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  • Welcome to Rock Ridge

    • Patch Notes



    Sheriff Wyatt Warp is seeking out adventurers to come to the city of freedom: Rock Ridge!
    The people of Rock Ridge are in need of brave souls to venture into the Kiwawa Desert to alleviate the crime wave perpetrated by the notorious Buffalo Bandits.

    Perhaps you can clear them out of the mines beneath Rock Ridge.

    But beware, rumors abound of a mechanical spider lurking in the darkness of the caverns below.
    Will you, brave adventurer, answer the call and come to the rescue of this boom town?

    Rock Ridge

    • You'll find everything you need to know about Rock Ridge's quest over here!
    • New items are available!
      28495.png Sheriff's Left Badge [1] 28496.png Sheriff's Right Badge [1] 28441.png Vigilante Badge 28442.png Hippie Feather
      31140.png Costume Black Cowboy Hat 31141.png Costume Cactus Flower Corsage 15177.png Elemental Robe 15176.png Vigilante Suit
      15178.png Golden Ninja Suit 15179.png Mine Worker's Vest 15180.png Hippie Clothes 20834.png Drifter's Cape
      20820.png Elemental Cape 20821.png Golden Scarf 20822.png Mine Worker's Backpack 22131.png Spurred Boots [1]
      16060.png Liquor Bottle [3] AUMejZa.png Elemental Origin [2] 26107.png Elder Staff [3] 18145.png Vigilante Bow [2]
      TGh8sQG.png Hippie Guitar [2] 26200.png Hippie Rope [2] 28116.png Mine Worker's Pickaxe [2] whlvW2S.png Monokage [2]
      13332.png Huuma Shuriken of Dancing Petals [2]
                                    31144.png Costume Native Feather Headband



    Summer Festival

    • Added a number of new headgears to the Festival King.
      • RiYlSva.png
    • Decreased Fishing Rod break chance.
    • Added a way to trade in additional Golden Fish headgear for Summer Festival Coins.
    • Changed the way the Hidden Treasure event works to make it more fair.


    • Implemented the new Sorcerer Alternate Outfit:
    • Implemented the @nomemorial command, which hides the instance window ( Alt + B ) inside the instance (not outside).
    • Finished implementing the Walther's quest-line (Episode 16.1)
    • Fixed an issue with the Royal Guard job quest.
    • Mercenaries can no longer autoloot.
    • Disabled monster transformation inside the Main Office.
    • Players can no longer travel in time to delete characters instantly.
    • Removed non-bound Bubble Gum from Master Package.


    • Gemini Red Eyes now properly give their effect.
    • Updated a number of item descriptions to be clearer.


    • Reject Sword works against mobs once more.



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    Question about those sheriff badges, divine pride says they can be put into storage and guild storage but in game you can't. It is a specific change for us or are we meant to be able to store them?

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    Return of Autocast Prof hype? :th_e3:

    Players can no longer travel in time to delete characters instantly.

    You'd make me wait 24h after testing out a bunch of new character names before I can make an account to transfer them to? D': Sir pliz.

    Edited by Myew

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    Awesome content and i love the new @nomemorial function

    Those memorial things were honestly getting in the way

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