Continue to defeat him for Chromatic Stones which you can bring to Selim in Prontera for Devil Wing recolors. And last but not least the Tower of Trickery makes its return with a variety of new challenges inside, defeat it multiple times to earn the Broom Riders and Night Spell sets!


    The Halloween Event will end on November 4th at 11:59PM [Server Time - PST]



    Halloween Event 2018

    The event is divided into multiple sections with a wide range of difficulties and unique mechanics for all to enjoy!

    • Trickster Realm: Used to farm Halloween Coins and Spirit Shards.
    • Town Invasion: Gain Halloween Coins.
    • Mysterious Coffin: Collect Organic Agriculture Pumpkins and Halloween Coins to complete the quest and exchange costumes!
    • Tower of Trickery: Go through a series of mini-games and collect Halloween Coins. You also get a chance at getting unique headgears from completing it!
    • Trickster King: This fight is for the brave and consist of a real challenge! Fighting the King will require a strong team and Spirit Shards from each player.



    • image.pngSpirit Shards: Used to enter the hard Trickster King's Keep (they are obtained from the Twisted Realm).
    • image.png Halloween Coins: Used to purchase several items and hats from Loki.
    • image.png Organic Pumpkins: Can be given to the Mysterious Coffin.


    Each section of the games have their own unique headgears and costumes, while Halloween Coins (obtained by playing any game) can be exchanged for a shared list of goodies. All the NPCs can be found in Prontera, near @navi prontera 143 171.

    • Loki will exchange your Halloween Coins into items and headgears.
    • Demon Hunter Hector will craft the Little Devil Wings and the Great Devil Wings, as well as preparing you for the Trickster King's fight!
      • Selim will recolor the wings you get from Hector, if you so desire.
    • Mysterious Coffin is a small quest that gives you headgears.
    • Tricky Ghost generates the Tower of Trickery instance.
    Trickster Realm

    In any dungeon of field map, you may find a Wandering Spirit which you need to kill. They will actually remain on the field as an NPC and talking to him will lead you to the Trickster Realm.


    The Trickster Realm is a small room with various monsters, their difficulty scales depending on your character's level. These all drop Halloween Coins on death and there's a 5 minutes time limit to clearing the room. You can freely re-enter after death but so can anyone else who sees the NPC, regardless of their affiliation with you.


    When you reach level 175, the Wandering Spirit will open the Twisted Realm instead of the regular Trickster Realm. You'll find harder monsters inside as well as a chance of having a mob that drops a  Spirit Shard.


    You can lower the difficulty of the Trickster Realm by speaking with Loki and selecting Escape the Twisted Realm. Please note this will make the mobs easier, decrease your rewards and you will not be able to farm Spirit Shard either. You can revert this setting by speaking with Loki once more. 

    Town Invasion

    Every now and then, a town will be invaded! The invasion progresses as follow:

    • You will get a 2-minute warning.
    • Mobs will appear throughout the indicated map, these will drop Halloween Coins. There will also be multiple Wandering Spirits spawning.
    • Another wave of monsters will spawn after a few minutes.
    • After 5 minutes, the Tricker's King will appear. Killing him will reward you with Halloween Coins if you are within its range. MVPer has a chance to get the Costume Witch's Hat.
    • You have 20 minutes to kill this MVP.
    Mysterious Coffin

    The Mysterious Coffin will exchange 25 Organic Agriculture Pumpkins for 50 Halloween Coins. To begin this quest...

    • Speak with the Mysterious Coffin in Prontera, near the bottom left of the fountain.
    • You will be asked to bring 30 Organic Agriculture Pumpkins and be rewarded with a Costume Executioner Hood.
    • You can now exchange 25 Organic Agriculture Pumpkins for 50 Halloween Coins as many times as you want.
    Tower of Trickery

    The Tower of Trickery can be found in Prontera by talking to Tricky Ghost (prontera,162,185) and requires a party of 2-4 players.


    You have to complete several minigames within 15 minutes. For each game completed, you're given 3 Halloween Coins. You are also given 120 Halloween Coins as a reward for finishing the whole tower. The top three fastest parties to clear the tower are placed in the leaderboard and will receive exclusive rewards after the event is over. The same party cannot win more than once however, so if all the top 3 runs have been made by the same group, the 4th and 5th parties will rewarded instead.


    Before starting a game in the Tower of Trickery, you will always be given a choice between the left or right portal. Each one has a different game, so if your party struggles with a specific one, consider simply skipping it. Here's a list of all the minigames and some tricks to help you go through them more easily.


    Trickster King and Twisted Trickster King Mechanics

    Combat Mechanic Changes

    • Normal Mode Effects
      • No entry cost.
      • Star Emperor and Soul Reaper cannot access this battle.
      • An improved version of Loki's Elixir is available for use.
      • Elemental resistances are capped to 75%.
      • Movement speed is limited.
      • Party size limit of 8.
      • Party members are able to die a total of 16 times before the King's power overwhelms the heroes and the battle is lost.
      • SP regeneration is improved inside.
      • @refresh cannot be used while fighting the Trickster King.
      • The Trickster King's power blocks the use of many skills and items, listed below under Disabled Skills and Abilities.


    • Twisted Mode Effects
      • All of the effects from Normal Mode.
      • Entrance requires 1 Spirit Shard per player in party. (Drops exclusively from the Twisted Trickster Realm.)
      • Neutral resistance is reduced by 10%, and all other elemental resistances are reduced by 15%.
      • The Twisted Trickster King is a significantly more powerful opponent than the regular Trickster King.


    Disabled Skills and Abilities in the Twisted Courtyard


    Defensive Skills
    • Steel Body
    • Pnuema

    • Safety Wall

    • Zephyr

    • Neutral Barrier

    • Cicada Skin Shed

    • Elemental Shield

    • Fire Expansion Level 4

    • Tuna Belly

    Trap Skills

    • Volcanic Ash
    • White Imprison
    • Manhole
    • Bound Trap
    • Thorn Trap
    • Vacuum Extreme
    • Ankle Snare
    • Fiberlock
    • Bloody Lust
    • Painkiller
    Movement Skills
    • Snap

    • Back Slide

    • Feint Bomb

    • Emergency Escape

    • Castling

    • High Jump

    • Shadow jump

    • Mech Front Slide

    • Mech Back Slide

    • Shadow jump

    • Flying Side Kick

    • Warg Dash

    • Illusion-Shadow

    • Lope

    • Fallen Angel
      (Movement reduced to 1)

    Etc. Skills
    • Unlimit

    • Intense Telekinesis

    • Dark Claw

    • Scar of Tarou

    • Spell Breaker

    • Sense

    • Plant Cultivation

    • Greed

    • Piety

    • Acid Demonstration

    • Power of Life

    • Picky Peck <50% HP damage bonus.

      Dispell Skills
    • Banishing Buster Dispell

    • Pile Bunker

    • Dispell

    Items Disabled:

       (In both Normal and Twisted)

    • Deviling Card
    • Angeling Card
    • Ghostring Card
    • Tao Gunka Card
    • Golden Thief Bug Card
    • Nightmare Amon Ra Card
    • Medium Life Potion






      • Any adventurer who defeats the Twisted Trickster King for the first time ever will obtain the following rewards :
        • kingcrown.png King's Crown
        • 6658 666 Halloween Coins
        • Achievement containing the following title: Revenant


      • Whenever an adventurer defeats the Twisted Trickster King, they will also have a chance to obtain the following items:
        • Mob Drops (For entire party):
          • 31120.png   Vampire Familiar - 100% drop rate
          • 20201.png   Banshee Master - 20% drop rate
          • 31453.png   Brown Ribbon Scarf - 2% drop rate
          • 31057.png   Black Eremes Scarf - 2% drop rate
          • 724.png 5 Cursed Ruby - 100% drop rate
        • Script Based Drops (Individually rolled):
          • 6658 66 Halloween Coins - 100% drop rate
          • Chromatic Stone.png Chromatic Stone - 30% drop rate
          • 7807.png Great Chromatic Stone - 20% drop rate
          • 23663.png  King's Treasure - 5% drop rate


      Additionally there is a new system in place to obtain the following items:


          20502    Little Devil Wings                   20762    Great Devil Wings


      Rewards tied to this system are limited. Each player may only obtain them 3 times a day per account.

      Players who defeat the Twisted Trickster King are guaranteed the following items for those 3 runs:

      • 6471.png 3 King's Essence
      • Kings Stone.png  King's Stone

      Refer to Demon Hunter Hector in Prontera for more information.


      2018 Halloween Additions!


      Selim's Recolors

      • Selim has arrived to Prontera, with the unique ability to recolor a selection of Halloween based hats, Little Devil Wings and Great Devil Wings!
      • Halloween Headgears:
        • Costs Selimpaint.png 3 Selim's Paint (Obtainable at a high rate through Loki's Box) and 6658.png 200 Halloween Coins.
        • Bring the required items to Selim, and she will replace your existing headgear with a recolored version of choice.
      • Devil Wings:
        • Devil Wing recolors function the same way as Alternate Outfits do.
        • Once you unlock a particular color for a wing, you will be able to freely change back and forth at no additional cost.
          • You must bring 5 7807.png Great Chromatic Stones to unlock a different 20762.png Great Devil Wings color.
            • image_008 (3).pngimage_008 (5).pngimage_008 (6).pngimage_008 (9).pngimage_008 (11).pngimage_008.png
          • You must bring 5 7300.png Chromatic Stones to unlock a different  20502.png Little Devil Wings color.
            • image_008 (1).pngimage_008 (2).pngimage_008 (4).pngimage_008 (7).pngimage_008 (8).pngimage_008 (10).png
        • To be able to unlock every color by the end of the event, you will want to have unlocked a color per wing for every 5 days in October.
          • Below is an example chart for your reference if you want to obtain access to all Wing colors:
            • October 5th: 1 Color Unlocked
            • October 10th: 2 Colors Unlocked
            • October 15th: 3 Colors Unlocked
            • October 20th: 4 Colors Unlocked
            • October 25th: 5 Colors Unlocked
            • October 30th: 6 Colors Unlocked


      Tower of Trickery

      • The Tower of Trickery makes its return, with a variety of new challenges inside!
      • Players who defeat the challenges within the Tower of Trickery three times in one day will earn a Phantom Favor.
      • You may exchange 12 Phantom Favors to purchase the Broom Rider Set Box or the Night Spell Set Box.
        • Each account may only earn 24 Phantom Favors.
        • Broom Rider Set (Account Bound)
          • unknown.png     unknown (1).png
        • Night Spell Set (Account Bound)
          • unknown (2).png     unknown (3).png     

      New Headgears inside Loki's Shop

      • Check out Loki's Halloween Coin shop to find new Halloween Headgears.
      • More hats will be added to the shop on October 10th and October 20th.
      • Here's a sneak peek of the Mystic Set, coming on October 10th:
        • Mystic Set (Unbound)
          • unknown (4).png     unknown (5).png

      Cursed Knight's Shield

      • The Cursed Knight's Shield has been added to the Nova Shop for 6,000 NP
        • This is a permanent addition to the Nova Shop. The Cursed Knight's Shield will not be removed from the Nova Shop when Halloween ends.
        • Note that you will need to be on the Beta Client to be able to see the shield's sprite.
        • image.png



      22679.png Loki's Box and 23663.png King's Treasure updates:

      Loki's Box

      • Added Selim's Paint
      • Replaced Bubble Gum with Bubble Gum (Event)
      • Added Purple Eremes Scarf
      • Added Orange Ribbon Scarf
      • Added Flaming Scarf
      • Removed Little Devil Wings

      King's Treasure

      • Replaced Bubble Gum with Bubble Gum (Event)
      • Added Orange Eremes Scarf
      • Added Purple Ribbon Scarf
      • Added Cursed Knight's Shield (Non-Costume)
      • Increased the rate of Enriched Oridecon, Enriched Elunium, HD Bradium and HD Carnium
      • Increased the quantity of Enriched Oridecon received to 2
      • Increased the quantity of Enriched Elunium received to 2
      • Increased the quantity of HD Bradium received to 3
      • Increased the quantity of HD Carnium received to 3
      • Removed Little Devil Wings
      • Removed Great Devil Wings



      • Gramps has been rotated.
      • Fixed an issue where @refresh was hiding pets.
      • Fixed an issue with storages not allowing you to move items from your cart to your storage.

      • Lasagna Dungeon mobs will now stop following you randomly with the 'swt' emotion.

      • Fixed the autoloot input for the Login Settings NPC to properly set percentage lower than 1%.

      • Fixed a number of emotes not being displayed in official quests.

      • Fixed a client crash that occurred when a played picked up an item on the floor while using the Beta Client.

      • When searching for these items, they will now show the correct item instead of their custom version:

        • Poison Bottle

        • Battle Manual

        • Token of Siegfried

        • Kafra Card

      • The Build Manger NPC can now save Soul Reaper and Star Emperor builds.
      • Star Emperor and Soul Reapers can now access the PvP room.


      • Soul Revolve now recovers the target's SP rather than yourself.
      • Using Perception will no longer get you stuck if you click on Cancel.
      • Solar, Lunar and Stellar Courier will now properly increase your weight.
      • Solar, Lunar and Stellar Union is no longer a normal skill; it is only granted when your character gets linked and requires no skill point.
        • People who have put a skill point on this skill will need to use the reset NPC to get their skill point back.
      • Kihop gives you 10% damage bonus per extra party member (excluding yourself). The 500% bonus was removed from the description.
      • Fixed an issue where random items were sometimes being shown as ammunition.
      • Bind Trap is now casted below the player rather than on-target.
      • Fixed an issue where Parents/Children were unable to Soul Link each other.


      • Fixed an issue where Poison Forged Spear was not activating double attack.
      • Increased Sentimental Fragment's drop rate from 5% to 7.5% on regular Bio 5 mobs.
      • The Infinite Giant Fly Wing Box in the Nova Shop is now unbound.
      • Added Deluxe Pet Incubator to the Nova Shop for 3,000 NP. (Permanent Incubator that is never consumed)
      • Fixed Death Fire's item effects.

      • Fixed Sigrun's Wings to work with the Star Emperor and Soul Reaper.

      • Updated the sell price of Piece of Chimera to reflect official values.
      • Faceworm Queen's Leg can now be worn by Soul Reaper.
      • Fixed an issue where Soul Ring and Gryphon Hat were not bound.
      • Updated Costume Blue Wig's position from Top/Middle to Lower Headgear.

      Battlegrounds and WoE

      • Removed Chat Room limitations around NPC for all Battlegrounds and War of Emperium maps.



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      woah my star emperror still not max lvl then here comes  another new event update too many task to do.. love it...

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      I never saw an event harder than this... but its fun XD 


      Maybe it is hard because is my first time... dunno. 


      Let's play!

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      Finally the union skill it's fixed!! i was back on june when i post that bug and now im really happy about it!!!! thanks!!!

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      I dont think it is hard, in fact it is easy, like so easy.


      in fact, i prefer if Nova keep making this kind of event,  where you, as RO player relies on your skill, you really play your character inside that map.

      different from the regular instance,  you can beat it with any no brainer classes. 

      you just stand , using turbo and hover your mouse.

      Edited by AnnAnna

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      Well putting the difficulties aside because it is subjective. I agree, how we play our characters is also depending on our knowledge and skills. But my utmost concern is almost every LFM leaders are only looking for RG, Cat, Mins, WL and maybe etc (haven't seen anyone looking for other classes). I find this is the most crucial thing as not all players have those classes ready. Let's say a newbie only have a RK on his account, it will drastically reduce that chance for joining hard Trickster King parties for him. I don't mean any harm to the event itself, the concept is great but how about making it viable to all classes as well. Surely other  classes like Sura, Genetic, GX and all other applicable jobs would like to enter this event too

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