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    Dear NovaRO Community,
    With the ongoing quarantines and restrictions, a large segment of us may find ourselves either confined or at a constant risk. From empty streets to the lack of essential household items and the shattered economy, things don't look all that good. Add in restrictions, worries and sickness -- and indeed worries about sickness -- and it is of little wonder that a lot of us may be feeling isolated. Our hearts also go to those affected and their loved ones. But instead of adding to the focus on the gloom, here we would like to do our best to steer our attention to what positive there is this situation that is not one of our choosing or making.


    Our daily lives may have been thrown into disarray over the past weeks, yet we believe at least some refuge is to be found in online communities. In-game there is no need to keep our distance or limit our interactions. No need for hand disinfectant or fearing those you come in contact with. It is there that we may continue building bridges, shake feelings of loneliness by chatting with our friends and maybe for a moment forget the uncertainty that surrounds us.


    It is with these thoughts that we've begun working on a program that we've named the Community Gala. This is not a celebration and we're aware of our limits as a small team. There may not be a lot we can do but our goal is to bring NovaRO a little closer together and our hope that you may continue enjoying your time in-game.


    To provide you a preview of what's in store, you can expect the following take place in the nearby future:


    Art Contest
    It has been a while since we've run an art contest so we will boot one up already tomorrow. Moreover, there have been a few inquiries regarding the exclusive headgears that can only be obtained through this event, so we hope this bit of news will please creative souls.


    Care Package
    We have an item care package in the works and plan to distribute it alongside Daily Rewards at a later date. The special rental items found within will be account-bound and redeemable once per account.



    • 7-Day Cell Phone
    • All-In-One Booster 60m
    • Infinite Giant Fly Wing 1h
    • 10 Gin Potions of Energy
    • 10 Gin Rejuvenation Potions
    • 20 Yggdrasil Seeds
    • 10 Yggdrasil Berries
    • 5 Guyak Puddings 5m
    • 3 Kafra Cards
    • 3 Tokens of Siegfried
    • 10 Pieces of Cake (because who doesn't like cake?)


    Item Sale
    The effort will reach Nova Shop and manifest there as an item sale. This means that as usual, you can expect to find a variety goodies at discounted prices. There will be a new item sale every two days, starting tomorrow Monday the 30th at 12:00 AM server time and ending on Monday the 6th of April and 12:00 AM server time.


    More GM Events
    Our GMs are in on the plan of hosting more events so we hope this is good news for those who enjoy them. As a supplement to this upcoming boost, we're also going to take some time to upgrade and revive some of the historic events we've previously turned off. In addition, we will work on implementing new ones. You can expect seeing all of these on the server very soon and we hope you are looking forward to it. (There will also be a new event egg to trade your tickets for.)


    Seasonal Event Eggs
    For one full week (Monday the 30th to Sunday the 5th at 23:59 PST), all seasonal event eggs will be available for purchase outside of their regular time-frames through the Event Reward Manager NPC.


    30-Day Pack Raffles
    For 7 days starting on Monday the 30th, we will host an in-game raffle every 6 hours, where every winner will receive a free 30-Day Pack of Nova Points. We've already taken into account multiple clients and can say in advance that using them will not increase your win chances. To keep with the spirit of fairness, auto-vendors will similarly be excluded from the raffles.


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    I would love you all, if you could add HD Elunium/ HD Oridecon to the Cash Shop <3!


    Other than that, thank you for your effort to light up these dark days. Please stay healthy and remember: There is a life after Corona!

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    Thank you for the hard work and for thinking of the community at this time. Its wonderful to read such a well written, thought out message of encouragement to all the people that play here. You guys are doing a phenomenal job.  Thank you! Be safe everyone.

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